Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2014

Ladyboys, The Awakening Part 1

I want to first off, acknowledge Stickman for creating this platform to share our experiences and ideas.

An important acknowledgement, goes to THE PRETENDER, for his inspirational insights into HET (heterosexual) relationships and the paradigm shift to ladyboys, which has the potential to facilitate a quantum leap, in awareness and freedom.

He Clinic Bangkok

I also want to be clear that I do not look down on ladyboys. I hold them in high regard. They are people the same as us, with feelings, personal lives and extended families to support.

My drive towards the 3rd gender, actually started many years ago. They are like tea leaves laid out for me, pointing me subtly to the transgender Ladyboy. I ignored them as random thoughts of curiosity. I am in my early 50's now. Those cues were always there, just behind the iron curtains of my institutionalized programming. I could not break out of the Matrix until February 18th, 2013.

It's that old cliché, you are with your mate who's breaking up or divorcing, and he says, "Cant' live with them, can't live without them", "maybe I should try being gay." Laughter ensues and the cold beer goes down smooth and the amnesia settles back in. I'd now change that line to, "maybe I should try ladyboys!".

CBD Bangkok

During my 3rd marriage, with no intimacy in nearly a decade. (Ok guys, you are allowed to say WTF, are you a retard?) Yea, my elevator's taken years to get to the top floor. But at least it has. I work overseas as an expat living on 10 percent of my wages, while 90 percent is sent home, funding the institution of marriage, ruled by the westernized female. I am here to serve as a slave, to a machine designed to strip away my beingness. "I am to serve the female", so said my programming. Our children, whom are wonderful and beautiful beings, are also part of a machine that can be used as leverage. The pre-programming will force you to remain where you are at, no matter how miserable and unsatisfied you are, even in a non-intimate marriage. Sound familiar gentlemen? You are not alone. The tears I have cried alone, out of sheer confusion and silent despair. Trapped," how do I get out?!"

Those days and the baggage that goes along with it, are fading behind me. I am not that boy any more. I am now simply the real authentic me, debugged with my upgraded processor and operating system called "ME!" My interface with the Matrix is now, slightly out of phase, I now see the Matrix for what it is, "A trap!"

This my story, my journey. I share it with shameless abandon, with those men who have the awareness, intelligence and understanding, of the potential to live as free beings with complete authenticity.

Let's start from the beginning.

First Timer

wonderland clinic

This was a premeditated event, about one year in the planning and a lifetime of waking up to, "just doing it!"

On February 18th, 2013 I entered Nana Plaza with purposeful strides. I made my way to Cascade Bar, ascending to the second floor on my right, passing Temptations bar whilst being tempted by beckoning ladyboys.

I felt the electricity in the air, my awareness expanding and the golden hues of the greater me beating and swirling with excitement and anticipation. The beautiful scantly clad silky skinned Thai ladyboys, smiling and flirting to get my attention. I scanned the beauties and intuitively picked one, her name is Aom. She has a beautiful Thai tattoo on her neck that flows down her back. A real dark cool vibe to her. I asked her to pick a friend for a 3 some. She is quick in doing so, and I am pleased with her selection. Gentle exchanges are happening between sips on our drinks, placing me in a mood that is playful, and happy. Something I had not felt in, forever.

I paid the bar fine, tips, libations and then moved onto the ST room. As we walked out of Cascade, I am like thinking, "what a fox, and there is something extra special down there and I'm having the time of my life, and I don't give a shit about what people are thinking." The short time room is a bit edgy and full of deep dark red colors with dimly lit lights. Soap – shower -towel – dry – first time experience.

Now what do I do? It is awkward, but I think, "just flow with it". Try not to try. Go Zen on this! I was having the time of my life! I was doing it, no constraints to well with my programming.

This is my moment, this is the anomaly in the space time continuum, this is the defining moment that placed me on my inner path to finding myself and experiencing freedom.

As I'm basking in the afterglow of the experience, I head outside, right onto Suhkumvit, across then down a soi into a pub, for a beer and reflection. Mostly I am processing and trying to integrate this new experience. I ask myself, "Hey, why aren't I sleepy and tired? You know? Like when I am with a female?" "Oh, maybe it's just a coincidence…"

My mind has so much more clarity, I am way more together than usual, and it is uncomfortable, only because It is a newer state of being, one that I am not familiar with.

I intuitively sense and know that on multi-energetic levels of awareness, being with a ladyboy is an exhilarating, transcendental and awakening experience vs. the effects of being with a female as draining, depressing and anesthetizing.

A higher and enlightening form of expression has been discovered and experienced

Well, I thought, "I'll have to continue this journey, to confirm, my new found realizations"….. "The Awakening begins"…

The Outed Ladyboy Lover

P.S. By the way for those in HET relationships that do make it work and are healthy, more power to you! This is not meant to be a downer on you. Your journey is unique, as mine is as well…..

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