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Comparison of Thailand to the Philippines

  • Written by Anonymous
  • March 30th, 2015
  • 6 min read

I am currently in the Philippines and am planning to stay one month here. I will say that staying in the Philippines has given me a greater appreciation for all of the things that I think are wrong with Thailand.

Accommodation: I am speaking on this from a tourist standpoint and not an expat standpoint, I will say that accommodations are pretty poor yet expensive. I stayed at an "Apartelle" in Angeles City
and it cost me 26,000 pesos which is roughly 19,000 baht. In Pattaya the same accommodation would have between 7,000 – 12,000 baht. LCD TV, no fridge, hot water and air-con.

People: The people in the Philippines are not as laid back as the Thais and they are always at work trying to make that extra dollar. It's amazing to watch because Thailand has lazy homeless while in
the Philippines the homeless chase you and follow you down the street. There was the one women I could have sworn that her arm had a magnetic attraction to my body because it went everywhere I went. Dual-charging is just as bad as Thailand. My
hotel was only a 30 baht motorbike taxi ride to the Angeles version of walking street and all of the motorbike with the side carts wanted 200 – 150 pesos. I could walk to the walking street but a major concern comes when it is late and you don't
want to walk home by yourself or have female company with high heels.

The women: The moment most of you been waiting for, the women. Now, I have never seen a Filipina's body until my trip here. They are the most out of shape women in all of South-East Asia. They eat a
lot of greasy and fatty foods which lead to a fat gut. It looks gross because they have no asses and a small stomach. Their ass and hips are so weirdly shaped that the bikinis they wear in the gogo bars don't even fit correctly. Let's
not forget how short they are. I'm 6'2" and I swear there are oompa loompas dancing on the stage. I will say this though, working girls in the Philippines tend to have better attitudes than the Thai working girls. I'm not sure
if that is because of culture or because of the ability to speak English, but all like to joke and make friends with you, even if you are not going to barfine them. I had girls that wanted to hang out with me even though I made it clear that I
did not want to take them to my room. They asked my hotel and then they all showed up at my hotel and helped clean out the beer fridge. So, I give them a point for personality but I give the Thai women a point for looks. Thai women are taller,
more slender, have nicer butts, just a better figure in general. Imagine a middle-aged Mexican women's body and you have a Filipina. I will say that Filipinas seem less arrogant and that may be because they speak English well. Every woman
will make conversation with you whether it be the bars or the shopping mall. I think it has a lot to do with their culture. Thai people are more conservative. In terms of dating, the expats are older here than in Thailand and there are more retired
black Americans here than I thought. I will say that they are less picky than Thai women. I have seen marginally attractive women with fat, sweaty, old white men and wondered what the hell, you see that in Thailand too but normally the relationship
is short-lived, but I saw these couples married with children. It just amazed me. I have a lot of Thai lady friends in the profession and they tell me their cut off limits in terms of age and physique. I asked many Filipinas and they did not care.

Nightlife: I must say that in Thailand the Thai people are somewhat more laid back than the Filipinos and if you walk into a bar in Angeles the staff are very aggressive. I know many of you would argue that
the Thais are aggressive, but I get pushy from the Thais, they will try to persuade you to buy a lady drink, but the Filipinos act as though it is mandatory. And then they implemented a system of lady drinks and don't inform you. Apparently
there is a new method of charge by the size, so a shot would be a single, a cocktail would be a double and a beer would be a triple, and that corresponds to the price. Single = 150 peso, double = 250 and triple=300. And guess which drink the girls
always choose? That's right, the triple. It adds up if you are bar hopping and looking for that girl that has the personality to match her looks so that you can have a good night out. The good news is that when you tell the server to give
the girl a single her true colours come out. This stops you from wasting time and you find out if she is hustling or if she genuinely wants to have a good time with you <Umm, these girls have to make money so can you blame them for asking for a drink which pays them the highest commissionStick>. Another thing to mention is that women cannot get naked in the bars anymore, so Thailand has that advantage over Philippines – you can see the goods before buying. If you bar fine, everything is inclusive and the
going rate tends to be 2,500 pesos (1,800 baht) and expect for the girl to try to pull a runner on you at least once. The common excuse is that she has a mandatory health check up provided by the bar in the morning. I know it's cheaper but
in my opinion it's better to pay the girl separately because it helps me to avoid hassle. The girls knowing that they can go to the bar in the morning and get her long term fee for being with you for an hour gives no incentive for her to
stick to the deal. The clubs are ok, I'm a fan of hip hop music and the people here tend to favour black culture, (i.e. American basketball, American football, boxing, R&B and hip hop). The girls in the club want to dance and are not
shy to dance with you where in Thailand only bar girls want to dance with Johns.

Malls: The malls here suck so badly, they are like flea markets and have an empty feel to them. I will say that the malls in Thailand look a bit more classy, have more stores and have more affluent people
in them. The people in the Philippine malls here tend to reflect that of America with a lot of broke teenagers with nothing to do and just hanging out, pretty much everyone there. But like I mentioned there was a lack of stores and goods.

That's all I have for now, if anything else happens I'll keep you updated. I still have 6 more weeks here.

Stickman's thoughts:

I know a lot of readers who visit both countries or have moved from one country to the other and while a little of what you say gels with what long-term guys tell me, it does strike me that you have been unreasonably harsh in many instances and some of your descriptions strike me as mean. Is it just me of is here is an undertone to your article that lacks heart? Admittedly I have never been to the Philippines but I know many people who have and pretty much everyone tells me that the Filipino ladies in the bars are much less hardcore and much more sweet than their Thai counterparts.