Stickman Readers' Submissions October 13th, 2014

Honey, I Got To Share You

Coz I can't make you mine. It's a thought process all mongers go through when they find a special case.

This is the choice that keeps us from marriage while playing in the game, or sends us down the road to commitment, babies and living in a country very different from our birth.

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As a 10-year plus Bangla Road, Suhkumvit and Walking Street veteran, I thought of this situation often. We all benefit from

watching those around us and I know what choices I made based on what I saw around me when friends decided they had found something different. I have watched it through the seduction (of him by her) phase on, in to the breakups as the well runs dry.

I have a friend there who has somehow been successful enough to keep a unique beauty. He caught her in her first week and started off with her own apartment and 30,000 a month. She was a slender tall beauty at 18. Now at 23 she is still a slender tall
beauty. My friend is average-looking, very kind and intelligent. Of course, he showed her his 40-million baht, 300-square meter penthouse in Pattaya. Really, a sweet girl and a rare find in that she was raised Christian. She has survived and got
an auto worth ten million baht on her 21st birthday. She will be hanging in there. In fact, she did win the lottery and is now through all the levels at AUA and has a beautiful command of English. How would like to try and steal her away, I ask
the young guys who think they are such studs!

It is the way of the world, and a mature person knows this. In Pattaya, a foreigner may think he is loved for himself at 60 with a couple of hundred thousand bucks to his name, so she really is different. Not likely, because that sum may not indicate
wealth in Frankfurt, but it is a worthy goal for most Pattaya chrome pole molesters. And so the fantasy gets fed.

A big part of what we like when new to Thailand is the fantasy of it all. Wow, all the rules are reversed! What we fail to recognize is that they see no shame in lying about love to foreigners so it is easy to tell the lonely man across the nice dinner
table what he wants to hear, especially since he spent the last hour telling her what he does not like. It's a dance for dough.

I had four live-ins in my experience in Thailand and there was always an agenda clash. Being forty plus years senior and having vastly different educational backgrounds helped me see the lunacy of trying a "partnership". But that's just me, a man living on approximately $50,000 a year with no debt seeking to keep the money and the debt in their proper relationship.

Do some guys make it with bar girls? Yes, I have seen examples even among the young hot ones of enduring relationships. For me, the price is too high. I mean it is silly. And if your pockets are deep enough, go ahead and pay someone to monopolize your time.

Over time what am I going to be able to talk about with this well-endowed third grader? Sex is the reason for the union and we have other no other communications would be a safe assumption.

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With the Thai women I have been involved with it became clear that they were just there for what they could get. I can therefore ask myself, If I am just defending my wallet everyday so that I can have some sex, why not have the variety of short time?

Now that I am older, I find the girls of the Philippines to be easier to talk with, cope with, and manage my time with. We all just have to be honest with who we are, and I found Thailand too lonely over time. It was great for many years and I hope readers enjoy themselves. Just don't blow your stash, as she will go and no-one will replace her.

Sometimes the things that I saw in Thailand and the adventures seem unbelievable. But, I know and saw the truth. It was wildly entertaining. Like I say, win the war and don't go broke. Who wants to go home and live in their parents basement, wondering what happened? Stay alert and enjoy the games 🙂.

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