Stickman Readers' Submissions April 4th, 2014

Variation on Pregnancy / Baby Scam?

I would like to get some feedback about a situation that I have some concerns about, from people who know the score, as I can't really talk to any mates in my home country about this as they have no idea about the scene in Cambodia /

I have spent many years travelling to Thailand, even lived there once for almost 2 years. During that time I made couple of trips to Cambodia, namely Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Koh Kong. It is what may or may not have happened in Koh Kong
around 2007 / 2008 that has been on my mind a lot lately.

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My last visit to Koh Kong was around 2007 / 2008. I usually stayed a couple of nights each time, on border runs, or on the way to Sihanoukville. I think I went there 3 maybe 4 times. Each time I stayed at Cat Guesthouse which was run by a
Thai girl named Cat and her English boyfriend. Actually it was still named KKK when I first stayed there. They had just bought it from a Kiwi guy. I got to know Cat and her boyfriend fairly well. However they have been gone from there a long time
now I heard, perhaps 5 years or so.

I recommended the guesthouse to a Kiwi friend of mine, so he stayed there for a night in 2008.

When he saw me a bit later in Thailand he told me that this girl Cat who had the guesthouse had told him that a Cambodian girl had my baby! That was about it. For some reason he didn't get any details, like the girl's name, where, when, how,
if born or anything else. And apparently she didn't offer any.

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When he told me I didn't really believe it, thinking it wasn't possible, that someone was mistaken or lying for some reason. Even though he has travelled to Thailand a few times before he still is a bit naive etc.

Anyway, I never made it back there. However, the more I have thought about it over the years, I sometimes wonder. Is this situation real or not? Why would the guesthouse owner fabricate such a story, or could the local girl have lied to her?

The only time that conception could have possibly occurred was on the last visit to Koh Kong when I did go with a girl, a girl from the Chicken Farm, at the Chicken Farm. I normally always use a rubber but on this occasion I went for around
a minute or so before I put the rubber on. I have read that it is possible for a girl to get pregnant from pre-cum – not probable, but possible.

I had been with this same girl once on an earlier visit to Koh Kong several months earlier, and on that occasion she came back to the guesthouse with me, so she did meet this Cat, the guesthouse owner, on that occasion.

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At the time my friend mentioned it to me and I did remember someone saying something in Koh Kong even before I went with this girl that she already had a baby with a foreigner who had deserted her.

Another friend of mine recently passed through Koh Kong and went to the house where she worked at the Chicken Farm to see if he could find her but they said she had moved to Phnom Penh. His English isn't that good so that's about
all he asked them.

I have read about the pregnancy scams etc, but this case is a bit different in that no money was asked for. Perhaps they were expecting me back as I had become a sort of a semi-regular visitor?

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. It would be great to contact the Thai girl Cat who had the guesthouse but no-one seems to have any contact for her. I heard she may be in Australia or Pattaya.

I have a 15-month old baby boy now so I guess that's why I've been mulling this over a lot.

If there was a baby I would step up and offer assistance, and try to see him / her. But I really would like to somehow find out for sure, one way or another. However I won't be going to Thailand / Cambodia for at least a year from now.

Stickman's thoughts:

If you had intercourse for a minute or so and did not ejaculate until much later at which point you were using a condom on then it would seem most unlikely that you impregnated this woman. To find the lady would be time-consuming and while probably not that difficult, I reckon it might take a week or so of running around Cambodia to locate her to. Whether you have the time, resources and most importantly the inclination to do that, only you can answer.

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