Stickman Readers' Submissions November 7th, 2014

The Real Deal? Or Not?

Dear Stick, and Readers,

Having been catching up on the latest subs, there is a re-emergence of the "pitfalls" of getting involved with the wrong type of Thai lady.

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Well, this is my take: I compare taking the bait to a compulsive shopping disorder – seeing something in the shop window – that they must have – even though they know they don't need it!

I know from my own experiences…I can go without sexual contact with a women for a few months these days if need be. But, when in Thailand in my younger days – I sometimes used to take on average one, or two ladies everyday. Is it the warm weather and cold beer that makes me more rampant? Or, is it knowing that I can sleep with so many ladies – should I wish to do so.

I know for sure – that I don't get so rampant in other countries that I have traveled to.

I have visited Thailand on and off for about 14 years. Somehow I have "dodged" the net that was thrown out to catch me! I lost a bar fine once when the girl did not turn up. I was waiting for her – and I saw her ride by me on the back of the motorbike – with her Thai boyfriend being the driver! Lesson learned…

The methods some of these girls use have been "tweaked" over the last few years like a computer program with automated updates!

The thing is, if you ask the right questions about these girls most slip up early on. The issue I think is the type of guy that has his love goggles on and it's so obvious to the Thai lady that he is falling for her – she RAMPS up the romance rhetoric…

I agree that just like an intelligence network the girls share ideas that have worked for them.

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Sure, I still think there are some good catches out there somewhere – but it takes to find them – and you MUST be residing in Thailand. I would never be serious with any lady as in a long distance relationship – it's just to much a emotional roller coaster.

I also agree with the view from the previous sub from the Thai girl that love is not the priority for many Thai ladies – but saying that, there are still ladies out there who will fall for you – an age gap being acceptable. These ladies in the main will be frugal, service orientated, soft spoken, always say "ka" when they speak – and they will wish to be with you all the time.

I have a friend who lives on the Thai / Cambodia border who is married to a Thai lady and who was divorced before from a Western lady. He told me that his Thai wife does more for him than any other lady he ever known.

Six months previous I was in gogo bar and I said to one of the girls that I was in there looking for a future wife. She replied by telling me that the girls work for money – and they have no interest in anything more. I was quite taken aback how blunt she was on this point. Ten years ago this same question would have sparked some interest – rather than the complete opposite!

My bulls*** detector is set the highest level – and I don't entertain in for a second – especially from the opposite sex.

I look for someone who has good energy – and likes to radiate this out to those around her. Sadly, finding the ONE is becoming more elusive…Best advice is – keep exploring – you never who will you will meet – when you turn that next corner…

All best Stick and Readers

Stickman's thoughts:

Some good advice here – it sure helps to be resident in Thailand if you want to find the love of your life, long-distance relationships are difficult especially with Thai woman and you are so right that the ladies in the bars in Bangkok are not looking to play the long-term game with customers these days – stacking up a bunch of short-times each night and going back to their local boyfriend or husband seems preferable to most!

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