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Here And Now

  • Written by Anonymous
  • July 7th, 2014
  • 5 min read

Dear Stick and readers,

Having been reading the latest subs on when the right time to make Thailand one's home is, here is my perspective…

Truth be told, I don't know anyone who has come back from Thailand and returned to their home countries in a better financial position. Reading previous submissions bears facts to this.

From my own experience, living the dream in Thailand can change the way we look at our working life. A job we did on a daily routine can seem soul-destroying when we return to it after a long stay in Thailand. Even though we were happy to plod along with it at one time.

Some people are never the same again after tasting the Bangkok / Pattaya nightlife. This can affect any age group, just like a junky who needs his next fix.

butterflies bangkok

In regards to girls, my heartstrings don't get pulled anymore. I can switch myself to neutral, just like a hardened pro.

I have only ever met one bargirl where money was not the major factor in staying with me, but she was an alcoholic and prone to lashing at when drunk. But, scratching underneath the surface she had a warm heart. If I ever thought about one girl and "saving her", it was this particular gogo dancer.

Thailand is expensive, or not so expensive as you make it. For those that retired on a decent pension, you don't have to worry. But, as we all know, there are many pot holes to dodge. There is no shortage of Thais and farangs who are looking to take those retirement funds away from you. Who can you trust? Real friendships evolve over many years…

I can never get my head around why pensioned retirees give away all they have worked for over many years to a lady they have just met, knowing hardly anything about the background of the lady. They sign away everything in a heartbeat!

red dragon

There is already a road map in place – just read some previous subs. So why do they do it?!

Maybe many are damaged from a previous relationship, and are vulnerable, and fall for a lady that shows like they care? These ladies have a sixth sense – even the slightest interest they will pick up. Just like a spider that feels vibrations on its web!

Lies, just breed more lies. It's plain ignorant to think that it won't happen again.

This is not only an issue with ladies from South-East Asia. I have seen just the same from ladies from FSU (former Soviet Union).

Unless you're living with a girl day in day out, it's best get used to the idea of interest from other parties. It takes less than a minute to download a photo and write, looking for love!

Who hasn't slept with a girl, and the phone rings and the girl you are with replies, "I stay room watch TV you not believe you come check" all while she cuddled up next to you! Get real.

Sure, there must be some good girls out there. Depends where you look, and what her background is.

Are all bargirls the same? I don't think so, but finding the one is fraught with complications. The old saying comes to mind – why buy a book when you can join the library. Once you get used to multiple partners, for many it can be hard to stick to only one.

I remember reading a story in a Thai newspaper a few years back: When a young Thai man fell secretly in love with a Thai girl prostitute in the brothel that his father owned somewhere up country. The boy knew that his father would never accept this relationship, and it would be impossible to convince him otherwise. So one day the boy and girl decided to take their own lives. It was the only way out they could both see each other and still be together. They lay on top of one another and pulled the trigger.

I got asked by a bargirl once – can you find love in a bar? I always tell them this story about the Thai brothel.

I was in Bangkok last month, sat on stool in gogo bar in Soi Cowboy. I got talking with the guy next to me who offered to buy me the next drink, and I accepted. This guy was from Norway, but now living in KL. He was in Bangkok for a weekend on business. He offered to take me out and treat me to a night out. We left the gogo, and went to the other bar in Soi Cowboy that has the live band and stays open longer. We downed drinks. After drinking quickly I was on my way to being quite drunk – we both had the company of two girls. The fella went out for a cigarette, and I thought nothing of it. The manager lady came over and asked me where my friend was? I told that he had just gone outside for a smoke. I told her that she should go outside and check. She picked the bill up and went to look. I also picked the bill up to see what the amount was so far – 5,200 baht. Then I realised that maybe he had done a runner leaving me with the bill, a worry because I didn't have enough to cover it. Those two minutes waiting for him to return soon sobered me up! He did return, and he was who he said he was. Another lesson learned… be more careful in future!

I was speaking with a Laotian taxi driver in Bangkok who gave me some good pointers. He told me that the Thai men of a lot of the bargirls aren’t living the high life. That they are eating 10 baht noodles from the supermarket, and being told to stay in the room. Sounds like most of the funds earned are being sent back home and being spent on the latest hairstyles, and clothing to draw our friends in. It's not so bad being a farang, is it?!