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Are Men Who Go To Thailand For The Girls Losers?

  • Written by LoveThai
  • July 9th, 2014
  • 4 min read

I realise this is a controversial subject to some. Firstly I’d like to state it is not my intention to mock or disrespect any parties whose opinions may be different to my own. I am not even interested in proving anyone’s opinion wrong. I write this article with a genuine interest in finding out the truth as to what is going on.

We have two notions which I intend to explore:

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1. On the one hand we have this notion that men who go to Thailand and have sex with local girls are for the most parts ‘losers’ who are forced to travel half-way across the world because they cannot handle western women. After all there is an abundance of sex to be had in the west and anyone who has ‘normal’ social skills should adjust well.

2. The other notion is western woman are difficult, lack quality and understanding. They do not care for western men and are entitled, delusional, arrogant, misandristic feminists. Even socially well adjusted men have a hard time dealing with them.

I do not necessarily agree nor disagree with either of these notions. I am however curious to find out what is the case.

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This article tries to be as unbiased as possible. But my upbringing, background and age among others will influence my writing. I first visited Thailand for my 27th birthday. I am now 28 years old, have been to Thailand a couple of times and am born and raised in London, England. I have dated and currently do date attractive girls in the west. I am not a 70-year old man that has had a tough marriage and divorce, or a man who cannot find attractive girls in the west (no judgement intended – I am only mention this so I can make a point). However considering all of this you can take it from my experience… dating in the west is awkward.

A guy has to present substantial quality to be able to be with attractive girls of quality here in London. If I take myself for example, I enjoy going to the gym. I work very hard to maintain a physique and without it I probably would not get as far with members of the opposite sex. I try to use my other qualities to assist. This is what men have to do in the west to succeed with girls. They do not necessarily have to go to the gym but they have to be men of quality.

You may be wondering what the problem is with that. I personally believe this is fantastic. I think people should aspire to be the best they can or at least make an effort rather than let themselves go. After all, competition breeds excellence and being in an environment where the dating is very competitive for men can produce good quality. The problem with that is when the female population detects this they realise they are in demand. Consequently their behaviour worsens. They let themselves go both physically and emotionally. We are now left with an environment with low quality entitled females. The ones that do take care of themselves become scarce and their values (and attitudes) increase. This makes the dating scene tough even for young, successful men.

I have seen with first hand experience many young, successful, handsome, university-educated guys having a tough time in the dating scene. The reality is many men here are not rewarded for the quality they offer. If the females of the west demand quality in the men it is only right they give the same thing back. Men have to date ladies of lesser quality than themselves (or how they perceive themselves – lol!) I am not suggesting all ladies in the west are like this but this is the general consensus. I feel it more when I go abroad to other countries. It is easy to dismiss the contrasting female attitudes in other countries by saying they are from the 3rd world and since they do not have much prospects they are forced to behave sweet and kind. However I am not only referring to 3rd world countries. If you go to Holland, Spain, France, Romania (non 3rd world countries) one can easily notice a difference in the behaviours of members of the fairer sex.


But what happens when a guy goes to Thailand? The difference in the behaviour is shocking to say the least. I am not referring to the girls who sell their bodies or offer services in exchange for money. I am referring to ‘regular’ Thai girls who would not dream of doing such things. When a male from a western country arrives to Thailand his whole reality is questioned. Perhaps the way girls in the west behave is not the norm. By this I mean it is not how a girl will behave under ‘natural’ circumstances. The circumstances in the west have adjusted the attitudes of many females to the point where it may not be pleasurable to be around them. One may have to force themselves to interact with them to prevent celibacy. But when Thailand is discovered they realise they do not have to tolerate this because there is a land full of sweet feminine woman.

It is not being suggested that all ladies in the west are bad. However more and more men are realising the potential of what is offered overseas. I cannot say this necessarily a bad thing. After all if the dating market is tough why not change the market place you are in?

Stickman's thoughts:

The reasons men come to Thailand run the full gamut, as do the men themselves. Everyone has a different story and we should be careful not to generalise, even if there are many commonalities.