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Mind Blown!

  • Written by Puff2Relax
  • September 27th, 2014
  • 13 min read

Time moves in one direction, memory in another, unless you have digital media or a reader's submission to be immortalized on Stickman.

Certain men and ladies today are enjoying life better than nearly all ancient King and Queens could ever have imaged. It is all because most of us are living on the shoulders of giants through time who invented and brought us tools and technology so we can enjoy the world as it is today. A similar comparison can be applied to StickmanBangkok and the readers' submissions. It's a no holds barred microcosm of Thailand culture! So touching and useful that the Stickman site feels like a family member you can always open up to. Puff2Relax felt obligated and extra thrilled to be able to complete a rite of passage by submitting a submission.

Puff2Relax feels blessed growing up in an Anglo-dominated sphere under a puritan system. For that, Puff2Relax received an excellent education and vast access to a wealth of experiences in a middle class environment. Like many among his peers, what he knew about Thailand and Asia on the surface growing up were through entertainment exposure and a famous Siamese play. Raw and in-depth, unfiltered data adsorbed from StickmanBangkok and many other sites but this was the original portal for LOS online to Puff2Relax!

StickmanBangkok and a certain exploitation website shaped Puff2Relax's life vision / goal as a very young adult along with the infamous overgrow dot com website. Puff2Relax is surprised that StickmanBangkok began in 2001, not earlier due to the format and style easily mistaken as mid 90's style. <The site actually started in late '98 but the current domain name was not registered until 2001, which was the same year the readers' submissions section and weekly column beganStick> Never ending accessible information flooded the internet in mid 90's. The world began transforming in ways mankind never thought possible. Stickman's' website is brimming full of priceless anthropological quality content / photos / writing with ongoing daily updates. Submissions and the weekly columns are always a pleasure to read.

Pre-internet Asia only existed in encyclopaedias, Hollywood and war footage as an exotic faraway place; "Ancient Chinese pottery and art", "Enter the Dragon," and "Once Upon a Time in China" for Puff2Relax. P2R believes that that late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were one of the most exciting periods ever in human history. Every single place, everyone on earth was doing their own things with their own very distinct culture. Commercial flights exploded in the 1980s. 2000s and 2010s were the golden age technologically wise and if you were financially very well off. Puff2Relax came into the world in the mid 1980s and was just a young lad growing up in the 1990s in what was a rapidly increasing paced world stage. In a nutshell…P2R lived for knowledge and thrills in a responsible way.

For Puff2Relax, there is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a female as a whole. A life inspiring intimate contact with a long haired blonde female classmate in the woods at a very young age shone a light pathway for P2R. Puff2Relax became very fond of female companionship especially the personality and body. It's the presence / attention that she / femininity made P2R feel like he was on the top of the world.

Stronger reactions are usually given when one hears the name Thailand than most other countries in Asia. Rightfully so!

Just two months ago P2R was abundantly blessed with having access to a small fortune. P2R worked hard and delayed countless gratifications nearly all of his adult life to get to this point, luckily before entering his third decade. The waiting game paid off handsomely. Thoughts racing through the head on how to plan out a dream mongering vacation. P2R had several obligations that had to be worked out. Flight ticket booked! Flight tickets are at its lowest price inflation wise for international flights from the States as of now. Multi-dozen hotels offering rooms at deep discounts. The stars were shining down on Puff2Relax.

First night in Bangkok at midnight. P2R had a navigation hiccup with hard to read side soi signs on Sukhumvit. After checking in and having a shower, P2R headed straight to Nana Plaza to find many girls trying to pull P2R into bars. P2R felt intimidated and decided to venture back to massage alley near Soi 11. There P2R bumped into a light skinned curvy mid 20's Thai lady. 400 baht was exchanged for an oil massage. After waiting a bit… massage commenced. P2R enjoyed the oil rubdown from petite smooth hands that are possessed by few. P2R was in the mood to relax after a full day of travel. P2R drifted in and out of sleep that intensified the good feelings. The lady brought things up a notch and more. P2R decided to go with the flow. Extras were offered and agreed on for a surprisingly reasonable amount. P2R was expecting a simple covered blow job but the girl undressed completely and wanted to have sex. P2R was not sure. Checking out the body, P2R was surprised on how curvy everything was. Firm tight smooth buttocks and everything looked clean from P2R's point of view. Both bodies were oiled up with body to body rubdown arousing P2R greatly. P2R ended with a gooey mouthful money shot that was held up intentionally for 2 weeks beforehand.

The next afternoon, P2R hit the Bangkok soapies. No question to P2R, it's the best experience a man can have on earth. 90% of the experience depends on the girl which Thailand has no shortage of! After deciding on a girl, P2R was on Cloud 9 again. Girl was 20 years old. Petite body with long hair on pussy that P2P observed to be popular among young working Thai girls nowadays? (A distinctive feature for sure, inspired by Japanese AV girls?) Nice perky breasts with dark nipples. Gorgeous tanned skinny body like a model. The most important body part to P2R is the stomach and the lines that leads to you know where which usually ends up with great looking butt and thigh. This long dark haired girl had a curvy body in the right areas just like P2R remembers a specific super hot western blonde freshman college girl nearly a decade earlier. The soapy girl provided above and beyond service!

That same night… P2R decided to book an outcall service with the same massage lady from previous night. 2 hours, 2000 baht unlimited money shots in a very comfortable hotel room environment with rain shower and bathtub. 3 times, the deed was done. Using the lady's phone..through Google translator app… P2R asked the lady if she was from Isaan through the translator. Her eyes suddenly opened wide with curiosity. "How did you know?" translated the app after she used on screen Thai characters. P2R opened laptop. The graphic site ad got the girl's attention at first then the words in between. P2R explained that a lot of things that P2R learn about Thailand came from that website. Apparently there are some really light skinned Isaan girls pondered P2R. The girl gave a P2R a big smile. Laptop was put away for some more massage.

Blessed that they are accommodating, P2R had some experience mongering and has been with a good variety of ladies from different backgrounds. P2R developed a distinct taste for petite girls. P2R can see that there are many working girls who do not take care of themselves well in Thailand. P2R is picky and it has paid off. Based on P2R's personal standard expectation of a girl's body, all but two Thai working girls personally chosen by P2R had banging tight bodies. You are pretty much guaranteed that your typical Thai body is tighter than your typical Western woman. P2R believes that Italian girls has the best pussy out of Western girls based on P2R's experience with stateside ladies. From P2R point of view, only 25 percent of American girls would meet P2Rs criteria while the percent is much higher among Thai girls.

About Thailand… it is all true, the pro and cons pointed out on this site! P2R came for the girls. The girls were the highlights of the trip as expected! Thai girls are champ in all positions especially doggy style akin to your hard to find double or size zero western girl. One girl at Rasputin in Pattaya was another pinnacle. 22 years old with a really surprisingly rather large breasts for an Asian… even for a human female! Similar body as the massage girl on the first and second night with even more sculptured shaped body all over with world class round filled breasts and an ass that stands out. P2R could not keep his hands off her. An easy 8.5. Second best body the entire trip. The girl gave it all. P2R kindly returned the favor. The service was beyond P2R wildest dream per feeling of the girls' whole shapely soaped up body pressing against P2R.

As it is customary in America… P2R tips for EXCELLENT service.. something that P2R got from all girl but one over the trip! (that probably will be another submission) The girl from the previous paragraph was so good that P2R even came back for one more soapy with the same lady before leaving Pattaya. High level service not found anywhere else breeds loyalty easily. P2R went back to 4 different unique girls twice during the trip. Every single one was worth it! All girls were glad to see P2R again.

There are vast difference in the girls everywhere! Satisfying release can be had rather easily for few hundred baht at a massage place. It can be quite hard to find a very attractive girl but there are bunches to be found if you look hard enough. Like many predecessors mentioned… with dancing girls at the bars you can see the body and know what you are getting. P2R stumbled with two easily avoided rookie mistakes:

P2R picked a beautiful face girl at a soapy. Gulped when she stood up. P2R knew that he would not be attracted to her body. P2R still paid upfront out of courtesy. Good enough P2R was correct. P2R did not want a body to body massage. She did make up big time orally though. Tip was given. Same thing happened with a skinny young pretty face girl at a full service massage place when clothes were removed. Only two girls did not meet P2R's expectant body wise out of probably nearly two dozen working Thai girls.

4000 baht for long time from 10 pm until Noon the next day with a Walking Street coyote dancer with nearly perfect body and gorgeous pussy after making a rookie mistake just few hours before. Breasts were average at B cup. It was the fully exposed sexy tight pussy / body that P2R expected and was able to verify. 1,000 for bar. 3,000 for the lady. Something that would have easily cost thousands in the States. Worth it yes only for once at that price. P2R even persuaded a young semi-freelancer who had something in common with P2R for long time at 1000 baht with agreed money shot finish on a weekend in Pattaya. P2R prefers short time in general. The choices out there in Thailand are nearly unlimited. Stickman and others are absolutely correct.. instead of complaining about the price… earn more so you can afford what you really desire.

P2R did have a short time with mid 20's petite freelancer for 700 baht with tip from Beach Rd. 1300 Baht for short time with a mid 20's petite lady on Soi 6. 2600 baht bar fined in total for hour and half short time (600 to bar) with a gorgeous 22 years old young light skin Bangkok Thai dancer with long jet black hair equipped with unbelievable breasts from a bar corner at Nana Plaza. Low hanging pear shaped top with bottom full round breasts that had perky nipple was spotted right away after settling down for a drink. P2R believes that that kind of breast and body is very rare among Thais even women all over the world! A body that almost seem too good to be true. Very playful and cute! With a lengthy hands on.. P2R confirms that they were real and the girl was new with 4 months experience. She had a body that would be better than 90% of girls worldwide – another mind melting session.

P2R found one attractive thin girl at a Bangkok Soapy 2 days before departing. P2R found out that she was new as few days and 20 years old. The girl's look matched the Japanese model on the wall of the soapy room. Very attractive young ladylike feminine perky b cup body with somewhat pinkish nipples and light skin. Spot on body type akin to your typical JAV star even down to the anime hair style. P2R experienced continuous nirvana in the first 30 minutes of body to body massage. Due to P2R balls being strained already more than a dozen time in a week and half. P2R was flaccid and not hard lying on bed after being lathered up in the hot tub. P2R was relaxing on his back. The girl leaned her face closer to the groin area see if it will get hard. It did not… the girl touched the shaft then motioned her mouth to a slow sensual flaccid bbbj along with hands on balls massage for P2R that P2R shall never forget. The shaft slowly grew wide and tall. It wasn't deep throat or a slobbering job but like a snake charmer masterfully rising a Cobra out of a vase. One of many many lifetime mind melting pinnacle moments Puff2Relax will ever experience… Top 5 no questions….satisfying tight pussy with expected accommodating finish without even asking. Yes, she did have long hairy pussy! The only thing that can match or be better than this experience is LSD! Puff2Relax chooses the former and the latter!

P2R was beyond satisfied. P2R basically experienced 10x to 12x the pleasure he could get in the states in approx 2 weeks time frame. The only regret was that P2R still had plenty of USD 100's left due to a short visit. P2R really wanted to stay longer to enjoy the elites of Bangkok and Pattaya. P2R already put aside left over budget money toward a flight ticket that is technically already paid off.

P2R always thank the girls after all sessions per the risk working girls take on. One time P2R was taken back after showing graciousness toward a working Thai girl. She hovered the Laptop mouse over the on screen Thai keyboard characters that translated "I appreciate you more than you appreciate me."

P2R believes that value for your money is still outstanding in Thailand. 50 to 80 dollars for 15 minutes is the norm that goes up rapidly with elites in the States. You get far more for your money with much better service in a safer environment. P2R feels that there are probably way more hotter girls nowadays witnessed with Puff2Relax's own eyes wandering around than in the past based off YouTube videos and pictures of Thai girls from 1980s and 1990s.