Stickman Readers' Submissions August 6th, 2014

‘Jasmine Fever’: How Do You Explain It?

‘Jasmine Fever’: How Do You Explain It?

This submission is, in part, inspired by Phet’s latest missive. I can relate to much of what he writes, being a British bloke of a similar age and of similar experience to him. His carnal experiences of Thailand and its female population far outweigh mine – I had but the one Thai ‘girlfriend / fiancee’ and we had the common ‘intelligence / finance’ interface failure. She thought that I was more stupid and more wealthy than I really am.

‘You take care me’ was, I thought, an endearing term which meant that we shared love and would ‘be there’ for each other (in modern parlance) as in battling our way together through all that life had to throw at us, enjoying being with each other (and, of course, bonking as appropriate). It was during my second (I think) day in the Land of Vertical Smiles (credit to the Unremembered Poster) that I learned that ‘you take care me’ is properly translated as ‘You give me all your money and buy Momma a house’.

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Things went rapidly downhill from there and I may be able to claim the prize for the bloke who spent a few days in Pattaya and didn’t get laid. (The hotel reception staff appeared to be more than willing to correct this deficiency but I didn’t take up their offers. Now I ask myself why I was so daft as to not take up the not-so-subtle offers.)

My TGF was a fine woman and despite all I remember her fondly (fondlingly?).

I went back to Cyprus, ill-advisedly married a Filipina, brought her back to the UK and divorced a couple of years later (as previously reported here).

And a few months ago, I met a British woman of approximately my age. Educated (finishing her PhD), working as a university lecturer, keen to be ‘equal’ in all sorts of ways including paying for dinner and sexual stuff. I wrote about this stuff too.

But … no, of course, it’s not working out well. She’s keen but not demanding, and when she says ‘you take care me’ she means just what most Western guys understand by the phrase and – more importantly – intends it as a reciprocal agreement. ‘I’ll be there for you just as you will be for me’. That sort of thing.

It could be wonderful, but it’s not. A lovely lady, for sure, but just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me. She’s only four years older but I feel that we are a generation apart. I am 59, feel younger, and am happy to go with the flow and act on impulse. She isn’t.

And so to the point of this sub. She came to stay last weekend – my daughter-in-law’s 40th birthday party. It went well, despite my subtly scoping out available MILFs.

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The next day, nursing hangovers, she asked me to comment on ‘Jasmine Fever’ or why, in her terms, men were attracted to South-East Asian women.

This was not an easy question to answer, particularly as I was trying to be a responsible adult and a reconstructed male. So no mention of LBFMs, young women whose immediate purpose in life is to please the man they’re with for now but with an eye for the future, and so on.

I know why I have Jasmine Fever. It is the colour of the skin, the eyes, the hair, the petite bodies, the soft voice, the inherent, inbuilt sexuality – and even in my local supermarkets I notice these women and am attracted to them. (Though they seem to be often accompanied by tattooed and less than outstanding examples of the species.)

All (not that many) of the South-East Asian women I have known have been very aware of their sexuality and the sexual attraction they purvey. ‘Shaven havens’ seem to predominate (and who am I to argue?). Cowboy or reverse cowboy seems to be commonplace and those more knowledgeable may suggest that these positions give the lady control.

I restricted my answers to ‘long dark hair’, ‘beautiful eyes’. And ‘petite figures’. I may have got away with it. But I doubt it. How can you explain the entirely basic attraction that some of us feel towards women of a certain appearance?

As for me, I am buggering off on Saturday (on my own) for a week or more in France. I will call and stay with my good friend who is married a Filipina. I know that his wife will introduce me (or do her best to) some of her Filipina friends who are looking for an EU men. And so it goes on. I recognise that I suffer from Jasmine Fever and that I am a sucker for whatever a beautiful South-East Asian lady puts forward.

And, to bring this sub full circle, if Phet can fall (again) for a South-East Asian lady – and why shouldn’t he – who can blame him?

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