Stickman Readers' Submissions April 1st, 2015

My Story

It was about 2.30 AM. I was in my favourite bar in Patpong. It had been a big night but not so much I was off my face. I’d just barfined a close to 40-year-old. I’d been with her about 3 or 4 times before. Not fantastic but a reliable performer.

I glanced across the bar and looked down. There was a princess. Her eyes met mine. ‘Yim swai maak maak!’ I couldn’t believe her beauty.

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I spoke to her. She was not barfineable, not your usual bargirl, but yes, she would be back tomorrow.

I couldn’t wait. I returned on opening. She was at the door, I invited her for a drink. She agreed. I was rapt!

And so began a relationship with this 28-year-old beauty, albeit platonic at first. I met with her in the bar every night I was in Bangkok (usually about 3 weeks a month, that was the nature of my business).

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After about 10 days I invited her for a meal before she started work. I had nefarious intentions as she met me in the reception area of my serviced apartment.

We went upstairs, hugged and kissed and she then willingly entered the bedroom. Her kisses were like nothing I’d experienced.

I undressed her down to her knickers where I encountered resistance. I fully undressed. I reached for a condom which she seized and held on to like grim death.

Her body was incredible, small breasts, beautiful curves and the face of an angel with a smile to behold.

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After some maneuvering I had her naked but I sensed I would not get a home run. She still had the condom clutched in her fist.

There was no way that I would do anything ungentlemanly so I settled for touch and feel and soon orgasamed as her beautiful fingers did their work.

We talked for a while. I asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity (a particular fetish of mine). She told me she first had sex only 2 weeks prior, just days before I met her!

I was aghast, having just missed what must have been an absolute and extremely rare treat.

She told me about her life, leaving home in the north-east at 15 and working as a maid for a wealthy Bangkok family.

Her story was credible and I had no reason not to believe her.

I continued to see her every night at her work. Bought drinks, gave generous tips and became besotted with her.

A few weeks later, having returned from an overseas trip I asked her to join me again. This time in a 5-star hotel. She consented.

After the bar closed, about 2:30 AM we went to McDonald's for a snack and then on to the hotel.

The room was magnificent, great views but the feature was the luxurious king-size bed. I knew she would be impressed. I was confident my time had come.

For the second time I undressed her and we climbed beneath the sheets.

I had the condoms under my pillow but didn’t tell her. I started with foreplay. The juices began to flow. I reached for the protection only to hear 'No, cannot!'

Why, baby, you are horny and I’m horny?

‘I promised him’ she said. I had to settle for hand relief again. I could not believe it. What sort of naiveté was this on her part? Horny guy, horny girl, hotel, in bed naked and hey this is Bangkok and she works in a girlie bar! What little I knew about psychology and human behavior had me totally bamboozled. What sort of a woman behaves like this?

We talked. Her boyfriend was away for a few days and had obtained a commitment from her that she would not screw around. Yet she was quite happy to go with me to the hotel and must have known it wasn’t for tiddly winks!

We slept, she popped me again mid-morning and I took her to the hotel’s famous Sunday smorgasbord. She had never seen a food spread like it in her life.

I was not going to give up. I continued to see her at work. I was like a teenager with his first girl. I was obsessed and spent hours in the bar with her. I hated seeing other guys with her so always tried to be ‘first in, first served’ and thus stay with her (and protect her) as long as I could.

About 2 months in, I arrived at the bar about 7:00 PM and saw her in the corner with a guy a tad younger than me. He left shortly thereafter and a couple of hours later she said ‘My boyfriend go the UK tonight on holiday for 3 weeks.’ I figured he was the guy, confirmed some time later when I saw him again.

I set to work. I had 3 weeks. I spent many nights with her at my apartment but still no sex.

She told me she thought he was a womaniser and was not for her but she had promised him! She said ‘I need to talk to him.’

What amazed me was that fact that she would gladly go with me, spend the night doing all sorts of other things but not let me screw her! It was frustrating in the extreme.

I introduced her to oral sex. She said ‘my first time’ and said the same shortly afterwards when I asked her to blow me.

I thought this guy must have been pretty boring. Taking her cherry but teaching her zilch!

The day of his return loomed and I began to get nervous as I didn’t quite know what to expect. The day after he arrived back, it was her day off. She phoned me early evening wanting to come over. She had never done that before.

She arrived with a girl friend and food. I had some booze in the apartment and so we had a party. She stayed with me that night but still no go. We kissed, cuddled and played. Great, but not so great. As I’d been doing for weeks, I’d tried every which way to get my end home to no avail.

I was almost resigned to a life of celibacy with her.

Two days later I picked her up after the bar closed and we went back to my apartment.

This time there was no resistance and I was in clover. It was fantastic. The long wait was worth it!

I asked her about her boyfriend. ‘I don’t want to talk about him’ she said. He was never mentioned again.

I took her out of the ‘girly’ bar scene and through contacts got her a conventional job in another bar.

She never moved in with me but she stayed on average about 5 nights a week in the months that followed.

The sex was great. I am a lot older than her but that didn’t seem to matter.

I was in heaven and in love. I showered her with expensive gifts, perfume, jewellry, a computer, a smartphone, money and took her on holidays overseas and to a local beach resort. She doesn’t earn much but with a decent stipend from me every month she is very comfortable.

I had been living a bachelor's existence for over a year. I had been a naughty boy when I first arrived but for recent months was monogamous with my new darling (albeit in my case, that’s still being naughty!).

Then my wife arrived! We have been long-term partners but there is no real passion left, just good friends. Splitting up is a possibility but messy for economic and family reasons. Something I’m considering.

This curtailed my liaison somewhat but we were still able to get together in hotels about twice a month and much more often when my wife was away.

And so the relationship continued for two further years. Always passionate, exciting and daring. I’d watched her grow from an (almost) innocent young girl to a fairly sophisticated woman whose English has remarkably improved (so has my Thai but not as much). She is the life and soul of her workplace.

I adored her (still do) and never thought she had a bad bone in her body.

Whenever we were getting together I’d have a spring about me. Get up early with a smile, get my work done and then ready for an afternoon of bliss.

There were also the daily emails, the texts and the joy of often seeing her at work.

She was always friendly to my wife who often said to me ‘The girls here are all pleasant but she’s by far the best!’ Little did she know of my bond with her…

I was away for 3 weeks overseas. I often would be (usually shorter) but every day was a day closer to coming back and being with her.

Before I left a funny thing happened. One of the other girls at her work, also pretty and sexy and one of her good friends, began to come on to me. It happened a couple of times and was very discreet, but a caress here and there nevertheless. I was a bit confused but found it somewhat enjoyable. I began to imagine what she’d be like but never had any serious intention. I was perfectly happy with what I had. That may change!

I was at the airport about to depart for Bangkok and opened my private email. There were two on the same day. The first said ‘can’t wait for you to come back.’ The second contained words like ‘I like being with you but sometimes I feel guilty. Please don’t be angry with me.’

A tad confused, I fired off a response saying ‘talk tonight.’

I arrived at her bar at about 10 PM. She served me and I said ‘What’s up, Baby?’ ‘Nothing’ she said, ‘just being crazy.’ I could tell from her eyes that all was not right.

‘OK I said, let’s meet for lunch tomorrow?’ I had planned of course to take her home that night but thought the better of it.

We met and she still insisted everything was OK. What she didn’t know is that in a past life I was trained as an investigator and am fairly skilled at detecting when people are lying.

‘OK, come home with me tonight, I desperately need to be with you.’ ‘But I’ve no change of clothes’ she said. ‘No problem, here’s some money, go buy some.’

I took her home that night after her work. She was cold to me in bed. I gave up, thinking she’ll thaw by morning. I was wrong. I got up at about 8 AM and left her for a couple of hours.

I tried again. Still resistance. I lay back down and said ‘Baby, do you want to split with me?’ The word I dreaded ‘yes’ was forthcoming. I had an arrow through my heart.

I cooked her a nice meal and we chatted but boy was I hurt. I asked if she had met someone else which she denied.

I needed to travel for a few days but we shared a lot of email traffic. Some I wrote in anger but never sent.

Upon my return I met her after work and went to a quiet place and talked. ‘Have you a new boyfriend because things just don’t make sense to me?’ ‘No, just talking to someone. I need someone for myself, you have everything, wife, family, money.’

What I deduced she was really saying is ‘Khun, mai sanuk’ which is simply right as for a long time our relationship has been in camera. She loves to party and her friends (who all have boyfriends) do too. I just can’t be part of that scene.

I couldn’t fault her reasoning but I was also in denial that this could be happening.

I convinced her to come back with me to my apartment in a couple of days hence. She agreed.

I sat her on the couch and said ‘Baby, what’s going on in your life?’ She was silent.

I asked her again, ‘Have you a new boyfriend?’

‘No, just talking’ she responded.

‘Boom boom’ I said.

‘No you know me!’ was her response.

I felt a little comfort having waited for 3 months myself.

We chatted a while longer. In one of her emails she had said how she could no longer take my money. I told her I didn’t understand the logic if she didn’t have someone to support her and in any event it meant nothing to me whereas it would be a huge haircut for her. In fact it would very much hamper her diet (like most Thais she just loves good food) and social life.

I nuzzled up to her, nibbled her ear lobe and said ‘Baby, tonight do I get some loving?’ I felt her stiffen, and then there was a nod of her head, no!

‘You’re in love……boom boom?’ I retorted.

‘Yes, boom boom’ she replied.

‘About once a week at his condo.’

She told me it was happening for about 4 months but that he had been gone several weeks.

‘Is he coming back?’

‘Don’t know’ she responded.

‘So you cheat on me and you cheat on him. Does he know about me?’

‘Of course not!!!’

She was feeling guilty but trying to mask it. I figured with the lies, my little darling had orchestrated a plan to bring me down gently. A slight underestimation on her part. Noble, but I would have preferred the plain cold truth.

It was very late and bed time. She piled in fully-clothed. I told her not to be silly. She undressed.

I didn’t try anything and had a broken sleep. My imagination was running wild. I listened to her breathing and looked at the sleeping beauty beside me. I was shattered.

We both came to about 8.00 AM. I cuddled in to her whispering in her ear and asked if I could do oral. She always loved it. She acquiesced. I went down and she writhed as she came. She touched me and her silken hand gave me relief. As much as I wanted to I just couldn’t try anything else.

I later cooked for her then we hugged and she went to work.

I spent the next couple of weeks trying frantically to salvage the situation. I took her to lunch, bought her expensive jewellry if only to remember me by. She was resolute.

I convinced her to spend an afternoon with me. Meet as lovers, leave as friends was the deal. She agreed on one condition, no boom boom! Deal!

I booked the same 5-star hotel, she looked stunning in an outfit I had chosen and jewellry I had bought. We spent a wonderful afternoon together, unbelievably good oral sex and she popped me twice.

We remain friends. The boyfriend, well he’s been gone over 4 months now and unlikely to resurface. Although she’s in denial about him, from what she told me he’s likely to be married anyway.

I told her, unlike tourists, short term contract guys also want sex but many don’t want to pay for it! She now realises that.

I really didn’t see it coming but always thought it possible. In fact I’d told her in the early stages of our affair that if she ever found someone then she had to look after her future and I’d step aside.

It’s the practical application for me that’s difficult. Pom huua cheb jai maak!

There are so many unanswered questions but I’m grateful for the wonderful times and the spark that she brought to my life. Replacing it is the challenge but I won’t be going down the same route. That is for sure!

Women, who dares to understand them?

Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds like everyone here was cheating on someone, and it sounds like what she was looking for was something you could not give her – something long-term. Fun and money are one thing, but ultimately most females look for something more permanent.

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