Stickman Readers' Submissions July 23rd, 2014

3 Days 2 Nights Screwing Spree

I’ve been a regular reader of Stickman’s website for quite awhile and felt it’s about time I made my first little contribution. First you need get a brief background of myself so that whatever is mentioned below makes sense. I’m a 31 year old Singaporean (looks a lot younger than my age) with 43 trips to Thailand since 2007, had numerous normal Thai girlfriends and gigs, none whom are bar girls. I wouldn’t say I look like some superstar but I definitely do not have a problem with Asian girls anywhere.

And so here’s the story. Somewhere last month in June, one of my buddies and I decided we would make an ad-hoc trip to the land of smiles for my birthday. As I had limited leave from my company, we decided this would be a short trip lasting 3 days and 2 nights and the agenda would be to focus on the bar scene for a change of “environment”. Obviously the 2nd agenda was to bang as much as possible. Tickets were booked 1 week before the travel dates, hotel arrangements hastily confirmed. This time, we purposely choose a hotel right in Nana Soi 4 where usually we would rent serviced apartments or condos elsewhere. But hey, this is supposed to be a bang all you want bar scene trip, so where better to accommodate ourselves other than Nana Soi 4? Heaven@4 Hotel was our choice, and it turned out to be pretty decent.

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Day 1 (27 June)

It is funny how we were stumbling around listlessly like snails in Changi Airport (Singapore) but the moment the plane touches down at Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok), we were on a 100 km/h foot race the way to the immigration counter!! 10 minutes from the time we set foot outside the plane, we were out of customs (no baggage, we brought handheld) in record time! 15 minutes and 300 baht later, we were checked into our hotel rooms. First stop was Tilac Bar in Soi Cowboy. Although I could be considered a Thai veteran, it was my first time inside Tilac and remembering my origins, none of the girls were to my fancy. However, with the day being my birthday, and both of us being in good spirits, we however sat a girl down, bought 2 rounds of drinks for her and the mamasan, had our own share of fun, rejected the barfine / short time requests and check bin! Before we came, we had already agreed that we would act like newbies and not speak a single word of Thai as we felt it would be fun seeing how the girls try their tricks on us thinking we really were newbies!

Next stop was Dollhouse, where we were dragged in by the service girls outside and they accompanied us all the way to our table. Now usually we would not agree to go in as we do not like getting dragged into places especially when the ones doing the dragging are not to our tastes. But with it being my birthday, we obliged for once! As the bar was rather empty, we had 2 girls pole dancing on our table and another 2 sat on our laps and they were interchanging position every now and then. I was in the mood for tits and these 4 simply do not have them but the girl in the Japanese group’s had it! Damn! Eventually we allowed ourselves get ripped off for 250 baht a lady drink, the bill was around 2,700 baht! No problem, what is SGD $100 anyway? The girls insisted they wanted to go with us even when we told them our destination is WIP (For those of you who are not sure, this is a popular and often packed afterhours club frequented by the regular Thais and the odd foreigner). Eventually I lied and promise them that we would be back to barfine them the next day. LINE Messenger contacts were exchange but was quickly deleted the moment I stepped out of the bar. It was now around 11:00 PM and we had to act fast to find a girl. We decided we would skip Bacarra and Shark as we often visit these bars and the girls would know we are not newbies.

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Thermae was our choice and again it was our virgin time inside the Thermae. We both found the place a little intimidating in the beginning and honestly they should play some loud music and darken the lights to make it less awkward for everyone! It was like you have walked into a soapy with all the girls standing still, waiting to be picked!! My buddy bought a girl a drink and got chatting while I walked around in circles scanning the meat available. Now my taste is very different from the farangs as I am Asian and so I prefer a fair skin girl who dresses well, not some 100 baht top and flip flops! I even went outside to scan the options available and it was a bad move as I was immediately harassed by the ladyboys outside Thermae. “2000 baht? NO! 1500 baht? NO NO! 1000 baht ok short time! NOOOOO!!” I threw her a couple of cigarettes and rid myself of the unwanted company. Back in the Thermae, I could see my buddy was getting impatient, he said he was waiting for me to pick mine so we could leave. So I walk slowly around the place and eventually I saw a Japanese guy talking to this girl but she doesn’t seem to understand what he is talking, so I went over, “Pai duay ok mai”? The girl nods and I said sorry to the Japanese guy that I am taking her. Back in my room, we still had not discussed a price and thankfully she wasn’t another towel wrapped acting-shy type even though her tits were small (so much for being in a tits mood!). I told her to keep her bra on as it makes her tits look bigger and I prefer it this way! She obliged and roughly 90 minutes later, we were done. Not a starfish, but nothing great either. Didn’t bother to ask her age or name although she constantly tried to talk to me in Thai to which I pretended I suddenly forgot how to speak Thai. She wanted 3000 baht for those 90 minutes to which I laughed and threw her 1500. I said she had 10 seconds to take the money or I would take it back. She gave me a cute frown, said I’m a naughty boy, slipped the money into her bag and gave me a hug before leaving. I then went over to my buddy’s room and he was in a foul mood saying his girl had tried to rush everything and when he got pissed off and threw her 1000 baht to leave. She slammed his room door!

After cleaning up and changing into a new set of clothes, we headed across the street to the Nana Plaza and at this time it was around 1 AM. We ended up in Rainbow 4 and my buddy indulged in some serious chatting with his waitress friend while I scanned around the place. It was now last chance saloon for many of these girls and they knew it too. After waving away all the “Can I sit with you request”, I caught a girl who looks Arabic-Thai, definitely has an exotic flavour about her. Told the papasan to get her over, she wants 3000 baht for short time, I did not say yes or no, I told her to get change, threw the barfine to the papasan and 15 minutes later we were in my room doing the deed. She was a bit of a starfish and no way was I willing to give 3000 baht so I threw her 2000 baht and told her to leave. She refused and wanted to stay overnight for 4000. I said I am going to the club to drink and dance she says she would follow. WTF? I lied that my Thai girlfriend will be there and she reluctantly took the 2000 and left after giving me her LINE ID.

I headed across the street to find my friend chatting with a freelancer outside the plaza and he mentioned he would be taking her back to the room for short time. So I decided to walk around and grab some snacks when I saw a fair skinned girl who definitely stood out from the crowd in the Nana parking lot. Chatted with her and we agreed on a blow job back in my room. 500bahts and 30 minutes later, my buddy and I were on the way to Scratch Dog. Now by this time it was around 2am and the place was packed. We found a table without much trouble but the real trouble was that many of the girls already had guys surrounding their tables. It was now a bit of a lottery. I slip my buddy 2000 baht for the drinks and went about scanning my targets. As usual I get a lot of smiles and girls coming to sexy dance me but none were to my taste, then I saw 2 girls smoking “shisha” and rejecting a few Korean guys who approached them. I walk past their table on purpose, eye contact was made but no words exchanged.

When I got back to my table the irritating waiter had gotten us two really horrific girls and kinda forced us to play the finger games with them. It was so obvious I had no interest in neither of them as my eyes kept wandering amongst the crowd instead of focusing on the game. Now I do not understand why scratch dog waiters can be such a pain in the ass by trying to be too helpful! Then all of a sudden the lights were on and it was the police, meaning our party was gate-crashed just 30 minutes after our arrival. The 2 ugly girls had the cheek to suggest we go to Spicy and my buddy was silly enough to say he is up for it. Then I spotted the 2 girls from earlier, and now I had a clearer view of them. The one I was interested in had those big nerd fashion glasses on and extremely long hair to the waist, slender legs, fair skinned and average boobs. I saw them resisting the advances of a Chinese looking guy and so I went over to ask if there is any other clubs still open? They say to follow them, so we ditch the 2 ugly girls and got into a taxi with these 2 girls. 10 minutes later we were at this place called SHOCK99. I had been here once so I knew the drinks would be expensive and it turns out I was right – 3200 baht for a black label with 6 mixers, and because we ordered “shisha” too the tab was 3700 baht. We ended the night in our respective rooms with our company for the night or was it morning? It was 6.30 AM when we got back! The sex this time was good!

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Day 2 (28 June)

I woke up to a finger teasing my cock and in no time it was really eager to meet some pussy, and so we did the deed again. Only after I checked my phone did I realize it was 3.00 PM! My buddy was complaining that I had wasted too much time on this girl as we had agreed to kick them out by 11 AM. I immediately slip her 200 baht for taxi and sent her packing – she did not ask for any other money. My buddy and I then had our Japanese brunch at Central Plaza Rama 9 before heading over to hereby Rachada / Huay Kwang area for our soapy. He was furious that we had wasted half the day sleeping!

We went to the Lord, the place was dead, only 5 – 6 girls inside the fish bowl. So we tried Poseidon, again no girls to our liking so I suggested Nataree and we made the short trek over. When we got there the entire place was packed like Thermae, girls surrounding the walls, punters in the middle. We ordered a beer and sat down before the papasan briefed us the prices. It was 2600 baht all in for 90 minutes. I noticed that the punters were majority Thais or Asians, no farangs spotted. The papasan spoke Chinese so it was easy for us too. We picked our girls and were led to purchase a box of condoms for 100 baht before heading upstairs where I ordered more beers. My girl was a petite sized Chiang Mai girl, said she had been in the trade for 3 years although her shyness belied it. We spoke in Thai as her English was non-existent and she said majority of her customers are returning Thai guys. The room had a nice big jazzuzi and she cleaned me thoroughly before I made my usual weird request: can u please put on your dress? I do not want to do you naked. I have this fetish. To which she giggled and happily obliged! Now the whole thing was awesome except the bedsheets which were obviously used many times before! I had to get the housemaids to bring me lots of towels to cover up all the dirty parts! Slipped her a 300 baht tip and we were happily on our way back to Sukhumvit.

It was around 7 PM at this time and we didn’t fancy dinner so it was either the Biergarten or Big Dogs. We choose the latter as it was great for people watching. We were the only Asians in the bar and got some attention from the girls trying to find out where we were from. I wasn’t really interested in the girls at Big Dogs as they are too dark-skinned and e-san face have never interest me. So I started scanning the area and saw my ladyboy friend. Waved her over, to the horror of my buddy who hates ladyboys. I spared him the torture by getting my ladyboy friend whom I knew from Orchard Towers in Singapore to sit on my other side. She said business was bad and would I like to help her? I said I fancy having a blowjob but it has to be a 2 person job. She says no problem and we went over to my room, leaving my relieved buddy at the bar to continue his talk. Back in my room, my ladyboy friend got her “sister” over and thankfully she is the type I like. I made it clear no fxxx just blow and cum in mouth of course. The obliged and 45 minutes later, I slipped each of them 500 baht and got them out. Now this thing about heaven@4 hotel is that every time a girl comes to your room she has to put her ID card downstairs and before she can collect the card the receptionist always calls you to ask if she is allowed to leave. Maximum security hotel but annoying at times!

It was now 9 PM and I had 1 hour to get myself looking good because we were heading to The Pimp and our Thai friend would be picking us up at 10 PM. Brazil were also playing Chile that night! We got to “The Pimp” around 11 PM after getting lost a couple of times as the place was rather difficult to find, somewhere near the Ramkhamhaeng area. The PR Manager at the door explained to us that it would cost 5400 baht for a bottle of black label and unlimited mixers as well as 2 beers. A total rip off in my opinion but there was no way we were going to lose face there, so we split the lot and got in. I knew the girls would cost 1800 baht to sit with for the first 90 minutes and subsequently 1080 baht per 90 minutes. I left it until Brazil beat Chile on penalties before I selected my girl. She was the type that I would date, fair skinned, born in Bangkok, surgery on face, nice make up, hair dyed in light brown and curled, big tits and perky ass. I sat her down for almost 2 hours playing the usual finger guessing games. I would like to book her out so I asked her what time would the place close? She says 4 AM and no way am I going to spend so long there as the bill was already 6000+ baht just for ladies drinks and tips at 2.00 AM. So we exchanged contacts LINE messenger again and left at 2.30 AM. I text her my hotel details and whether she would be interested to further our adventure in my room. She ask what does she have to do!!! I say just chill, and I would pay. She ask how much and I say how about 5000? She say ok but she will only be there around 4.30 to 5.00 AM. No problem, I head downstairs to get some food and beers.

True enough at around 4.45 my phone rang and it was her, now in my hotel lobby. I went down to fetch her and afterwards a lot of explaining was required as why am I staying in Soi 4!! I said it was my birthday and a secret trip which my friends do not know of, thus I couldn’t really visit other places. She was clearly awkward to be entering a hotel in soi 4 and I can perfectly understand why. I was too tired to do any bedroom Olympics so we showered and chatted, smoking and drinking before going to bed. The deed would be completed the next morning and it was well worth every baht of that 5000 I paid. In fact she did not ask for the money and I almost forgot to give it to her until we were in the lift down. I scrambled upstairs to take the money when I could have just pretended I didn’t know anything. Once that was done, I went upstairs to pack my luggage and check out of the hotel.

As we did not have any luggage, carrying instead only a bag and the flight was 9 AM, we had plenty of time to kill. We decided to head down to soi 24 for an oil massage. We picked Angel massage and instead of choosing from the photo album, we asked all the girls to line up in front of us. Photos are deceiving! We picked our girls, paid our tab in full and head upstairs. The service was decent, nothing fantastic or to complain about. And once that was completed we head off to the MBK to get our stuff before heading to the airport.

It was really nice to have a change of atmosphere as always when I visit Thailand I would stay with my girlfriend or gig at their condos or rent an apartment myself. I would always be dating normal Thai girls or pick up any girls from the normal Thai clubs such as WIP, Demo, Nunglen, FunkyVilla, SOTE and not ones which my farang comrades frequent. I would say the bar scene is still very much alive and the prices have definitely gone up but not the same old bar girl tricks!

Be back in September!

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