Stickman Readers' Submissions January 28th, 2015

First Two Times in Bangkok – Part One

So I finally decided to head over to Thailand on behest of a close friend who assured me of the fun we would have. Tickets booked and the day was approaching quickly. After last minute packing I headed off to the airport to spend a few days in Thailand alone before he arrived.

Arriving at Don Meuang at about 8.30 rested after sleeping part of the way (thank god for business class) I changed over some money and headed out to find my driver.

Just a quick note, I’m not an overly rich man but while on holiday there are certain things I like and comfort is one of them, so nice transport and nice lodgings I don’t mind spending on, although as you will see in my story, things like that go out the window when I am drunk.

He Clinic Bangkok

I booked blind and had no idea what I was going to be in for. Booked a nice suite and having no idea how anything worked I also had booked a companion to be arriving at my hotel about 30 minutes after I arrived.

She was one that Stickman interviewed at one point (I discovered his site after my second trip), a pleasure to be around.

So the next day after she had left I decided to go for a walk and walked up to the start of my soi on Sukhumvit Road. Being an avid 8 and 9-ball player I was looking for a bar to play some pool and have a few drinks. I ended up at a bar I believe was called Breakers and played some pool. They had some kind of competition that night and I met a few guys and got chatting after I handed their arses to them and we decided we would continue the party on at Nana (another place I had no idea about).

CBD bangkok

By the time we reached Nana it was about 2:15 AM and there was only one bar really still going so we got in there and had a few more beverages. It was absolutely pissing down with rain as we sat overlooking the road and drinking. We made some plans for the next day until one of the mamasans or manager came over and started talking to us. She directed me to a woman sitting inside and introduced us and being drunk, I had became a little more open and although completely unattracted to the woman whom I was being introduced to I had a quick chat to her and was on my way home…alone.

The next day after having a beautiful breakfast / lunch / dinner I headed back to Breakers where it turned out the tournament was a ladies only tournament. However, they decided that I was a good warm-up until they couldn’t win and that was the last time I ever went to Breakers… (Well, other than to get cue repairs and accessories these days.)

So deciding that he wanted to show me another part of Bangkok, my newfound Australian friend told me that we should head down to Soi Cowboy and off we went, dodging ladyboys, motorcycles and rain and we made our way down to the Asoke intersection. We turned up to a place called Crazy House and being a Bangkok virgin he told me that they have an employee seated just inside the door for the sole purpose of picking newbies’ jaws off the ground.

In we went and wow…ladies everywhere. Heaven had arrived on earth and I just walked into the middle of it. Now I don’t know if it was blind luck but the more I think about it, I can’t imagine it could be anything else. We sit down and I start drinking and the papasan makes his way over to me. He’s apparently spent a considerable amount of time in Italy and can speak Italian so as we converse a couple of girls come over and then she appears. To tell you the truth, the first thing I noticed were her tits. Large and as I found out later, real. Large tattoo on her back which being covered in tattoos myself is quite a nice thing to see. (Although in my everyday attire none of mine are visible, as my father always said “nowhere where the judge can see.”) After talking with her for all of 10 minutes I was sold, hell, I was sold long before that but desperation is ugly. As I got up to leave there was another. Tiny lithe little thing with blue contacts. So the long and the short of it, I barfined her too…and back to the room.

wonderland clinic

After eating and showering and watching some Korean shows…don’t ask, we retired to the couch and then to the bedroom. Long story short, I should have stayed with the first pick and her alone. In the end the other girl bored the shit out of me and I ended up just having sex with my first choice 3 times.

Anyways, the next day I was flying to Macau for a few days to meet up with my friend and then it was back to Bangkok for another week.

More to come.


nana plaza