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A Few Misunderstandings

  • Written by Anonymous
  • April 23rd, 2015
  • 5 min read

Regarding this phenomenon of western men falling in love fast with Thai women, let’s get a few things straight. I don’t understand why a 22-year old man from the West (or anywhere in the world) would fall in love with a prostitute. Well, I guess something would have to be wrong with him physically, psychologically, or both (which is probably the case). If he was doing well with the young ladies back home, he would not be falling in love with a prostitute of any age. Insecurities, low self-esteem, etc.

I bet many young men have sex with real Thai women their age and they still don’t fall in love with them. I had sex with many women when I was young. If I fell in love with each one of them, I would be as compassionate as Mother Theresa. When I was older, at 29, more ready to settle down, I had a Chinese girlfriend in the West. She was 27 years old, finishing her master’s degree and a virgin. I had sex with her, I did not fall in love with her, and I did not marry her. I would have difficulty to marry her because she was from another race, religion, nationality, culture, etc. Prejudiced? We are all prejudiced. A young white man wants to marry a young white woman. So, these young western men don’t want to marry a Thai woman who had sex with them during their vacation (and I am not talking about prostitutes here). They want to go back home and marry their kind. This is normal and well known in psychology.

So, who falls in love fast with Thai women? Old western men (like me, I suppose). For example, a 28-year old woman sits on the bus in Bangkok near a 55-year old western man. She smiles to him. She responds to his responses. She has sex with him. She is young and beautiful. Why shouldn’t he fall in love with her on the spot? Ok. This happened to me 4 years ago in Bangkok. I had not been on a date for ten years and I am not exactly ugly. But if you are a man of 45 or 55 years old, how many women in the west look at him? Zero. Women after 40 have a libido that is close to zero. So they don’t look much at any man. This is nature. They are not suitable for giving birth. So, you think when you are 55, a 30-year old is going to look at you in the west? Haha. She looks at 28-year old successful lawyers. So, what is there to stop us from falling in love instantly with a Thai woman? Oh, I mean a young Thai woman. I’m sure that many of us noticed that 55 year old western men don’t fall in love during their trip to Thailand with a 55 year old Thai woman. That would be depressing.

So there is no mystery here. Do we care that they are from a different race? Hell, like we have other choices. The mystery to me is still how western men fall in love with prostitutes. I know the whole story. Prostitutes in Thailand act different, are exotic, and are really good girls that just want to help their families. Bullshit! I have been homeless three times in my life and it never occurred to me to prostitute myself. I remember somebody queer offering $100 if I allowed him to give me a blowjob. This was 35 years ago. I did not have 10 cents to my name and I did not know where my next meal on the street would come from. But prostitution was not an option. These women have more options than I did. So there is no excuse. Simply put, they are really damaged goods. I can’t even take a shit in a public bathroom. How could a man have sex with a prostitute? Falling in love? I don’t get this part even if he is 100 years old and she is 18.

It is easy to understand why a 50- or 60-year old man of any background would fall in love instantly with any young woman who is good looking and interested in him.

Second, but these young (normal Thai) women would not have a relationship with such older men if they were financially equal to them. Well, you would have to be real naive to believe that it is different with anybody else. When was the last time you saw a young rich woman marrying a young poor man? This does not happen in the west, east, north, or south. Look at every couple you know. If the man does not have money or the potential for making money then good luck to him finding a woman who resembles anything decent. Yes, women are prostitutes by nature. One prostitute told me once that a married woman who never had sex with anybody except her husband is a prostitute to one man. I think that is true.

So, what is the big mystery about young Thai women marrying older western men? There is no mystery here. Women prostitute themselves 24 hours a day everywhere in the world. Madonna is a billionaire. She has been showing her ass to us all her life for money.

Let me tell you a secret. I learned a lot from my trip to Thailand. Men are also prostitutes. Look at every lawyer and politician. Look at every employee laughing at his boss’s joke even when the joke is bad, racist, etc. How many people lied to you today? How many people did you lie to today?

I would not fall in love with a woman who had sex with many men. But falling in love with a beautiful young woman who will be with me as long as she needs me (like every marriage in the world), I don’t see what is new here. Fat ugly western cows will not be happy to see me enjoying this short life on this planet. But who cares?