Stickman Readers' Submissions October 21st, 2014

Vietnamese Adventure Part Deux

Based on my first submission, it appears I struck a cord with a few farang et al and I would like to offer some clarifications. My goal for the first submission was not to come across as what some perceived and I do sincerely apologize. Participating in a blog without much history is not an easy task when a writer does not know the audience well. In addition, the audience does not know the writer and those combinations can lead to misunderstandings and comical relief. That being sad, I respectfully request that those who may have misinterpreted my submission will provide the courtesy of allowing me to explain and then follow up with part Deux.

My goal with the first submission was to provide some insight into to my personal experiences with South-East Asian girls. Given that it is a written expression and nobody here knows me personally, the writer needs to keep the attention of the audience or he/she will lose them after the 1st or 2nd paragraph. Thus, my submission included some language to get your attention and hopefully, if you read between the tea leaves, there is relevant content that may help a guy avoid being led down that dark path of “I not lie you”, “I love you and only you, forever”. Then afterwards, he is left stranded with no love, less money, a broken heart, which may include depression and self-esteem issues, but I am not a therapist. I respectfully ask you to read my submission again and forget the collateral damage language and focus on the message (i.e. different behaviors between bar and non-bar girls), it may just save 1 soul. I am hoping it helps more than 1, but if it saves 1, I will be pleased.

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Now that hopefully you have the cognition to understand the intent of the first submission, I would like to clear up some of the collateral fluff / exaggerations that made a few get their panties tied up in a wad (hint, this is attention material, laugh and move on).

First, I never said I was smart, just well-educated. Obviously that got some attention and misinterpreted. One can be well educated, but not smart. Likewise, one can be smart and not well educated. This was purely subjective background material and you can ignore it because in the end, it is meaningless.

Second, attractive, clearly another subjective term. But again, it was to get your attention and that it did. Let’s be honest, whether you find someone attractive is so subjective and depends on so many personal factors. I have had it both ways some say yes, some say no, but it is there to get your attention only.

Third – with respect to having luck with bar girls, again, it was to get your attention. However, I stated that many bar women have been pissed off at me so you should understand and know that having success with bar girls without compensation is very, very, very difficult. I sincerely apologize for sending the wrong message.

Fourth – for those who commented and made disparaging remarks, I will not respond in kind because what I have learned through writing, it can be very dangerous to make snide and disrespectful commentary related to another person that you have never met, know or understand. In addition, irrespective of what I may say about such actions, it will not change you or make you think profoundly about it. <To all of this I say just write well and that is enough to keep people's attention. Go back and read submissions by the likes of Dana and Steve Rosse. They are always well-written; good writing keeps people's attentionStick>


Lucky for this chap, no I am not from the UK, just having some fun. I was able to return to Vietnam for a second trip and it cost me about $50. How you ask? Let’s just say computer error and if you ever get the opportunity to fly 1st class on Asiana, your private suite with a 32 inch flat screen is amazing. Thus, with a $50 ticket I am off to Vietnam!

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Before I got to Vietnam, I arranged to buy a motorcycle so that I could pick it up on arrival. I arrived late at night and the immigration desk was so overcrowded that I had to wait 2 hours to get out of the airport. On top of that, it was raining and I jumped in a cab to get to the hotel. Believe it or not, this lucky SOB was not so lucky this night. The taxi driver could not find the hotel so he drops me off in the middle of the street at midnight in Saigon. I do not speak Vietnamese, but I knew I was close to the hotel and actually laughed because I knew where the hotel was and he did not. Here I am walking the rainy streets of Saigon at 12 AM and the people on the street just stare. I was only a few blocks from the hotel, but to say the least, it was interesting.

I get to the hotel and everything was fine. The hotel was decent, air conditioning, good breakfast and the staff spoke some English. The next morning I take a cab to the motorcycle shop and get the bike. So off I go and life is good. But then of course, the police see me and stop me and want a bribe, $20. Not a big deal and off I go again. I am really enjoying this bike when all of sudden, the bike just died!

Although I was without a bike, I was lucky that it stopped next to a motorcycle shop. Although I do not speak Vietnamese, I was able to communicate with the mechanic (for some background, I have been involved in motorsports since I was kid). But he could not fix it. I called the original bike shop and they said I needed to go to Yamaha. Lucky for me, my girlfriend, yes the one some jealous chaps think serves coffee and makes photocopies all day, took a taxi from work to meet me at the shop and she talked to the mechanics about the motorbike (yes, she is also a mechanic now, I so love when she gets dirty).

Well, we had to get the bike to Yamaha, but it was not within walking distance. Therefore, we had to get it towed. So we called the tow motorcycle, yes, a tow motorcycle, basically it is a motorcycle with a flatbed attached to it. So here we go, me, her and the bike on the back of this tow motorcycle. I wish I had a video camera because it was amazing to watch everybody looking at the foreigner with his Vietnamese girlfriend and motorcycle on the flatbed. When we arrived at the Yamaha shop, we felt like rock stars. It looked like every employee and every customer came out to see us. It really was a unique experience. The bike was fixed and off we go, me and my coffee / mechanic girl kkkkkkkk.

We make it to the hotel, check in and everything is going well. Vietnam is a lovely country and I am ready for a week of relaxation. She was scheduled to work in Saigon for corporate training, but it was changed at the last minute. As a result, I cancelled the hotel, but it costs me. When I told her, she said “do not worry, I will pay you for hotel cancellation”. Again, I was literally floored because it was sincere. But of course, I did not let her pay.

We changed plans and actually spent a day in the countryside. We visited the same village from my April trip. The family was so happy to see us and we stayed for lunch. To my surprise, my coffee / mechanic girl cooked lunch for me. This was classic. We had fish and yes, she took a live fish cut it open, gutted it and cooked it. In addition, she just smiled as she was doing this and I could see it made her so happy. I was so surprised. Here I have this professional attractive girl and she is preparing and cooking fresh caught fish. I have to say, I have never seen nor would I ever see a former girlfriend to do that.

Although that was fun, this lucky SOB was not so lucky again, the motorcycle died again. Very frustrating, but we had to call Yamaha again and it took about 2 hours, but only costs $5. We headed back to her parents' home and all went well. Just as a side note, but something you men need to remember, my girlfriend paid for most of the bills for the taxis and repair of the bike on that 1st day because I had no local currency. When I tried to repay her, she flat out refused to take it and if you read my first submission, you will understand why.

The 10 days in Vietnam was heaven. Although she works a lot, she took time off so we could be together. She took me to western Vietnam and spent the day at a flower park. The park had large lakes with flowers growing out of the water, really beautiful. There was a restaurant and they had private villas on the lake, yes, romantic as hell. We had our hut and just relaxed, enjoyed the natural beauty of the park. When lunch was served, they bring the food to you raw and a portable gas grill. My girlfriend is so cute, I sat and watched you prep the food and cook it. What could I do? I had no clue had to prep and cook Vietnam food and most of it was fresh cut greens that I did not recognize. The Vietnam use rice paper to roll food and it looks like plastic. I watch her roll the food, dips it in hot sauce and she gives it to me. Wow, it was so good, fresh food, no GMO, no preservatives or chemicals. When we returned, I drove the motorbike for like 2 hours in the rain. Did she complain? No, not a word. She just hugged me and smiled.

When I left Vietnam, of course it is never easy. But we said goodbye and off I go to the airport. What can I say about this trip that may help some of you in the search for an Asian partner? I have been to Vietnam 2 times and not 1 time have I seen any indication of a problem or bad people. As a matter of fact, my experience is completely opposite of most that I read about here. There are no unsavory characters, no bar scene, no nightlife, just normal people. It is funny, I have never been to a bar in Vietnam and never had a desire to go. The normal life in Vietnam, people wake up early, I mean early. If you walk out of your hotel room at 6 AM, it looks like 12 noon in the west. At night, most people are home or in bed by 10 PM.

Do not be misled, I am not saying that there are not bad girls in Vietnam, of course there are and there are many. However, there are good and bad women everywhere. I simple just want to share my experience with a good girl from Vietnam so you have a reference point. Is she perfect? No, nobody is perfect. But she is an amazing woman that I want to get to know better. I just returned from my 3rd trip of 3 weeks and Part trois will be coming soon.

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