Stickman Readers' Submissions May 22nd, 2014

Why Angeles?

I am not going to write a critique on the merits of Bangkok versus Angeles or Thai girls versus Filipinas. Each has their pros and cons and any assessment is a matter of personal preferences, not psychological or socio-economic evaluation.

Having just spent 8 days in Angeles City, I am in a good position to compare my sojourn to my last trip to Bangkok which was April this year. There has been much written about the pros and cons of Angeles versus Bangkok and most importantly on the comparison of Thai girls and Filipinas. I will state that I have been to Bangkok many times over the years and have enjoyed it immensely. I love Thai girls and always will. However, I have noted a disturbing trend in the attitude of Thai girls in general. I am not so sure that an evening of mongering in Bangkok is as much fun as it used to be. The interaction has become very clinical, pay bar, have a few drinks, go for a short time, pay money and then she’s gone. What happened to the fun loving GFE experience that we were used to before? There is no semblance of a pretend GFE experience. Thai girls are just going through the motions now.

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Another disturbing trend in Bangkok bars is the proliferation of fat, ugly girls. I rarely look for beauty queens but even mainstay bars like the Rainbow group in Nana and Long Gun and Tilac in Cowboy have far too many fat, ugly girls. Also what’s with those ridiculous hairstyles to attract Japanese guys?

Anyway, enough bitching about Thai girls and the Bangkok bar scene. Now on to something much more enjoyable, Angeles girls. If you yearn for a great night out with fun, laughter and an enjoyable GFE experience at half the price of Bangkok then Angeles is the place for you. The girls really make an effort to ensure you have a good time and give you the impression that they are also having a good time. As for the articles I have read saying that Thai girls are generally better looking than Filipinas, I can assure you that I met far more stunners in Angeles than I have met in Bangkok recently. Sure you get the usual fat, ugly girls also but that’s Asia wide. I live in Shanghai and most Chinese women are butt ugly to match their arrogant, I love me attitude and questionable hygiene.

A night out in Angeles is the most fun you can have with and without your pants on. Sure the main bar street looks third world but who cares when some of the greatest bars in Asia are all within a two-minute walk from each other (or a 5-minute stagger if you have had too many San Miguels). The big bars are well themed and spectacular with some great shows throughout the night. The pole dancing show at Club Atlantis has to be seen to be believed. These girls are acrobatic. Even the smaller intimate bars are much fun with friendly attitude girls who are happy with any drink or tip you want to give them without the hard sell of many bars in Bangkok. I tend to be very generous with my tipping regardless of where I go. I had several great nights at one bar La Bamba with 3 fun girls who knew how to drink and one who I almost killed from far too many San Miguels. Luckily she survived that night and was back for more the next night. What a trooper.

The barfine and payment system is much easier in Angeles. One price includes barfine and payment to the girl. There is no need for any uncomfortable negotiations. Obviously you don’t want to be too cheap so a tip after services rendered is always appreciated. Also, if you are not too ugly or repulsive then that one price will get you a lovely companion all night. Comparing the latest Bangkok prices for long time liaison I estimate that Angeles is half the price. Also the trend in Bangkok is definitely short time only.

As for Filipino food, I can’t see why there is so much negative press. I particularly like it and eat is every day when I am there. There is enough variety and flavor to suit any palate. For hardcore westerners there are plenty of restaurants, bars, McDonald’s, KFC to provide you with the much sought after fatty intake which many westerners yearn. The only complaint I have about Angeles is that they need more Starbucks for decent coffee.

I also read that there is not much to do in Angeles during the day. Well that’s true but with bars open until all hours, some 24 hours, you tend to wake up very late, around lunchtime. Having been to Bangkok many times there is not much to do there during the day either <Ummm, not sure where you got that idea as Bangkok really does have something for everyoneStick>. Besides if you yearn for some beaches Subic is only an hour away from Angeles and nice for one or two days.

I am a very tolerant guy but one thing in Angeles always tests my tolerance, Korean mongers. I am hardly a racist but I must agree with some of the other comments I have read about Korean tourists. They are much loathed in Angeles but it is a popular destination for vile Korean men who have no manners and treat the girls like crap and are rarely generous. Despite this they do contribute to the Angeles economy by the sheer weight of numbers that go there.

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So in summary, Angeles has great bars within easy reach, good looking fun loving girls for that GFE experience we all love and decent food options. All this at half the price of Bangkok. I am going back very soon.

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