Stickman Readers' Submissions June 3rd, 2014

Bangkok Trip Report

I was in Bangkok November 24th – December 1st of last year, with a 2-day side trip to Penang. 4 nights in Bangkok, 2 nights in Penang, then 1 last night in Bangkok. My timing was perfect! I didn't see any political unrest at all.

This was my 9th trip to Thailand. The last 6 times I spent with the same girl, my regular. I go about twice a year. It was different this time, because she was busy with another guy who may marry her, buy her a house, take her back to Sweden etc. But she did sneak away to see me one lunch time, and that was very nice. She came to my hotel and had the receptionist call me. What a great surprise! (She had removed my phone number from her phone so her new guy wouldn't find it, so she couldn’t get a hold of me on the phone.)

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I imagined that this time I would have a different girl every night, get soapy massages, etc, etc, since I would have no girl waiting for me. Girl prices have gone up amazingly since I first barfined my regular 3 years ago. Like doubled! And now when you go in a gogo bar, they double team you. Two girls will come and sit with you and you are buying drinks for both of them while they each fondle you, which is quite enjoyable but it all gets expensive fast.

The first night I went to Nana Plaza about 7:00, and it was dead. As I was walking around, some employees ushered me in to Mandarin and there was only one other customer there. There were about 6 beautiful young girls dancing, topless. Two hot girls came and sat with me, and I spent about 1,000 baht on drinks, before leaving.

I decided to walk around all 3 floors, checking out all the bars. Half way around the second floor, this ladyboy accosted me. She looked very good, smelled like a girl, and she wouldn't let me go! She was strong! But I got away by promising to return later – right!

Nothing much was going on at that time, so I went for a walk around the Persian / Arab area (sois 3 – 7) before heading to Soi Cowboy.

In Soi Cowboy, the bars seemed to be either full or empty. I went into Baccara – full of beautiful topless girls, and nowhere to sit. The empty bars had half the girls out front trying to get customers in. I got to the end and had a look outside. To the right, there is a bar, forget the name. Went inside, and it was packed with girls on the stages, eye-level pussy everywhere, and full of mongers, nowhere to sit.

Then I went back into Soi Cowboy, and went into one of the empty bars, Rio. A couple of the girls outside followed me in and sat with me. There was one other customer. All the girls were dressed the same (fully clothed). They were all coyote dancers – not available. I had a lot of fun with the two girls sitting with me. They got me horny, and I spent about 2,000 baht on drinks.

I left there and went back to Sukhumvit, and took some pics of the Christmas tree and decorations around Terminal 21, and I noticed a cute girl hanging around, and thought maybe she was “on the job” but she didn’t seem interested so I moved on. Then this cute small girl in a blue dress came up to me, asked me where I was going, etc, offered me short time for 200 baht! Then she hung on to me, begging me “Please, please take me with you!”. I asked her how much for all night, and she said 2,000 baht, and she agreed to stay until 11 in the morning, so I agreed and off we went.

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First she told me her name was Oi, but later she told me it was Ann. I guess one is Thai and the other her English name? She told me her friends call her Ann. She is 30, but she looks much younger. Sometimes I felt like a pervert being with her. Like I was with my granddaughter. She was from Chiang Mai, in the north. Light-skinned, with Chinese features.

I am on meds for prostate cancer, Lupron, which removes all testosterone, and makes me much less horny, but the bargirls earlier in the evening got me hard, and when I picked up Ann and started back to the hotel, I got a huge hard-on – could hardly walk! I guess a strumpet is good medicine!

I ended up keeping her for 4 days, until I left for Penang. (I did a 2-day side trip to my company’s office in Penang, Malaysia) We had a lot of fun. We went to a live music venue, Bangkok Beat, and she likes to drink and dance. Dances like a dirty little club hoochie, going down low, rubbing her ass against me! One night she got really drunk. She said “I dunk!” but she kept drinking. I got her to a restaurant for something to eat, but pretty soon she fell from the chair to the floor. Got her up and out of there, then she was crazily trying to dash out in to the street on Sukhumvit. Took all my strength to restrain her. Also, that night, she shit the bed! Not badly, but still a very noticeable stain – poor maid.

Another night we went to dinner and bowling with her friend, a strange looking woman who appears to have only her bottom front teeth. We went shopping for gifts for my wife, and of course she got a few items for herself. Got her a DVD of Monsters’ University in Thai and she watched the whole thing in the room. She really is like a little kid. She took me to a park I had not seen before – Benchasiri Park. We went swimming at the hotel pool. She had a cute American flag themed bikini. Oh and we went to one of the bars next to my hotel and played pool a couple of times.

One night, Ann and I sat at Big Dog's at the mouth of Nana Plaza watching people go in and out. That's a great place for people watching. We sat there with an older Australian guy and his girl. Watching girls and ladyboys going to work, and farangs, sometimes with farang women coming in. The look of disgust on the farang women's faces when they see what is going on is hilarious! And it's great fun to speculate on which girls coming in are really ladyboys. Sometimes it is really hard to tell.

I did her 5 times in 4 days, which is pretty good in my condition. She liked it when I licked her. One time, she was sitting on the bed, with her back against the headboard, naked, with her legs up, playing a little with herself, and then she said “You suck now!” I said OK, and obliged her.

She was obsessed with Thai TV. The first night we were in bed to go to sleep and she didn’t want to turn it off! She explained that she didn’t have a TV in her room, so that’s why she watched it so much. One time, we were going to get down to business, and she positioned herself doggy style facing the TV, so she could be entertained while I was doing you know what!

Oh yeah – soon after I hooked up with her, she started to talk to me almost entirely in Thai, and she would get annoyed when I didn’t understand. And she could get bitchy. One time, I said to her “Do you want to stay with me tonight?” And she said “Oh solly! I solly!” So cute! smile Don't you wish western women were so easy to handle? 🙂

She went with me to the airport on the 4th day, and that was the last I saw of her. I was kind of sad watching her walk away with her shopping bags. A woman from the airlines saw me watching her walk away and smiled.

I had a great time in Penang and stayed at a co-worker’s house with his family. Everyone was really happy to see me, and treated me really well.

Arrived back at Don Meuang Airport and waited an hour in a massive crowd for a taxi! Note to self, never use Air Asia or Don Meuang Airport again. Checked back in at the hotel, I called Ann a few times, but no answer. (She later called me 3 times during the night after I got back to CA, but luckily my wife didn’t find out). So I went out later to find a girl for my last night in Bangkok.

I looked around Nana Plaza, but it wasn’t happening for me. I went around the corner on to Sukhumvit, where my regular's ladyboy friend used to run a sidewalk bar. Thought I would say hello. She wasn’t there, but a girl asked me to sit down at her bar and have a drink. I played Connect 4 and Jackpot with her for a while, and she seemed to be a lot of fun. She was wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt and jeans, and looked and sounded like she was from Isaan, like my regular. I told her I wanted to take her to see a show in Nana Plaza, at Angelwitch II. Turned out she was bar-finable – bar fine 300 baht, and we agreed on 2,000 baht for the night. She said wait 5 minutes – she had to go and get her ID from her room.

When she got up, I saw that she was tall and not very slim. And her voice was deep for a woman. I had already paid her bar fine with the bar bill, but I had second thoughts. I felt really bad about it, but I left. I wanted a more attractive, slim girl on my last night in Bangkok, and I realized that I was not even sure this one was a girl. I left before she came back, leaving my deep apologies to her with the bar cashier, and headed back to the hotel.

After a while, I went out again to Nana Plaza, and I went to the bar where I was going to take that girl. Angelwitch 2, which has a series of horror-themed shows that I had heard about (on Stickman). This gogo bar used to be the Hollywood Bar, where I first barfined my regular 3 years ago. (600 baht barfine, 2000 baht long time) I went in there, and immediately a “PR Girl” came and sat with me. She was a lot of fun, but not bar-fineable. She had another PR girl sit on my other side, and we had a lot of fun for a while. But I was spending all my money on drinks, when I wanted a girl for the night. I spotted one girl dancing on the stage, and asked them to bring her, #5, over to see me. From a distance, she looked a little like my regular – tall and slim. But when she came closer, I could see that she was a stunner – model quality. She sat next to me, and the first PR girl got sad – jealous 🙂 Anyway, I asked her how much for long time, and suddenly, here comes mamasan with a piece of paper – 4000 baht long time, 2750 for an hour!!! Well, I showed by my amazement that it was not happening. She had to go back and dance again, and I ran out of money (spent more than 4000 baht on drinks!) and was escorted outside by the 2 PR girls. (After refusing the chant of “ATM! ATM!…”)

I headed back towards the hotel and wandered past some of the bars on soi 6, where my hotel was. I had played pool in one of these with Ann. I saw a couple of cute girls in one bar, so I went in there. I ordered a drink and played some pool with the waitress. Her name was Pat. She was wearing a sexy black dress. She was slim and pretty, and we got on well, so I barfined her (500 baht). She said she was on her period, so no boom-boom. I said fine. She was from Khon Kaen. We went to Hillary's 2 for some live music and dancing, and we really had a great time.

We stopped for some falafel before heading back to the hotel, about 3 or 4 AM. She took a shower, while I laid down on the bed. Well, I fell asleep before she came to bed. I woke up at maybe 6, delighted to be in bed with a hot, naked girl, and she was quite affectionate, spooning and putting her arm around me. Lovely soft skin. She felt so good. She stayed in bed with me until about 11. I had to check out anyway at 1:00, to catch my plane. I was going to give her 2000 baht, but she said "Too much for just sleeping". I couldn't believe it! A bargirl refusing money! I gave her 1000 baht. Either she was honest or she liked me. I think I should have insisted she take the 2000. I said goodbye to her, then was going to head down the street to get some street food, when I remembered – I didn’t have a picture of her! I (literally) ran after her and got a couple of pics. The guys at the café in front of the hotel stared at me like I was crazy. She gave me her phone number, but I can’t believe I lost it! I would love to see her again.

So that’s it. 5 nights in BKK with 2 girls.

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