Stickman Readers' Submissions July 17th, 2014

Thai Girl Pregnancy Scam Follow-Up

Dear Stickman Team,

I am not sure if you remember me, but in the beginning of this year I have sent you a submission with the name "Thai girl pregnancy scam"
which was published 01/01/2014. Unfortunately I still didn't find out the truth. Now there are some new facts I would like to tell you. I would highly appreciate your opinion and would be happy for any advice, because after 10 months of pain
it's getting worse and worse from day to day, pulling my life down.

He Clinic Bangkok

….Shortly after I wrote my story, I sent a Thai friend to the guesthouse where she used to live to speak with the receptionist to get any information about this girl and if she is really pregnant, or not. The receptionist said that she has many boyfriends, has a crazy mind and they don't think she is pregnant. They told my friend that she has no job, sleeps with many guys and drinks all the time. She also mentioned that she was cheating some of them by using the pregnancy scam. The receptionist even laughed when my friend told her the story. Further they said they think she already left and probably went back to her hometown Udon Thani because she has no more money. <At this point you should cease all communication with her and walk awayStick>

I was a bit more relieved but still not 100% convinced so I decided to wait until month number 10.

2 weeks ago I wrote to her on Skype that she should send me a picture, the birth certificate and the hospital's name and address so that I can call them and ask if she really gave birth to a baby. Like all the time she called me instead of texting. I called her back and got the impression that she said something that she is pregnant in month no. 8. However, she already had to give birth at the end of May / beginning of June because we slept together at the beginning of September.

CBD bangkok

That's why I preferred to write with her because it's so hard to understand her by verbal communication.

Due to that information, I told her that it can't be mine and suddenly she said she got the baby in June.

It's hard to evaluate her statements due to her bad English.

Further, I asked her to tell me the hospital's name so that I can call them and ask if she really gave birth.

wonderland clinic

She told me she got the baby in England, London and forgot the name of the hospital. She was there because she was together with her boyfriend, "Tom", but is now back again in Thailand.

I asked her for the exact date of the birth and also the name of the baby. She said she doesn't know the date and has to check it and also has no name yet but it's a girl.

In my opinion it is impossible for her to travel to England due to the small amount of money and I also have huge doubts that her boyfriend (if he exists at all) would take her to England, managing for her all the visa stuff and then come back to Thailand. The fact that she has no job probably makes it so much more harder to get a visa for England and especially to take the baby then back to Thailand, with all the paperwork.

However, she said it was easy for her to get the visa due to her stay in the US in the past (she said she already had one baby there).

Further I asked her to show me the baby with the cam via Skype. She said it's sleeping and she can't show it because her boyfriend doesn't want her to have contact with me. ("Strange cause he also should be interested from who the baby is"?)

She was then trying to send me picture of the baby but the download didn't work so I couldn't open it.

Strange thing is the title of the picture IMG_20140326_154045

The number looks like a date when the pic was taken : 26.03.2014, just speculation but what else should I believe.

In case it is the date, I am not the father cause as I told you the baby has to be born in the end of May / beginning of June.

I was texting her to send it again but she didn't.

As I told you it's incredibly hard to understand her. Her spoken English is not that bad but her words and the things she says are very confusing. Sometimes I really get the feeling to speak and write with a wall and I don't know if she is ignoring my words or just crazy.

For me it really looked like she has got a crazy mind.

I was even wondering if she is illiterate because her spoken English is not that bad but she never writes back. She calls me even if I say she shouldn't.

Consequently I asked a Thai friend to help me by writing her all the things again in Thai.

So I wrote to her again saying she should send me a picture again and also the birth certificate and hospital name, and also her address so that I can come and make a DNA test. I tried to be very emotional by mentioning that I am just a 21-year old student without money and she should have some compassion with me.

She answered in Thai as well and said she is gonna send me the pic (which I still haven't received) again but NOT the birth certificate and the name of the hospital and I also SHOULD NOT come to her home so she is NOT GIVING me her address because she is now happy with her family and I also should put the focus on my study and then suddenly she said I DONT THINK THE BABY IS FROM YOU.

I was so happy to read that and hoping that she understands slowly my situation that she is feeling sorry for me and what she did and now is trying to convince me that I am not the father cause she doesn't have the courage to tell me that her whole story was a lie.

In the next message I kept telling her how much pain I had been in for the last 10 months and that she could relieve all that and help me to come back to my normal life by saying that 100% the baby is not mine.

On the next day I got this weird message again: we still can be friends and I will send you the picture of the baby. I can raise the child and I should wait another two months and then she can tell me if the baby is mine.

All that hope was gone again and she is confusing my brain more and more with these messages. The story changes all the time and her mood as well. I still don't know why I should wait another two months especially when the baby has to be already born since one month.

My Thai friend also said she has a crazy mind.

In the next message I told her again that when she is really interested in giving the baby a great life she should find out who the father is and immediately send me the birth certificate, picture and name of the hospital and when all this is convincing I need her address to make a DNA test (currently it's not looking like she is gonna give me all that). I also told her that in case she has a baby she should send me all my required things otherwise she has to explain the child later that it was her mom's fault that she grow up without a father. I even wrote that I would support the baby in case she will send me all the things.

Fact is :

I haven't received any details and information which I required and it seems like she will not tell me her address to carry out a DNA test.

I know it looks so much like she is cheating on me.

The only thing I can't forget and is still making me think about is her sad voice. And the crazy mind, they way she acts.

Every normal woman would be interested in knowing who the father is (in case she has a baby at all).

But it's hard to understand her personality, like the receptionist said, she has a crazy mind.

Normally I would already break up contact with such a liar but it's the craziness and the fear that she is so ignorant to keep the baby as her own although I was always kind and offered her my support for a potential baby.

At the moment it looks like I can't don't anything more. I did everything possible for avoiding a pregnancy and also did my best by trying to get all the details, documents and information but as I told you I got nothing.

My mom and also my Thai friend who knows about the scams and the bad girls who are doing this, are both convinced that she is not!

I would love to get your opinion on this topic and if there is anything else what I can do.

Do you also think it's a scam?

I would be so happy about your advice, as I told you I have not been happy for 10 months and this awful game with my conscience is making me sick.

* * *

I just wanted to add the information that I got the possibility to Skype with her a few hours ago again.

I told her clearly that I want to see the baby now. She said "I told you it's probably not from you". I asked her if she is sure that it's not from me and she answered, "Not 100%", but she thinks so. I told her that I don't care and she should show it with the camera now. She said it's now with her mom. (Last time it was sleeping) I also told her that I want to speak with her boyfriend and she just asked me if I want trouble with him. Further, I told her that she should tell me the name of the hospital immediately cause I want to call them and ask if she gave birth to a baby. She said she is gonna send it to me tomorrow, I contradicted and said I want the name now!

She hung up, I tried to call her few times again but she didn't pick up. Concerning the request to tell me her address for finding her and doing a DNA test, she just said that she can do it by her own, which absolutely makes no sense.

I agree more and more that the lies of her are getting worse and worse, however I still would like to get your opinion and professional advice.

Stickman's thoughts:

I'm afraid to say that you have got yourself very worked up over nothing. This is one the most obvious scams I have seen in all my time here and it is you who keeps the door open and making things so much worse for yourself. WALK AWAY! BLOCK ALL CONTACT WITH HER AND NEVER CONTACT HER AGAIN!

Almost certainly there is no baby at all. If there was, she would have shown you. All of this nonsense about not remembering the hospital name or the kid's date of birth to the child being born in England is all complete nonsense! You are the only one who believes there is any truth to this.
Everyone else can see it for what it is, a scam.


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