Stickman Readers' Submissions July 29th, 2014

If The Illusion Is Real, Let Them Give You A Ride

Yeah, the line is from the 1978 Cars song.

Thought of that line a lot in my early years in Thailand, and it was quite a ride.

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Hopefully, new guys with fat wallets can enjoy rides like some of mine were. But, those rides that were scary, I wish on no-one.

The knives and screaming and threats when the money demands increased, not to forget the constant lying eventually chased me away last year after 11 years and a large number of "sessions" as some guys like to call the event.

Not wanting to offend any purists, but I went for the good looking slender girls and cheap sex. I think a dominant percentage of men do as well, but not many are willing to admit such a reality. Besides the sex, the beaches in and around Patong were nice as well, and the new cuisine made things more interesting with the small portions and spicy variety.

Back then it seemed like they really liked me and wanted to make something together was my naive perspective. "Me no like young man, he boom boom too much and with many girls" later I learned they like the kwam-suk of all night boomsing with young guys as one would naturally expect. I was 57 when I got there.

Trying to take Thai classes was a joke. I had hot girls on my mind and many teachers had practicing English on theirs 🙂

Yeah, I am still glad my early years were down in Patong Beach as it has some nice scenery around it that seems to color my memory nicely. Would likely do it all again, especially if folks were as friendly as they were then.

Met an older American in Chiang Mai a few years back who told me of his early years in the late '60s. Man, I can imagine it! Seeing the regression I saw in a decade, it must have been really great back then playing with the joyful people.

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After a few years and a tsunami in Phuket, I felt like Pattaya might be better and in some ways it was. Ways like closer to the airport, better construction standards, and LOWER prices. But, the ladies were younger and a lot more in numbers. In hindsight it seems like the great looking ones gravitated towards Bangkok then on down to Phuket for the premium prices.

Pattaya has absolutely every variety of hooker I think possible would be my summary after 8 years there. Anything you want over a huge area.

But, over time, who wants to dumb down and do things their way? I went along with a lot of the gags, but found it taxing and stressful. One gets to an age where they don't want to take Valium or Xanax for the stress of dealing with bizarre realities (lies). I don't seem to need them in the Philippines, yet :). I am much more relaxed and spend a lot less.

After saying this before, still I contend the Stickman site warned me of many possible pitfalls, and the writing was pretty terrific among the subs then. Could be the 2008 recession sent many foreigners back home and the writings at the site slowed down, but I still see some I like from time to time. I truly understand why he is leaving having done so myself. Why lay down with people you know do not respect your people, especially at the ridiculous prices these days? Once you see their strong racism and get tired of the language and logic there is not much reason to stay – unless you don't mind getting kicked in the balls. Some pay extra for that, I think.

About a year ago, Stickman and I walked around the Victory Monument area taking photos. Bangkok is still good for that. We both were surprised to note the lack of smiles (he got a couple coz he's younger, though certainly not handsomer :)). It was before the strikes I believe. But, we both noticed folks were not happy like they used to be. Since it is always hard to know what women are thinking, we figured they were just hostile to our skin color.

Once you really feel it and know it consistently, it makes it hard to stay.

Seeing their ways of doing things doesn't feel joyful or cute like it did a decade ago.

Sure hookers are business people and customers are not romantic suitors, so it is a different world than folks raising families and trying to advance in life. Many of us enjoyed how the Thais tolerated what we were doing, now they seem to act as if they are superior to promiscuity. Now, that is a superb piece of humor. Everywhere in the world it goes on but Thais have their ranking, some women try it and hate it and others never try. But then there are many who make it a career until the aging fat body hasn't got much demand. Transactional love.

All this being said, my hat is off to the guys who make and raise families with girls from good families OR have the deep, deep pockets to control a bar girl good looking to keep around often along with money, learning the language seems like the only way to go if one wants to try to connect with Thais on a deeper level. Maybe have a family, free medical care is appealing.

I know it all sounds a bit negative, but when in your eyes you have had your fill of folks doing things wrong, illegal, dumb and being arrogant about it and you can feel their disdain for you and your people, you might feel the same way.
If you
are happy living around racism from people of less education and accomplishments than you, it wears very thin over time.

If you can go there for vacations or a few times a year for a few months at a time it still might be ok. After all, soi 6 is still open, I hear.

A final observation from my times in Thailand. The men who seemed the happiest and with the least money concerns were the "pay as they go" kind. It is a temptation to join up and start helping her life, but I have known too many who suffered due to her gambling, of some family expectations that seemingly were endless, or some other threat. Made me feel that putting her back in traffic seem ed to keep me more peaceful and solvent. It is too easy to feel sorry for someone who cannot return the feeling.

To the readers who choose not to visit the play for pay scene, please don't be offended by my opinions. The Thais can be wonderful and some guys have families and enjoyable lives. We all have got to be true to ourselves…

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