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Not All Bargirls Are The Same

  • Written by Anonymous
  • April 21st, 2015
  • 7 min read

I have read with great amusement, interest, fascination, sometimes incredulity, nearly all of Stickman's readers' contributions after stumbling on the site two years ago, as well as looking forward avidly to his post every week. As someone who has just returned from LOS I would just like to relate an incident that happened to me just 2 weeks ago and in doing so, might, hopefully, readdress the thoughts, experiences, ideas and conceptions of what I believe to be the majority of opinion on this site against the girls in the bar trade.

A little of my latest adventure, purely for background. I arrived in Bangkok March 24th and spent 3 nights there, during which time I booked a flight / hotel to Phnom Penh, a place I've always wanted to visit. I spent 4 nights in PP (I could do a whole blog on that crazy, wonderful, friendly, chaotic town, but another time, maybe) before hiring a taxi to go upcountry to Siem Reap as they call it. Two nights there to visit Angkor Wat and I was on a plane back to Bangkok for two nights. Feeling a bit jaded by then, I decided a stay on the beach for a few days was called just to recharge, and decided on Jomtien. 18 months ago I spent 6 days in Sin City and had no wish to repeat that experience again. It's a wonderful place to party but I'm the kind that can resist anything but temptation and things got a bit out of hand and I decided I needed to go back to Bangkok for a rest. How many people on this planet have experienced that? Only the people that read this site I would guess, lol. However, I digress.

Never been to Jomtien and I booked 8 nights in a lovely hotel at the end of soi 6, close to all the action. For those who have never been to Jomtien and even for those who have, let me try and describe the vibe and ambiance I found. Having deposited my bags in the hotel early afternoon, I did what we all did. Explore. A short stroll down the soi and I was on the beachfront. What a pleasant surprise.

Looking south, miles of beach stretched out before me. A proper beach, not crowded, no hawkers bothering people, locals mixing with farang under umbrellas and not once was I asked to buy anything as I took a leisurely stroll along the promenade. That alone made the trip worthwhile but even better, as I walked, a lovely cooling afternoon breeze wafting in off the sea to cool me down. I felt at last I'd found a place I could really relax and only 5 minutes by baht bus from the frenzy of Pattaya.

Come nightfall, time for the serious business of exploring the nightlife. There are a couple of bar streets running off the beach, soi 5 and 7 with some nice bars to drink and eat but the main action is in Jomtien Complex, a recently built complex of approximately 30 bars catering mainly to the farang tourist and found at the end of Rompoh Street. Very handy. Not being high season, it was fairly quiet while I was there which for me was brilliant. Every bar had at least 5 or 6 girls just sitting around waiting to be entertained, play pool with etc, and really, it was difficult to pick a bar as you have so much choice. Obviously I tried a few bars but here is what really got to me. Every bar I went into the girls were genuinely friendly. Going back to a recent Stick and various others rant, I was never, never, not once asked to buy a lady drink. I talked, played pool with the girls offered to buy a drink for the winner, even when it was me, yes, we can win if we try, lol. I had to ask every time if the girls wanted a drink. The response of course was obvious but genuinely thankful. For once in Thailand I felt in control of my own intentions and generosity and the strange thing is, it made me want to buy them more drinks. Up to now a great experience and night out with truly friendly girls. I know what you're dying to ask What were they like? Well, not up to the standard of Pattaya and Bangkok beauties, but there were a lot of diamonds there. Actually, thinking about it, pretty much like Bangkok is now, lol, but the friendliness more than made up for that. A great night was had.

Thanks for staying the course with me for now I come to the point of this protracted article. On my second night I did the same. Tried new bars, met lots of interesting people and generally had a great night again. By about 11:00 I was full of drinking bottled beer and decided to go back to my hotel via soi 7. It's a long street with a lot of bars and halfway down I was sweating and decided I needed another drink under a fan to help me make it home. I walked into Ping Pong One. Not the Patpong type. Just an ordinary bar. Big mistake. I sat on a stool at the bar and again the friendliness of the girls tempted me stay and talk and laugh with them and other farangs. Because I was bloated with beer I ordered JD and Coke for myself and the girls of course. Second mistake. About 1:00 AM I decide to say goodbye and go to my hotel. Then it happened.

There were two steps up into the bar, but because I had been sitting on a stool for 2 hours, I didn't realise I was now seriously getting a bit drunk and as I walked out the bar I completely missed the steps and did a forward dive into the road, face down.

At this point I can remember lying on my back, looking at the stars and all of a sudden, being surrounded by what seemed like dozens of girls, who had all rushed out of nearby bars to help the stupid farang. I remember saying, it's ok. I'm alright, no problem.

Then I woke up. Immediately I remembered lying in the road but that's all. I put my hand to my face and felt blood. Oh no. I knew what I had done but didn't know where I was. I tried to open my eyes. Only my right eye would open but I realized I was in my room. How? How did I get here? Then I turned my aching face only to see someone lying beside me. What? Who? How? My stirring woke her up and I realised it was the barmaid from Ping Pong One. Before I knew it, she was dabbing my face with cotton wool balls and iodine. She must have dragged me to a pharmacy on the way home. She told me her name and what had happened and was so concerned for me she somehow looked after me and got me back to the hotel.

The next day and night I didn't leave my room, just lying on the bed feeling sorry for myself and looking at my swollen, bloody battered face. My angel had to go to work for a couple of 2-hour spells but came back to the hotel to make sure I was ok. She then said she was staying with me to make sure I was looked after. This went on for 4 days and nights during which time I felt able to face the world and she looked after me in restaurants, everywhere, and dragged me to a pharmacy for a once over with a chemist who prescribed anti-biotics and cream. Here's the rub. Not once was money asked for or expected. She just felt it was her duty to look after me. Maybe it was because she was the one serving me drink, lol. Thinking back now, it's quite scary. A semi-concussed farang lying in the street with a pocket full of money. I cannot tell you how grateful I was to that angel, that bar girl, who asked for nothing and who expected nothing. In fact, paid for some of my medicine out of her own pocket.

Needless to say, I made sure she was amply rewarded monitory wise but I'm sure she wouldn't have been bothered if I just said thanks and bye, I have to go home now. During my time with her I learnt a lot about her and her friends lives and how they ended up working in bars. I won't bore you with details. I'm sure you've heard it all but I know this. These girls start out as human beings driven by the same force, gentlemen, you and I share. They want of a better life. Same same as they say in LOS. No different than us gents. Along the way some retain their dignity, compassion and humanity. Some don't. Same same, gents. If you are still awake, thank you for going the full nine yards with me. I would just like to finish by asking the question, are all bar girls the same?