Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2014

Attach Photos Please

As I have read all of Stickman’s submissions for the last 8 years, I still shake my head at what some people say. I would love for the guys who tell us how great they are, how they look 10 years younger then they are, how they keep themselves so fit and / or describe themselves as attractive to include a photo so the rest of us could give them a reality check. For me, I don’t kid myself. I feel out of place when a young, hot girls tells me I am a handsum man. In bed, I thank them for being with me. I know the truth.

These same people never pay for sex with a bar girl, or even better she pays her own bar fine to go with them. These guys are so hot and are such a good potential husband that the girl just has to go with them for free. I had a friend like this. He looked like money, and he came across as fun. When at a US strip club girls would flock to him. They would sit with him and give him all kinds of special attention. When they ordered food or drinks, he would watch for the order coming to the table and at that point he would head to the restroom so that they had to pay for their own food. Cheap Charlie.

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I can see why you (Stickman) might get tired of all of this and want to move away. Years of stories of how men fall into the bar girl trap and then cry the blues are soon followed by a guy telling us his story of how his little sweetheart is different. Everyone reading the story can see the guy is in for a fleecing, but he cannot. Even after he catches her in numerous lies, he still cannot see the truth. As I have mentioned in past submissions, we need to take a good, hard look at ourselves.

Then we have the players, who meet nice ladies online. Fill them with promises of a new life with a rich foreign husband. They have no intention of marriage and the reality is that they are just looking for a chance to get free sex from these ladies. They don’t think this is dishonest, and they don’t understand nor care how this may affect how the ladies feels about future men in their life. But they are the guys who claim they would never go with a bar girl or pay for sex.

Many stories these days are about the high cost of the girls, their attitudes, and their declining looks. The hunters are seeking new fresh grounds in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. You are the consumer, and if the item on sale is not what you want then you seek a new product or new grounds. Many I think are chasing a dream. It is the same as when we go back to our childhood home….it is just not the same.

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Take time to look at the few places in the US where you can buy a lady's time. The price is high, the feeling can be more like going to a doctor's appointment, antiseptic! Most of the ladies appear hard and well-worn.

In Thailand, you may need to search a little harder to find the one who you want. But they are still there. You may have to pay a little more, but if you compare the service to what you get in the US and those US prices you will feel that you are getting a bargain. Maybe this is why people who live in Thailand and get used to Thai prices, feel that the price is too high.

Many seem to find that if the bar scene is dying, that it is time to move to the new hunting ground. For them it appears that Thailand only has one thing to offer. Young sexy girls for cheap sex. You can see with this being the only goal of many visitors to Thailand, that the people of Thailand would start to become hostile towards them. How did these people survive when they lived in their foreign county?

Life should be about more then what is available at the bar. Maybe use one of the weekly reports to talk about events or places to visit in Thailand complete with photos. Some submissions have included trip reports with photos. I have always enjoyed these. I used to live in Las Vegas and many people who go to Las Vegas only see casinos. Yet a few miles out of town there is horseback riding, a canyon to hike, wild horses and burros, boating, landscapes to view and history of the west.

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Maybe now is time to explore what else Thailand has to offer.

Stickman's thoughts:

You make a lot of points and forgive me for just pointing to one of the minor points and commenting on that, for it is a pet peeve of mine. I know a lot of guys who are what you refer to as "players" online, who dupe girls they meet online in to sex on with false promises. These guys tend to be north of 40, often average looking, and the girls they go for are often girls who have had a bad relationship experience and clear state they're not after sex but a long-term relationship. It's the old adage, "women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex" and she sleeps with him thinking that love will follow and the good life he talked about is coming…but her phone calls go unanswered, the texts unread.

There's nothing wrong with looking for fun online – and there are plenty of girls looking for that. Just don't tell porky pies to girls about your intentions because, as the author rightly points out, that girl is going to become less trusting and it will be much more difficult for her to find the sort of relationship she is looking for.

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