Stickman Readers' Submissions March 20th, 2015

And The BS Continues…

After the nice papers of Steve Rosse and Farang Dave I had the illusion that would be the end of the bullshit (sorry English is not my mother language) but no, now it is the turn of Simon….

First, do people have the right to have a lack of intellectual curiosity on certain subject? Yes, of course, but it doesn't seem evident for everybody… For my part, I have not the slightest interest in football, the sport where the IQ is written on the back of the shirt of the players (and it is way above the level of the people around the playground… ) For 35 years I learned, invested and still followed economic and financial newspapers and books on that matter but I accept easily that a lot of people on this site are not interested in this matter (but it's funny, I am sure a lot will still have an opinion on the financial crisis… ) and I am no match for a professional. I certainly have intellectual curiosity in discussing with an American for example and asking him how he can feel American without having a red skin? Does he realize, by example, that the true Americans are now dead, a few survived were deported on poor ground, a great number die during the death marches, their women raped in the bush every night by the cavalry. Curiously there is no intellectual curiosity on this subject, the historic books are still to be write… Same as the 3 millions black people in Congo who die during the colonialism of Belgium, my country, here again my compatriot have no intellectual curiosity on that matter… intellectual curiosity seems to be at variable geometry…

mens clinic bangkok

So I am in my third travel in Thailand with a total of 10 months, I like the country or more precise the people, chatting in Thai with people I meet, to have a chat here is so เรืองกล้วยกล้วย (I don't translate, sorry for some who don't have intellectual curiosity for the Thai script).

About the paper of Simon, excerpts:

His fictitious conversation, ‘where are you working?’ – ‘I’m working on the moon right now’, etc. will be a classic one day.

If I would say that to my partner she will be stupefied (of course I will say that in Thai… ), in fact I just did it now just to test your stupid comment…

Typical communications of Thais don’t exercise an atmosphere of constructive debate; Germans call this ‘Streitkultur’.

Certainly one debate had an atmosphere and constructive debate in Germany with the “endlösung”… not lot of intellectual curiosity there…

Foreigners, many of them eager to contribute to the progress of this wonderful country.

wonderland clinic

Seems coming from the colonialism period this sentence… not one foreigner is eager to contribute to the progress… you don't have the slightest common sense young man! The foreigners come here to make a living, to make a job, to retire for some, to fuck Thai women for a great number, to make money, legal or illegal, in short they live their life and die (an honest life or not…. ).

Thais estimate their country as the centre of the world – no need to gain knowledge about the rest of the universe.

I never heard a Thai explaining me that is country was the center of the world, but with my feeble experience I was maybe unlucky… what I see on the contrary, every days, is the long faces of the farangs, in the shop and everywhere asking myself why they look so unhappy? The Thai works 12 hours per day with a smile and ready to answer any question. They are happy in their country, don't ask for more, is that a crime?

If some have a serious interest in music and the guitar in particularly we can have hours of conversation together but I reckon and admit, even I can't understand how it is possible seeing a guitar and not put their fingers on it, some are in fact not interested in it, like I have a lot of domain who I don't have the slightest interest in fact those are the majority for me.

Because I have never entered a gogo bar, I don't drink much, am never drunk, don't smoke and you are not yourself a diving instructor a lot of you will not have interested in me and it is perfect, ตกลง I have an admiration here for the true writers, talented guys and those who have common sense and emotional intelligence but let's say there are not the majority in the submissions, a lot of those submissions are rude for women white or Thai, rude for Thai people, the typical stupid “white pig superiority”. By the way I have intellectual curiosity for the type of “chauvinist white male”, what a great mine those submissions!

Thanks to everybody… but alas I am sure the white bullshit will continue…


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