Stickman Readers' Submissions June 19th, 2014

Marrying a Massage Girl

When I visit Bangkok I visit various oily massage parlours and through sometimes repeating with certain girls have got to know a few quite well. One girl is in my opinion the current star of a very well known rather fruity massage parlour. She seems to get the most customers and makes A LOT of money each month despite not appearing on their website gallery. She speaks fluent English as she previously worked in the hospitality industry for several years after university and had a five-year relationship with a farang before she started as a sex worker. Think about what I just wrote – she has a university degree, speaks fluent English and she decides to work in a massage parlour! For the girls that get a lot of customers the money they earn can be huge and most probably far more than she could earn in a senior office job in Bangkok.

This girl is a beauty, we're friends, she tells me all about her personal life. Yes, she is from Isaan and yes she had a child with a Thai guy a decade ago. She has a septuagenarian sponsor who deposits cash into her bank account on a monthly basis and also buys her presents (the latest iPhone etc.) whenever he visits from Australia. She has a young farang gig who she says is very handsome. She loves to party and is out every night in Soi 11 or similar. She says whenever she is in the mood she'll end up going home with a guy at the end of the night. When I ask her how much she makes per month I was astounded and she said she makes the same each month. It's more than I make in a well-paid job in the UK! From this I've worked out she has serviced more than one thousand men in the past twelve months. I told you she was popular!

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I wouldn't really have a problem with this, and everyone is free to do with their life as they choose. However, she is engaged to an English guy who does not live in Thailand and has no clue about her double life. They met during a night out in one of the more expensive bars in Bangkok. She has told me her jealous ex-boyfriend of many years contacted her fiancé through social media and told him about her employment at the oily massage parlour but she denied it. She told me her fiancé believes her but he told her that if he found out that she was a sex worker he would end the relationship straight away.

I am faced with a moral quandary. As a youngish man in my early 30s and a regular visitor to Thailand I am uncertain what to do about the fiancé, a guy similar to me. He is from the same country as me, similar age and I'm guessing similar background. He works as an engineer in the oil and gas industry and during his weeks off he meets this Thai girl in various countries in the Gulf region – therefore not visiting her in Thailand.

She tells me they are to marry soon and that he wants to begin a family in the near term. She will move to England to live with him. She loves him and he loves her. Should I leave it be? As it doesn't concern me should I say nothing? Or is it my duty to tell this English guy so similar to me about the double life of his fiancé? I know if it was me I would do a comprehensive background check on any Thai girl I was engaged with even if they claimed to be hi-so. Marriage is such an important commitment especially if children follow and surely you should know all about your partner or at the very least not be totally deceiving your partner. Where is the trust? I realise people aren't always fully honest about themselves but a relationship built on such grand deception doesn't seem to have the strongest foundations.

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Let me add for those readers which think I'm jealous or worse, envious: this girl is a massage parlour superstar, she fxxxs great but wife material? No thank you. As Dre said You Can't Make A Ho A Housewife.

Stickman's thoughts:

The guy has already been told about what the girl is up to and he chose to ignore it. Best not to say anything, I reckon.

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