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Mongering in Spain

  • Written by Anonymous
  • April 9th, 2014
  • 9 min read

Hola Amigos! When it comes to whore mongering Spain might not be the first country that comes into mind, perhaps something more exotic like South East Asia, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia.

This nation is like the mongering world's best kept secret, Spain in its own rights is a superpower when it comes to tourism, but we all know that most tourist coming to España are not really looking for the mongering type of experience. Experienced monger tourists in the area who have been to this Mediterranean country more than two or three times know that this is a good destination for bang for your buck.

Spain is not like Thailand or other really hardcore mongering destinations that we know about, it is a first world nation and there are strict laws. It is hard to pay off the authorities in case you mess up sleeping with a minor, or other types of bullcrap that I would not encourage anyone to do. Taxi drivers will not try to persuade you to come over because they want to show/introduce you sexy chicas, so don't expect everything to be super open, this a private matter, and you do things your own. The most obvious things that you will see are street walkers and men giving out flyers to come to sex club or puticlubs as they are known here in Spain.

As I previously mention this country does not live off of monger tourism, so if you are a male solo tourist natives won’t be expecting you to be a sex tourist , and won’t give you the rather bad look as it happens in hardcore sex tourism nations because they “know” what you are up to…

To pick up people usually go online to escort sites, sex clubs, and anywhere in the city where the street walkers are located. They are usually in the city center, sides of the road leading to other cities/towns, standing nearby 5-star hotels and industrial parks where truck drivers go to drop off merchandise. Here there are no bars and nightclubs that are specially for picking up whores like Passions in Sousa and those Thai Gogo Bars. So if you see a girl sitting alone at the bar/nightclub don’t be approaching her with a lots of expectations offering money for a night with her, she will feel offended! Instead buy her a drink and chat her up, you might strike it up for free.

This might work in Pattaya, Angels City or Sousa but if you are having a pint sitting outside please do not wave at a local woman in Spain and chat up business! You might end up slapped in the face or with the beer splashed over your face and shirt u.u Don’t even think about coming here and having a mongering-vacation girlfriend and bar-fining her at the sex club, this is not Phuket. After she is done with you at the puticlub that’s it, bye bye, adios!

To give you guys a heads up, let me tell you that most women in this business in Spain are foreigner! Of course you can still find local women, but do not be surprised in you end up with a girl from Colombia.

Unlike most first world western countries, mongering here has not reached the level yet where it is very materialistic, and commercialized, you will notice it in the price and the attitude of most women.

When you come to Spain make sure you monger in the bigger cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza…etc they have more nationalities to choose from, the better looking women, more sexclubs and are better connected cities.

What would you need in case you want to come to Spain for mongering? BEFORE ANYTHING, check with your local Spanish consulate for visa procedures. Make sure you know some Spanish, and perhaps some English the lingua franca of the world. Also a local metro map of the city you are staying, if there is no metro, there will be tram map or something like that, but make sure you get a public transportation map of town. Make sure your phone is unlock and you get a local SIM to ring around girls. When you are in the city ask for a LOCUTORIO, you can get local sim for 5 bucks. Show up at the LOCUTORIO with your passport and ask for a LAYCA MOBILE sim card and they will help you out with the process. Also add up SALDO (phone credit) prices go like this, 5€, 10€, 15€, 20€…etc you can also do it at the locutorios. Don't forget to bring the money 99.9 percent of whores do not fuck for free.

In Spain whoremongering is pretty cheap, the average whore could cost 100€ or a bit less. That is about 120USD. That is pretty reasonable, in the US the average whore costs at least 200 USD for an hour, and it is not even guaranteed that you get two pops (within the hour) a good tongue kiss and bbbj. Meanwhile here in Spain for 100€ you could get one hour with bbbj, cim, two pops and fk included! Even for less….and for those of you who wondered, yes I have mongered in the US, lived there for 8 years.

Of course there are escorts here asking for at least 1k and more! Then we have the medium price escorts that could ask for 80-100€ for 30 min and 150€ and up for an hour. Lower price women are usually 30-50 euros per half an hour and 50-80 for a full hour.

I never go for girls asking for one 1k, the most I paid is 150€ a full hour for a medium price girl. These medium price women often are in agencies or have their own apartment, many do incalls, and will charge extra for outcall. Don't worry they do bbbj, cim, and fk, make sure you ask them over the phone for their service, and if she does not mention anything she does like on the website tell her! is a good website to find these women. The website is also in English.

The lower price girls are usually 40-60 bucks 30 minutes, and and 80-100 bucks the hour, many of them are no agency, but they have other friends working with them in their apartment, many do BBBJ, CIM,FK but might be for an small extra fee though, as well as if you want them in outcall to your location. These are the ones that I frequent. I recommend the website is very helpfull, read carefully as I give you the dirrections. Once in the website ( click on PROVINCIA, and then select wherever you are Madrid, Valencia etc…then go to FILTROS, click on SERVICIOS and on FRANCÉS and then on FRANCÉS COMPLETO then BESO CON LENGUA and APPLICAR. Boom! There you have it, it will automatically be popping the ads of women who do fk, and bbbj and cim.

The sex clubs or the puticlubs are like any other club, pay the entrance fee, buy the girl a drink, a drink for yourself then you negotiate the price and the service, that should be about 150 euros altogether. In Madrid city center there are lots of guys giving out flyers and advertising sex clubs, take more than one it will come in handy. Once you get inside keep it cool and sit at the bar not at the sofa. I am saying this because if you get on the sofa one whore will invite herself over and start touching you, of course it would not be for free, the club will even charge you for that! So at the bar having your drink take a good look and pick the one you like then you both can go to the sofa and negotiate. I know well how that works. This might sound a bit stupid, but hey try to hit the clubs around 8pm, the latest 12am, that is when the women are all fresh, not as tired and haven’t had much action. Later in the night they will be tired sleepy and you would “smell/see” other mongers’ marks on her.

The street walkers are the cheapest and perhaps they do the less, sometimes they might even charge you to take their top off! Many of these young girls are Romanian and super hot, your best bet is to take them to a nearby hostel, and negotiate the price and services, things like if you want bbbj, cim, fk…etc. Some of these broads got small fast fuck rooms, but I would not recommend to go there, they are small, uncomfortable, and sometimes smelly, plus sometimes you gotta wait in case those rooms are busy, there are random people outside waiting in case something happens to the hookers. When your time is “up” usually someone comes knocking on the door, and the girl does not care if you came or not, money is money. The price is usually 10-25 euros fast fuck. In Madrid the capital where I reside most of them are located at the center, in Calle Montera, to get there get off at the Gran Via metro station, they are hot and Romanian, as I previously mention know how to negotiate with them or you will have a bad time like I did once.

Let me teach you some Spanish real quick, when you call the escort ask her if she speaks English, if she doesn’t then tell her “ Un momento” –one moment– and text her right away with this “¿Donde estas localizada? Cual es el metro mas cercano?” –Where are you located? And what is the nearest metro station?– Thus the metro map will be handy in case you are in city with metro! Once you are at the nearest metro station ask people walking by “¿Donde esta la calle…(cadje)?” –Where is street..?– If you are not comfortable with your pronunciation write it on a small memo and show to the person you are asking directions to. At sexclubs you don’t have worry girls there speak English and are used to tourist, but I would ENCOURAGE YOU to go out of your way and try escorts as well exploring the city you are located.

The websites that I previously showed you have the prices of the girls for 30 mins and one hour but if you are not sure, just text her this, I am giving you an example: “40€ 30mins?” Simple as that, asking if they would take 40 euros for 30 mins, but make sure you did what I told you before in the lower price girls website.

Spain is a country that I would recommend anybody to come and visit, either for a mongering experience or not. Good food, nice weather, beautiful cities, nice people, a country full of history, and lots of things to do and see! But if you have in mind mongering in this marvelous country please follow the advice of a veteran like me, I’ve been mongering here since I was 17.

Kind regards!