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Marrying A Thai, Advice

  • Written by Rich
  • April 8th, 2015
  • 4 min read

Stick, as usual, is rather easy going when it comes to advice (even when he is pouring cold water on a subject). I will be a little more harsh since I am in Los Angeles and have known around 15 or so of these relationships (if you will), and can only call one an unqualified success. The remaining have been nothing more than an emotional and financial wreck for the males involved. The Thai women eventually simply go intact with their God given assets, plus most of the ex boyfriend's / husband's hard- earned assets if at all possible.

I will applaud your Thai girlfriend for being candid, few know this characteristic, flat out lying is sooo much easier for many of this type as it gives greater odds that their malfeasance can go on undetected until they reach their desired goal. But that is all the credit I can find for her.

First, she is brain-dead. All she would have to do is continue to sweet talk and attend to your manly needs (as she did to initiate the relationship). You would happily have married her, got her a green card, happily put her through school, bought a house and even put her name on the deed. If she was smart (as most Thais are in these matters) that would be the end of the rainbow and then she would ditch you and sue for spousal support and community property if possible. Remember, the overwhelming females who migrate to this country did not do so to make someone else happy. They did it with the aim of fulfilling their material ambitions. If able to do so, given their druthers they will beat feet back to the homeland before god gets the news once they get their hands on transportable goods.

You are a businessman, I assume. Being such you know the fundamentals in buying a business. You NEVER buy potential, you pay up only for what is on the table. She is a businesswoman with the same mindset. She is not interested in buying into your potential. She is only willing to buy in and up according to what you have on the table now. She has made it clear you do not impress her enough to go on with the deal for real.

You most likely have little if any idea the rankings of a Thai woman's family or culture for that matter. You would mostly rank below the family dog unless you pay big time to sufficiently impress the family to treat you as something other than a subhuman at least in the short run. In terms of culture, I have seen enough Thai monk spitting blessings to make me puke. So far the dog is out ahead as she will not even show her family your picture. Don't even get me started on Thai sprits, monks, ghosts and money placed at shrines.

There is only one concept of value worth taking up time when she is with her co-workers and the Thais she is living with. I don't care how subtle they might seem, in the end, it is all about MONEY. Get used to it.

Well then, go ahead and marry her, get used to providing for her ever escalating needs, with absolutely no contribution whatsoever from her. Also keep in mind that you must sign off with immigration that you will fully support her for a period of five years (this actually means she cannot get public support for that period of time. In time she will go back to the basic playbook of searching for greener pastures (men that is), while you become torn with memories past mixed in with the hope the wench will just go and get out of your life. Yep, I have seen it more than a dozen times, son. Same old same old. Want to break the pattern? Want to volunteer to get beat up? Could even eventually cost you your life – and this is not an exaggeration.

Ok, the easiest way to send her packing is to tell her you think you might be gay. No, this is not nonsense, this is something Thais understand very, very will. Tell her that you think women are not quite right for you, and you even are feeling funny touching them. That will send her down the road in haste. Actually I saw a Thai man use this line on a Thai woman once after he cleaned her out of all the cash her former American husband left her with.

For you, try to stick to someone at least with the same cultural values and appreciation for the intellect (of which Thais have zilch). Lots of countries south of the border, yeah, they will want the green card and they have family in the homeland. But at least they have (hopefully) basic Christian values, not that spitting monk and money hungry almost religious sect stuff.

On a final note, any upstanding Thai man will look at a Thai woman and ask himself, what does she have to offer? This is the only way you can resolve your dilemma, and you can even leave out the gay stuff. Simply tell her she does not have enough to offer you. She will get that also.

Enough is enough.