Stickman Readers' Submissions September 10th, 2014

Valuable Money

Someone has challenged me. The challenge consist in putting to pen a submission where I can resume why I think 1k for a short time is a reasonable amount of cash exchange for sexual favors in Bangkok specifically and Thailand in general and 3k is a great nonsense. My title submission resumes my thoughts, and I will give some bonus tracks.

I’m not a big fan of consider to appeal to a sex worker to fulfill my sexual appetite. The more I see bar girls working in these establishments the less desire I feel to waste my valuable money on them. Most of them, even the younger, are less than average good looking girls, I would say 6/10 the maximum as average. Spending 3k plus bar fine on them should be considered a federal offense and the offender should be hardly punished with, at least, 20 whiplashes. I rather prefer to spend money in discos and flirt to some more good looking girls. If I have the luck to take one to my hotel room for a short time it’s my choice. I have a wider range of choice and in the end it will cost me a more reasonable amount of money. The downside here is most of the Thai ladies are shy and don’t have the will to perform as expected, but sometimes you have a good surprise like I already did. Except if you hook a freelancer. There are a lot of them ready for action and they would mingle with you with no doubt. They are professionals and for a reasonable amount of money (mostly 1k) you can spend a nice couple of hours doing what we men like the most. These freelancers look the same or better than most of the bargirls and I had 1 or 2 experiences with them and I was satisfied. But you have a wide range of choices in those discos. Have a lot of free ladies available to meet a decent guy and most of them go to your room in the first date. I keep wonder why many men go to the go-go bars pull ugly bargirls when they can pull really hot birds in discos, mostly for free (my advice is to pay them to avoid future problems). It’s not even trendy anymore. That happened in the 80’s and 90’s after war in Vietnam ends. That time, go-go bars were trendy. Nowadays … they are not anymore. People who use to attend go-go bars look desperate or shady in my opinion.

I follow a character in my FB, I will not write his name here but he’s a well-known guy living in Pattaya, so I think everyone will be aware of whom I am talking about in this precise moment. He claims to be a pimp of the street hookers hanging in Beach Road. I will not make any comment about his life style even if I don’t agree with it. It’s his choice and his life. If he has a great time being like this, so be it. He grew up in the streets when he was young, so he can recognize this hooker life style like no other. I don’t agree with him in every statement he makes but, in this particularly point, I would. Hookers are basically lazy because of their life style. Put one of them working on a 7/11 store and she will not come back in the next day for sure. They are so lazy and feel so comfortable with their life style that a change of their life with this magnitude will not be tolerated or even considered. They earn more with less effort selling their services. This guy is a street wise and he claims they are not the poor and exploited girls as people thinks in the west. Most of them have drug related problems of illegal substances abuse, gambling debts and alcohol problems. They clearly will exploit the less advised farang and will not feel any remorse what so ever doing that. Some can even steal from farang, but that is another story. They are not the victims here because they made an option. They had chosen the easy money, the farang sweaty and hard earned money embodied with various types of addictions. Well, farang here is no victim as well, as they had chosen to spend money in the naughty bars and hookers. So, everyone is an adult, scales are balanced, no harm done so ever.

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Let’s get straight to the original point of this submission. Bargirls are not so different from the street hookers. The one thing can be different is the perception of risk from their customers. Bargirls will not steal from you, because everyone will know where to find them. They also have drug abuse reports and can transmit STD’s as well. In general Thai ladies have poor information about STD’s and birth control. They only know the “rubber” and AIDS probably because of the media. But this is just a wild guess, so don’t lose many time with this assumptions because they really doesn’t matter for the real issue. No wonder many farang that have sex with them with no protection get those undesirable surprise of a new born or, worse than that, a huge STD to heal when they return back home. Bargirls, in some aspects, are smarter than street hookers. Some can make easy money with their contacts in social media like FB. Many of them don’t care customers inside bar and keep attached to their smartphone sending money requests to their “teerak” overseas or making new connections. Street hookers as well, but this is more visible in the bars with working girls. I call this smart work.

What is the difference between smart work and hard work? Simple, smart work gives more profit with less effort or in the worst scenario, gives the same money for less work. Hard workers are non-qualified for the job while smart workers have potentially more skills, including social skills. These skills allow them to make more profits with their work. I think social media and internet came to revolutionize the way many people work nowadays, including bargirls. I don’t blame they, they are just making for a living.

Now the 1 Million dollars question of this submission: “Would bargirls in Thailand worth 3k for a short time? “. In my opinion, absolutely not! But, hey, this is just my opinion. I wouldn’t dare to pay that amount even if I can afford it. Comparing prices in Bangkok with Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul or Hong Kong are pure speculation. Even the ratio of professionals working in those places is not comparable: remember the rule of demand and supply? In Bangkok we have much more professionals working, so in general and comparing with the cities listed below, the supply is bigger than demand. In general, service in Thailand is poor comparing with this places referred before, that includes go-go bars and nightlife. Someone had been comparing prices but not compared economics and service conditions. Every major city in Europe has a red light district, and those districts seem to appeal to the most undesirable men. Mr. Stickman keeps supporting the idea of 3k is a good baseline in Bangkok. This would make those ladies rich in a nick of time, why they aren’t? My guess is the demand is not so higher than the supply as many try to believe and make the others try to believe, and I mean in quality, not in quantity. Having a lot of supply with no quality doesn’t mean the prices will increase. And more important, why the level of quality of the bargirls has decreased lately if they can be rich so easily with their profits? I would consider 3k for the top ladies in escort agencies when they come to hotels, although some still don’t have the minimum requirements to my standard. The luxury escorts maybe are valued money if they perform well as expected and are sole intended to be discrete when they leave. I already made a statement about cost of living for the average non-skilled Thai worker indexed to the price of the short time bargirls in a prior submission. It’s quite disproportionate when in 1 hour these girls, the same with average looks, makes 10 times or more than a non-qualified worker do in 1 day. That is absolutely disproportional, because of their intrinsic quality. Telling me an average bargirl should make monthly profits like a CEO is something totally outrageous. They doesn’t have education, most of them are not even polite and most of them speak bad English or “bar English” to non English at all. Some guys will say about how poor these girls are and they feel sorry for them and want to save them. Bullshit! I’m not a charity institution. I value my sweaty and hard earned money. Those girls come from the worst backgrounds you can imagine living in nasty neighborhoods. Some will have contacts or being exploited by the local mafia. You can do a favor to yourselves: save yourselves from these girls! Keep your instrument in your pants and your valued money in your pocket. Waste it in valued lust. 3000 bath is a considerable amount of money, why waste it on low lives hookers? Because that’s what they are … low lives with no prospect in life, except selling their bodies. That’s their only valuable skill. Something is wrong when these average bargirls charges the equivalent of a 4 to 5 star hotel daily rate in a central area like Sukhumvit, and believe me I can get a very good 40 m2 accommodation in a very good 4 star hotel for 2000-2500 bath even in high season only for myself with a lot of commodities and an excellent breakfast buffet located close to the Asoke intersection with a friendly guest policy. That is good value for the money. That is quality of life. That’s why I love the accommodations in Thailand. Cheap accommodations and excellent value for the money with an excellent service as well. That’s something I can’t get in Europe for the same price.

I had an interesting feedback about a guy agreeing with me and telling he would avoid go-go bars like a plague, well I agree with him and I also run away from those places. In fact, I don’t remember to go inside a bar with the sexual approach purpose but only to “sanook” and see how these bars operate and I can tell it make me feel absolutely disgusted. Lots of hassling, Mama-san screaming with customers and making them drinking and paying lady drinks, even the girl selling popcorn is a really pain in the ass chasing you everywhere. Not my kind of environment, really.

I will remind people that we are talking about a 3rd world country with 3rd world salaries, but Thailand are in fact an emergent market, this meaning this country have a good percentage of their GDP growing every year but still far from the development in the western countries. Paying rates like in developed countries looks more like over paying to me. But, hey, economics are not always logical and have speculation everywhere. In fact the time when a man paid 500 Bath or less for a short time is gone a long time ago. Some will feel nostalgia of those bygone days.

Life is made of choices. With bad choices we can learn lessons and improve ourselves as human beings, with good choices we can make profit and step forward to even better choices which lead you to another step of evolution. Life is made of constant evolution. Every mistake, any bad choice or any success produced will improve our natural defenses and skills. The money values the way we value him. It’s only a matter of perspective. Every time I pay good money for something I value, and the return is highly satisfactory, I have the feeling my money was well spent and as a return I have satisfaction with the product or service. In those cases I will sure come back again and use the same product/service until I feel dulled or bored, or find another better product/service. Something worth what someone is willing to pay. As 3rd option, I will try to find a better price/quality ratio, because expensive don’t mean excellence and vice-versa. Why should I spend 3k plus the nonsense bar fine on an average bargirl when I have better price/quality/benefit ratio in some other places? It’s because someone tells you to do it and keeps saying about this go-go bars nonsense? Why should I be hassled by a greedy Mama-san whose only job is take me to pay lady drinks and bar fine ladies? Who can assure me, the lady in question, because she works in a bar don’t have any STD caused by her life style and promiscuity or drug abuse? They have any health plan to make regular check-up? What about her connections to the local mafia? Who can assure me I don’t have someone waiting me outside of the bar to relieve me from my belongings? Many things in equation here, I suppose. Turning Soi Cowboy in a more mainstream area looks splendid to me. Having fun without the hassling and the low life bargirls looks great to me. I would be a customer for sure. This soi have a great location near the offices area and Skytrain. It surely could be trendy with no sweat.

How can I value my money? It’s up to me, I think. Having money doesn’t mean I will spend it without any rule or discipline. If I decide to waste my money like there’s no tomorrow, it’s my choice. If I decide to haggle about a price, I can do it, it’s my choice either. Everyone should value his money according to some standards. How can someone encourage and settle the price of a short time without working in the industry completely beats me.

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Stickman’s thoughts:

I think you make some good points about value. While I will probably never a barfine a lady again in my life, when I ask myself how much I would willingly pay for an hour of good sex, thinking hard about it, I just don’t think it’s worth any more than 2,000 baht to me. And that would be for outstanding sex. For 2,000 baht there are some quite nice things I could buy or some very nice experiences I could have that are better than an hour of good sex. For average sex, well, I’d rather not pay a single baht. That’s me and everyone is different.

The other side of this is that I absolutely do think that vendors, irrespective of industry, should charge as much as they can for their labour BUT with the proviso that the service they provide is exactly what they will say they will provide. So, if, for example, a girl says she will rock a guy’s world for 3,000 baht, then she should make every effort to do just that. Anyone who makes a promise like that and doesn’t make any effort to do so is a whore, plain and simple.

I think when it comes to prices for most things, generally they are not negotiable. As such, the vendor wants what they want and won’t accept less. I was once told that rather than complain abut price, simple earn more and that way the price level is less of a concern.

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