Readers' Submissions Changed Me

  • Written by Anonymous
  • March 3rd, 2015
  • 4 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

G'day all! What a site this is, jam-packed and choc-a-bloc with advice, stories, reports and reflections, hosted and conducted by the C in C himself: the legendary Stickman. Thanks, Stick, for a fantastic resource that must rate as one of the best 'go to' sites for South-East Asia adventurers. I understand that you are leaving at some point in the near future and I wish you well.

I remember chancing upon this website when I was doing some research immediately before my first trip to Pattaya in 2010. I wanted to know how the barfine system worked, what to do, how much to properly pay, where to stay etc. and there it all was, in plain and simple language, the secrets revealed. The sort of stuff that everyone should know if they don't want to be ripped off or become a victim. It was all good commonsense, no-nonsense advice, and I have stuck to it pretty much whenever I've visited. I particularly enjoy the readers' submissions, finding many of the entries to be well written and great fun, in fact I am always a little disappointed when no new submissions have been published for the day. <So many people say that, yet so few actually do anything about it which really is a shameStick>

But Stickman's Bangkok is not just about the naughty nightlife, it has much more to offer….a lot more about life in general, and specifically that concerning the male / female dynamic.

I think that reading this site has definitely changed my attitude towards women. I was your typical western pussified male, conditioned by years of feminism and brainwashed by years of anti-male propaganda. I had bought into the idea that any problems within a relationship were generally attributable to me because I was the man, I really did. If my woman was grumpy then I was expected to know why and if I didn't then I was to blame; if I wasn't getting enough sex then I needed to exercise more, maybe treat her more often or be more attuned to her needs; if she was just plain rude to me then maybe I had done something wrong and needed to mend my ways. The list goes on but you get the picture.

But, from reading this site, I came to realise that I was not unique in my suffering. There were plenty of men who had suffered the same and were no longer prepared to carry on as before. In many ways the stories gave me a better insight into what makes a woman behave and think like she does. What I learnt made me take a long and hard and more critical look at women……and I was not impressed. I remember reading a submission by Pretender about his journey away from women and into the arms of ladyboys, and, whilst I am not about to do that, I understood his rationale perfectly: it's just too much stress and aggravation having long-term relationships with women. He also mentioned and, as such, introduced me to the MGTOW movement…..a clumsy acronym which stands for Men Going Their Own Way. I would urge every young man to go on YouTube and, at the very least, listen to Tom Leykis or Sandman's MGTOW Channel just for starters, and then argue that what they say does not have more than the ring of truth about it. This knowledge will allow you to re-define yourself as a man and re-align any future relationships. The main things being don't be a pussy, you don't have to take the shit, she is not always right, you are a man and deserve respect and, if push comes to shove, let her go because there's plenty more out there! Please remember that half the world's population has a hole between its legs so there ain't a shortage!

I'm not sure, Stick, if you are aware of the MGTOW movement but, to me, it's just another branch of the same learning tree that this site is part of. Many of the submissions from you and your readers echo many of the dissatisfactions that men have with modern women, whilst many of the solutions have also been propounded on this site, once again, by you and your readers.

And no, I am not a woman hater, it is just that I am now more knowledgeable and aware about what 50 years of feminism has done to the male / female relationship dynamic and, specifically, how I was affected by it. It is almost criminal how we can be conditioned and manipulated by the prevailing culture and learn to behave in self-defeating and destructive ways. There are many sorry tales from beaten men here who, acting with the best of intentions, were floored by their woman's wiles and ways. I just ask that you get wise and learn to stand your ground, otherwise it will be taken from under you. Don't become the pussy-whipped man. You'll see them around, being goaded by the shrewish wife on the street, studiously ignored by the girlfriend in the restaurant or shamed in front of the children. Amazing that any man worthy of the title would allow it……I did once……no more.