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Comment on “Baby Doll” by Pattaya Crawler

  • Written by Anonymous
  • February 11th, 2015
  • 7 min read

I want to comment on a submission titled "Baby Doll" by Pattaya Crawler. I know it's an old submission from 2012, but
I keep stumbling upon it when searching for one of my favorite Pattaya bars, Babydolls. I have read it many times, and this is the phrase that always stops me.

"It is difficult to imagine what the ‘showgirls’ will be like in later life. The way they act and allow their bodies to be used must damage them mentally."

Now some background. I first arrived in Thailand as a technician on a business trip in 1985. I was in my late 20's, and Bangkok was a paradise. I loved my evenings out alone, and got to know the nightlife scene pretty well. It's kind of amazing to think about discovering all of what was going on without the assistance of the internet, but it could be done, mainly relying upon books and magazine articles available in Asian bookstores.

Before long I became enamored with a sweet little Issan girl who I met at a Soi Cowboy bar. I made all the classic moves which are renowned to lead to disaster; falling for a bar girl, paying her a monthly stipend not to work at the bar, sending her extra money to help out with family disasters, etc. But we had a great connection, were happy with each other, and after knowing her for nearly 2 years – meeting only on my fleeting trips to Thailand, I proposed marriage to her.

I suppose one way I avoided some of the pitfalls which have broken many a marriage to a Thai bar girl, was to bring her back to the US. She spent much of the first 6 months there in shock, but things improved when her son from a previous marriage arrived to live with us. And again when our next 2 kids were born. She eventually met many Thai friends, learned to drive and become independent, and was about the best mother any kid could hope for. Her spunky, witty Thai personality won over many a US farang as well, including my father who initially despised the relationship, and my mother who first felt nothing but pity for her when she first arrived in the strange land she became determined to make her home.

Fast forward 25 years. We are still together and she is as irresistible to me as the day we met. We are financially successful, and she is my business partner in my US businesses, literally the glue which holds them together in some respects. And our kids are equally successful, either pursuing successful careers of their own, or well on their way as determined and motivated college students.

As one son has become more involved in the family business, my wife and I have been able to take long breaks from it. Which led to us purchasing a second home in the Pattaya area. I love it here, as it is extremely farang friendly minus the pollution and frantic pace of Bangkok. We are far enough out of Pattaya to avoid it most times, yet close enough to make a drive in when we feel the urge.

And once a bar fan, always a bar fan, I guess. Our dirty little secret is that every once in a while, we run off and have some sexy fun, either in the US or in Thailand. We always do it together, because to me my wife is the sexiest woman in the world. And there is no guilt in having a frolicking good time in a sexy bar with your wife at your side. She was curious to see what a US (strip club) bar is like, so agreed to accompany me to many over the years. We also have visited a few nude beaches, and had fun at events like Mardi Gras where she slowly built up the nerve to participate in the public nudity, which was an incredible turn on for dirty-old me. So it was with eager anticipation that we re-visited some of the Pattaya bars together a few years ago, this time with the assistance of internet research.

In our area of the US, full nudity is commonplace in all of the sexy bars. And since we are just going for the sexy atmostphere, and not planning on paying any bar fines, we found the description of Babydolls and some similar bars to be appealing. Lots of naked women like a US bar, but with the addition of sexy shows and interaction with bar patrons which would never be allowed in the US. And what a time we had! Being in a bar bringing back memories of younger days for my wife and I. My wife hitting it off with many of the girls, knowing their mind set, and being generous with tips and drinks for them and the rest of the staff. And all of this was a hoot for me, as well as being quite sexually stimulating.

My wife never danced naked at the bar where we met. After we were married I often fantasized about paying her to do just that back in the day when a few hundred baht could possibly have convinced her to do it. So as the drinks did what drinks will do, I offered some of the Pattaya bar girls 500 baht if they could get my wife naked on the stage with them. Eventually they did, and it was a night of nights! There was not a bored expression on the face of a bar girl that night, everyone hooting, hollering, laughing, and giggling, and having a fantastic time. After being on stage my wife bought a spread of food for all to share, and every girl not dancing was sitting with us, eating, laughing, and quizzing my wife about life in the US, our kids, friends, cars, etc.

We have returned a few times, and the girls all scream "Mamma! Mamma!" as my wife walks in the door. We are treated like celebrities, and have become friendly with a few of the girls. Which brings me back to Pattaya Crawler's Baby Doll quote;

"It is difficult to imagine what the ‘showgirls’ will be like in later life. The way they act and allow their bodies to be used must damage them mentally."

Okay, so they are doing something unusual and unsavory to make a living. I would not want my daughter doing what they do. But Pattaya Crawler goes on to talk about his relationship with the very nice girl he met at the same bar, not doing shows but prostituting herself instead? Is that really better? The show girls get paid better than the other bar girls because they generally don't leave the bar. Most take comfort in this, not having to go through the stressful situation of being alone with some drunk farang in a hotel room were they often feel vulnerable and helpless.

I don't see much difference in what a show girl does versus what a bar girl / prostitute does. Both are accommodating the kinky whims of males, doing things they normally would not in order to make a much better living than they would otherwise. My wife is living proof that a bar girl can go on to lead a very normal life and be a wonderful mother and family member. I have met many other girls who are sweet, sassy and nearly irresistible at bars. And most have a pretty good time working at them. I know of one showgirl at a Pattaya bar who was married to a European, lived in Europe for a few years, but eventually ran away and returned to being a show girl because "this is so much fun, and Europe was so boring". If working at a bar was nothing but a life of misery and degradation, there wouldn't be so many women working at bars. My wife tells me of her nervousness when she started bar work, and how encounters alone with certain farangs was quite scary. Which led her to refuse advances of many of them. But all in all she had fun and is glad she chose to work at a bar. As am I.

So if you find a certain bar/show girl irresistible, I say don't let her profession hold you back. Almost all of my friends back home did far worse than me marrying non bar girls, and go out of their way to let me know how much they envy me for having such a wonderful and attractive wife. And if they knew about our secret adventures at bars, nude beaches, etc. they'd probably envy me more.

Look at it this way. If you have been to Babydolls or a similar bar or enjoyed the services of a prostitute, you have a kinky side which takes pleasure in such things. Does it make sense to marry a woman who finds that part of you to be detestable? Why not indulge in one of life's great pleasures together with a woman who shares and/or is willing to accommodate your desires? And who better to do that than the sweetheart smiling, joking and laughing with you during a Babydoll show?

Dirty Old Farang