Stickman Readers' Submissions June 16th, 2014

Response to CiderheadBrit

We can talk about Thai girls' (i.e. Thai prostitutes') scams until the cows come home. There will always be men like CiderheadBrit who will fall for the scam.

This is a response to "Thai Girlfriend Nightmare Situation Follow Up". CiderheadBrit keeps saying in his submission "My
girlfriend. My girlfriend". What girlfriend? This is a prostitute who is "married" to another customer. I sent an email message to CiderheadBrit:

He Clinic Bangkok

Hi fellow farang,

This will sound harsh but probably the most honest that you'll ever get, not the least from your "girlfriend".

You are a gullible man. She is playing you left and right and in the end you will lose. You are already losing but it will get much worse if you continue with this. First, don't be so sure that the child is yours. Second, don't be sure about anything that she told you. You don't know the truth about anything and take my word for this, you will never know the truth about anything.

CBD bangkok

My advice is the only advice that is right for you: get out of this. Forget the baby. Forget everything. I can say much more but this is sufficient.

Fellow farang

I can assure every reader here that CiderheadBrit is not going to respond to this email message. Why? Because this is not what he wants to hear. The story of the book "Private Dancer" keeps playing over and over again in Thailand and it seems that it will always play.

Do I blame CiderheadBrit? Not at all. Of course, I know many men who the events of "Private Dancer" would not happen to. In fact, the great majority of men would not fall for it. But such men do not go to Thailand and do not get involved with prostitutes, much less fall in love with them.

wonderland clinic

From reading the content of what CiderheadBrit wrote and from noticing his grammar and the way that he puts sentences together to explain himself, I can say that he does not sound like the brightest light bulb around. But let me say immediately that I almost fell for the "Private Dancer" scam a few years ago on my first trip to Thailand.

A young beautiful exotic woman comes to you and says, "I love you". You have sex with her and you go to have Thai food with her. It feels like all your dreams came true. I felt like this is the way it's supposed to be. We don't have women in the west anymore. This is true. Some of us are afraid to say it because they want to be politically correct. Some of us forgot what real women look like. The rest of us never saw real women and we think that what we have in the west is what God intended.

So here I was (you were) in Thailand and what looks like a real woman tells me that she loves me. In my case I did not pick her up in a bar. I did not know that she was a prostitute (I don't understand how so many men can fall in love knowing that they are in love with a prostitute). What is a man to do? I fell in love with her. But the minute I found out who she is and what she was trying to do, I said bye-bye.

You may think, "Good for you, arrogant asshole". Well, all I'm saying is that I can understand the initial attraction to the fantasy. Unfortunately, in the west we can only fantasize about being with a real woman. But in Thailand the fantasy comes true for a short time. It knocks you off your feet. And then the nightmare starts. You want to capture the fantasy forever. It was there, so why can't it continue? You refuse to accept that it will not come back; that it was a scam. The longer you refuse to accept reality, the more you will pay. Oh, you will pay. Much more than just money.

So what's the point of this submission? I love going to Thailand as a tourist. I mean a real tourist. I will definitely taste from the sweetness of what the women have to offer, preferably not with professional prostitutes. But "Private Dancer" will not happen to me. I did not let it happen to me even on my first trip when I knew nothing about Thailand. But it will continue to happen to many men each day. The prostitutes of Thailand are counting on it.


nana plaza