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Is My Lady Friend An Escort?

I'm gonna struggle writing 800 words so here it is. Firstly, absolutely love this site, long-time reader, first time poster. My name is Song or Sam and I'm a Korean American, born in the USA, 31 years old, and overall I'd like to think I'm a well rounded individual.

I've visited Thailand about 6 times now, and have read just about every Stickman article.

About 1.5 years ago, I visited Thailand with some friends, hit up Thai Cupid, and met a few nice ladies when I was there.

Anyway, one I got along particularly well with, and I've gone and visited her about 5 times.

There has been many posts and submissions about bar girls and escorts and their general behaviour.

I'm honestly trying to work out who I'm dealing with here. I've even considered hiring Stickman investigations if he still does it. We get along well, and haven't discussed a detailed future or anything, but I am willing to give it a good shot.

A little bit about her: She is 31, has a 3-year old daughter from a previous relationship with a half Asian male. They split up when she was pregnant or just after she was born as she caught him cheating. She works in an office, and lives with her sister and brother in Bangkok. Her family is from Chiang Mai. Her behaviour looks to me of a fairly wealthy person, e.g. branded goods, has her own car, jewellery, holidays etc. e.g. I saw her necklace collection, over 100 pieces of mostly branded stuff. Apparently most purchased while she was married to her previous husband. Her siblings have their own car too and seem to hang about in the same circles too

Now, what I'm trying to work out is, is she some kind of escort or high class call girl? My friends say that's the only reasonable explanation

Here are a few things to put into perspective:

– She's never asked me for money.

– I'm not wealthy nor made myself out to be.

– She works in an office but takes a lot of holidays, 1 month off when mother got sick, two weeks to Phuket for her birthday with family (coming up), one week off here and there, one week off to see me, and this is all in a space of five months.

– She absolutely hates cheaters (men and women) refuses to associate with them.

– She likes Korean culture, and her best friend is married to a Korean.

– Never been down to the bars of Sukhumvit.

– Doesn't want to leave Thailand, i.e. not looking for a visa.

– Goes out clubbing my guess once a fortnight.

– Hasn't communicated with ex husband since they split up.

– She goes go out for dinner quite often with her clients from work.

Me thinks that maybe the ex husband is paying her, or gave her a lump sum, but that doesn't really explain the siblings lifestyle.

She doesn't post many photos on her Facebook, but most of them are of her child, with he child, her hometown and the numerous trips to Pattaya she takes for a few day holiday.

A few questions I've been asking myself is, what sort of a person can take so much time off work? I have seen a few photos of her in business attire and what looks like an office so the bar scene is out of the question. Where on earth does all this money come from? I've questioned her about Thai girls and their reputation for being gold diggers to which she replied "I'm not one of them."

She claims that she often gets propositioned to be the mistress of rich businessmen for some ridiculous amount of money but she says she is not interested, as she is very attractive.

Every now and again she'll post on Facebook a photo of some jewellery or make up with the comment "Thank you for the gift", which isn't from me as I've never sent her anything.

She absolutely despises cheaters (possibly naive of me to think that she practices what she preaches?)

Anyway, I have other thoughts which I won't go into too much detail before it goes too off topic.

I'm hoping I'm just over thinking things but I'm sorry, I've probably exceeded 800 words too.

Stickman's thoughts:

That she takes so much time off work so frequently is certainly a red flag. Have you been to her place of work and met her colleagues? If she is genuinely serious about you, she would be keen to show you off to friends and colleagues. If she is not and you're just her plaything or she sees you as a means of making money, then all bets are off.