Stickman Readers' Submissions December 3rd, 2014

How To Get My Life Back, An Update

Dear Stickman, dear Readers,

This is a follow-up to the submission I posted a couple of weeks ago, where I asked you How to Get my Life Back after the relationship with my Thai girlfriend got
sour and I broke up with her. For those of you who didn't read it: She didn't take my decision to end the relationship so well. She drugged me, threatened to go the police, or to kill herself or me, and what not. In the end I learned
my lesson but got out of the whole mess pretty lucky. I wasn't sent to the monkey house, nobody died, I still have my apartment and my job. And the best of it: I finally got my balls back.

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Before I tell you how I managed to get out of that situation, I would like to thank Stickman for his comments to my submission and for making it eeader's submission of the week. I also want to thank all of you readers who took their time to send me a message, even if it was just to tell me how stupid I am – you were, of course, absolutely correct. I would also like to apologize that I didn't reply to every email, but sometimes I just wasn't in the mood to deal with the situation or even think about it. Thanks anyway for all the advice given. It really felt good to know that there are people out there who either experienced something similar, or who simply cared.

So how did I get my life back?

Well, in the end I took the Professor's relatively simple advice, which was more or less: "Ignore the bitch, or do you really think she will go through with any of her stupid threats?"

First of all, I got a drug test kit from the pharmacy and the result of the test was negative on all drugs. What a relief. That put me in the position to move forward, so while she was away, I exchanged the locks on my apartment, put all of her things in boxes and put it all in the manager's office. I told the manager to not let her in anymore, to delete her key card from the system and also to order security to not let her in anymore.

Well, security didn't really do their job and when she came back, she somehow made it up to my room and almost broke the door. At that time I was in the office and so she called me on the phone. She demanded I come to the apartment and explain to her why I had done that. I said I'm not in Bangkok – to avoid her coming to the office. Well, she came to the office anyway.

She suddenly stood in my room in the office – boy, was I shocked. I was pretty afraid that she might cause havoc right there and then. But she was surprisingly calm and so we went outside to talk. I explained to her that she didn't really leave me any other options than to secretly exchange the locks and all. She was upset but seemed calm and said she didn't understand why we had to break up. Well….. But I didn't want to talk it all over again with her, because she seemed to really think that she didn't do anything wrong, or at least that it was her right to do so.

Anyway, she finally seemed to realise that the relationship can't be saved anymore, so her survival instincts kicked in. I don't want to blame her here for asking for money – I was more than happy to give her some to finally settle the whole thing. So I gave her what I deemed to be an adequate severance pay and she actually left. That really confused me and made me suspect the worst was still waiting for me. But nothing has come out of it so far. To this day, she still calls and texts me, but I gave up on reacting to that and it seems to be slowly sinking in. Her calls and texts are getting less and less frequent.

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I'm still not sure if there are any more suprises waiting for me, but I guess I was really lucky to get out of a situation like that. I am extremely relieved that this nightmare is over and I definitely learned my lesson. For me – as for so many more, I guess – it wasn't enough to read all these horror stories on Stickman. I had to experience it myself to learn it. Anyway, of course it's still entertaining to read about the pitfalls of getting involved with the wrong girl. (BTW, I really enjoy reading Woofer's Chronicles. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious how it will go on!)

Be safe.

Stickman's thoughts:

Fantastic to hear it all worked out well for you!

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