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Relationships & Demands

  • Written by Anonymous
  • November 28th, 2014
  • 3 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

Dear Stick and Readers,

After catching up with the latest subs from the global readers… Like a roller coaster there up, and downs. Just when you start thinking, maybe I will try to find myself a nice Thai wife too, you read a about a nightmare relationship soon after… I don't think that any other country on the planet has so many conflicting experiences when it comes to relationships!

For each ten, or twenty who write in about a "shocker" relationship with a Thai lady, there are one or two who write about having a meaningful relationship.

When I look at the input from all the readers from around the world, the worldwide trend of a FAVOURABLE outcome in a Farang / Thai get together I would put at about 8/12% max. You just have to look at the quantity of distressed relationship write-ups in comparison to the ones that have written in and have worked out.

Looking at it from a leafy part of the UK, or from a nice end of Singapore does not tell a true picture of the global trend of failed relationships between foreigners and Thai women.

What do I know? After visiting Thailand for over 15 years on and off, many hours of social activities both within the bar scene and out, having girlfriends who had never worked in a bar and also having experienced many hours-with girls who did, I don't doubt that it is possible to meet a freelancer, or gogo dancer that will come good – in the end… But, that one is probably going to be one from many hundreds of others. How will you spot her? How will you know that she means what she says?

Doing a major "risk assessment" is vital. If there was any insurance available against things going wrong with a Thai lady the premiums would be sky high! Or, most likely you would be turned down as the insurance company would not insure you due to the very high risk posed!

Like one reader wrote last week, the demands kept on increasing as time went on… To me, that's the most likely route.

First of all, if I was ever to get serious with Thai women, I would wish to know how many siblings she had. What they did for work? What her parents did – retired or working? Only then would I even consider step 2… It's obvious that a lady with not a big extended family is going to be less stress.

I remember reading a sub from a few years back about a fella who burned the house down that he built in the village after his wife passed away. When things started to go missing, and his life was in danger. That sub has always stuck in my mind. The farang will always be considered an outsider in the land of so called smiles.

Also, the sub from the man in Singapore who gave his wife everything but when he was away she was putting herself out.

Myself, when I was serious with a Thai lady who worked in hotel reception – she used to send part of her own wages back to here family – and didn't ask me to add any extras. I don't have a an issue with that as it was what she earned, nor do I have an issue with helping in an emergency. But, nowadays it's all smoke and mirrors… The Farang has become an easy target more – so now than I have ever known. The Thai boyfriend or husband would never have so much demands put on him – yet the Thai lady still stays with him. Why is that? Yet, the foreigner can throw everything including the kitchen sink into the relationship – but it is still not enough!

Maybe one day I won't be so cautious on Foreigner / Thai relations, but who can blame me?!

Stickman's thoughts:

Yes, unfortunately there have been enough horror stories that one is prudent to approach such relationships with their eyes wide open!