Stickman Readers' Submissions April 5th, 2014

Every Time I See a Western Man I Feel I Want to Vomit

If you are a western man reading this then pay close attention. Be good to your woman or you will lose her. Maybe you have no woman at all so you need to totally refurbish yourself.

More and more what you are going to keep finding at an alarming rate is that women do not want a relationship with western men anymore. They don’t want a western man as a boyfriend and certainly not marriage. Why? Very simple, Western
men are horrible.

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Western men want total unaccountability for their actions, and they use women as sperm receptacles. They want a woman to be “traditional,” yet seemed to have lost touch with reality.

Western men are far to bossy, self absorbed and self centered- in addition to all of the traditional negatives of men; pettiness, rudeness, manipulative, confusing sex with happiness, grossly superficial. Any and all value of everything is
simply in it’s appearance.

They are irrational. They let their penises dictate even the most important decisions resulting in disaster. Western men meet a gal and they behave like a salesman just to get their foot in the door. They will pretend they like a woman just
to get sex. After they marry they totally leave their woman dry. No affection never. Just wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am every night.

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There is absolutely nothing that a woman can gain from a relationship of any kind with a western man. It is totally stupid to marry a western man. He is going to dump you when the wind starts blowing a different direction through his head.
He will desert you and your children the first time a younger woman looks at him. Western men are just hideous monsters. They will bring you the most evil plague in human history.

They are not masculine and sweet like Asian men. Western men just behave like little boys. Western men are a cancer for women. Do not fall in this trap.

I find western men repulsive. Every time I look at one, I feel like vomiting. And I don’t want to vomit my nice chamomile tea. So I just avoid even looking at then. Their body language, their tone of voice, the way they speak, everything
about them is just not right. Even if he is the most beautiful man, I am not interested.

When I discovered Asian men many years ago, I discovered the truth. I do not need to be humiliated trying to date those horrible things. I don’t need to be treated like shit.

Western men are garbage compared to Asian men. Everything about western men is a turn off, I can’t even stand to look at them anymore. After my first trip to Asia, I couldn’t stand western men. My views changed that week forever.
Western men are not real men. They don’t act like men more like a woman man hybrid.

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If you are still a slave of western men, you need to go to Asia and see the reality. It is like you woke up from the Matrix. Once you meet the sweet Asian men you will thank me. Which pill will you take? The red or the blue one?

And if you are a western man reading this, you better change now. Or you will wake up one day in a country with no women, because they all run away to Asia.

* If you didn't figure it out, this is a response to

Every Time I See A Western Woman I Feel I Want To Vomit

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