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The Stereotypical Viewpoint Of Dating A Thai Girl In Australia Is Depressing

  • Written by Anonymous
  • April 23rd, 2015
  • 4 min read

I’m 26-year-old Australian, living in Melbourne and I’ve been in a relationship with a proper Thai girl, same age, same country for around 6 months. The way people in general see a Farang / Thai girl relationship is pretty shocking. They look down on down you because, let’s face it, most farangs give everyone a bad name when dating Thai women. Half the people on this forum probably are to blame by the disgusting stereotypical views of the farang and Thai girl relationship. In every country there are good and bad people but no-one ever sees the good, they only see the bad thus why not many westerners will trust a Thai girl.

Before I get into my article and tell everyone my experiences, I would like to tell you about me… I’m blessed to have travelled to South-East Asia a few times and learnt ages ago about the dangers of bad Thai girls and how they are “damaged goods”. Of course like most farangs I learnt the hard way but I’m happy I learnt it young rather than in my 40’s like most stories I read on this forum. Don’t get me wrong, after I learnt how most bargirls are I did enjoy being a single bachelor in that country. I did wet my beak in the naughty way if you know what I mean but I always had control and didn’t go over the top and walk around with my tongue hanging out of my mouth like most farangs. Respect was always given and I didn’t treat them like dirt. Anyway, because of my traveling to South-East Asia I caught the Thai bug and once returned to Australia I started to learn the Thai language and take up Muay Thai… Learning the language was the best decision I ever made in my life! I was never good with picking up girls, but once I learnt the language, Thai girls were throwing themselves at me every time I went to a Thai restaurant or Thai shop, they were so impressed a young farang could speak it! I was so immersed in the culture and learning the language that all my friends were laughing at me by learning it, but they stopped laughing when I started getting attention from Thai girls every time I went out to a Thai restaurant or shop. My friends joke around now and keep on telling me that they all want to learn different languages too..

Eventually I met my girlfriend, in a restaurant. A “high class” fair-skinned Thai with a bit of Chinese in her blood. She’s in Australia doing a student visa, while in Australia she works as a proper masseuses (not a sleazy one) <If she is high-class it is VERY unlikely she'd work massageStick> and studies at a TAFE in Melbourne. Before coming to Australia she studied fashion design and did modelling in Bangkok. I’m punching above my weight, she is beautiful, thus why learning a different language was the best decision I ever made. I suggest everyone should learn another language once in their life, they won’t regret it.

Anyway I will like to get back to everyone’s views…

Anyway every time I mention to people I’m dating a Thai girl they always get a sly grin on their faces and if the person is close to me personally, they will voice their opinions out loud. Don’t get me wrong, I was bit paranoid, since I read Private Dancer and all of Warren Olson's books, but eventually all that paranoia went out of the window. My friends and family took a while but they all came around to change their minds. Since they got to know her and learnt that not all Thai girls are conniving, they have learnt to like her and they tell me that she is a keeper. At first my mates were “ïffy” since she works at a massage parlour but my mates soon changed their minds when I sent one of them there in secret to get a massage. My mate never had a deep tissue Thai massage before so after the massage his back was sore. They know now that she is a nice conservative Thai girlfriend.

Anyway my friends and family all love her, but when we meet new people, they tend to think the worst case scenario like I’m a sleazy farang with a Thai girlfriend and it's depressing. Not all farang and Thai girl relationships are built on money or lies. Just because a large majority of interracial relationships between a westerner and a Thai girl are a bargirl / punter relationship doesn’t mean the majority of the relationships are the same. Some of them have meaningful real relationships, not all Thai girls are desperate to make money like what most people in western countries think of them. So next time you see a farang and Thai girl relationship please do not be judgemental…