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Escort Agencies

  • Written by Anonymous
  • April 15th, 2014
  • 5 min read

I have been to Bangkok and Pattaya a number of times and got sick of the bar girl and go-go scene, so this time I thought I'd try a few escort agencies. My theory was that for all the time and money spent on trying to find a girl you like (bar fines, drinks, etc), I could look one up on a website and know precisely what I was getting.

Although I did meet one really quality girl, the rest were a disappointment for a number of reasons.

* They did not deliver the services promised on the website

* Their photos were taken years ago and the girl looked different, shorter hair, a few extra pounds, etc.

* Although the website said their English was good, they could hardly speak a word of English.

* You book them for 12 hours and they want to shoot off 3 hours earlier, making up excuses about sick family, etc.

* Poor attitudes

One time in Pattaya, the girl came to my door and looked similar to the girl I booked. I was so used to them looking different to their photos that I thought nothing of it. Seemed a nice girl, but once again, although the website said she had good English, we had to communicate through an on-line translator. We went to dinner, etc, and when we got back to my hotel room for some 'sanuk', all she wanted to do was watch television. By the way, "Up to you" is a load of crap, these girls know you can't force them to do anything, so don't think it is ever "up to you".

When I finally got her to go to bed, she hopped into bed wearing her underwear and a dress, and wouldn't let me touch her. She wondered why I was annoyed, so after much texting each other on the translator, I discovered this wasn't the girl I'd booked. Apparently the other girl was having her period so they rang a substitute and asked her to fill in. They never told me, which is poor business.

When I complained about not receiving all the services promised on the website, the substitute girl told me she'd never done this before and told me she thought all she had to do was keep me company. So I got nothing. I paid 6500 Baht plus meals for someone to watch television with. Where I come from, this is known as consumer fraud, but in Thailand it's accepted practice.

When the girl sensed I would probably make a complaint to the escort agency, she begged me not to, saying it would only create a lot of trouble for me as well as her. Being a nice guy, and not wanting to get into any strife in a foreign country, I took her advice. I can't recall the man's name now, but she said, "You not know Mr. xxxxx, you not know what he do". Sounded like some kind of a threat to me, and she seemed in fear of the man herself.

You think you are getting a delicious young lady with a healthy sexual appetite, and when they arrive they have either cut their hair shorter or changed the hair style altogether, put on a few pounds, look at least 5 years older than their photo, and try to get away with doing as little as possible. I don't think it's fair to have to explain to a girl what the word "oral" means, especially when it's listed in the services she provides. I especially don't think it's fair they can just ignore your request.

I made a special request to all agencies for the girl to bring a bikini to join me in the pool. Not one of them complied with my request. I took one girl out shopping and bought her a bikini just to join me for a swim, she hopped into the water for about 10 seconds and got out again.

I'm not a sexually demanding person, and am happy to allow a certain amount of freedom to the girl, but if the website says she provides oral sex, I should be able to ask for, and receive it. "Up to me"? When is it ever up to me? I like to take things slowly, have a nice long love making session and build up to a big finish. The night before I'd been with a girl and came three times in a very long session. I was building up with a new girl the next day and because I was having a little trouble with an erection, she started telling me I needed to see a doctor for help!!!

I couldn't believe this attitude, I've never heard anything like it in Thailand before. If it was taking me a little longer to get going, then so be it. I explained I'd come three times the night before but she told me I didn't know how to fxxx, so I got her out of bed, marched her through the living room and screwed her on the balcony. It was over in minutes, she got no pleasure from it, and I didn't care less.

They talk about scams in Thailand, but in my experiences, escort agencies are right up there near the top of the list.

My advice? Give the escort agencies a wide berth. One was okay, but generally they just rip you off. I'm back to bar girls in future.

Stickman's thoughts:

In Bangkok there are few genuine escort agencies which provide the levels of service they actually advertise and which are actually "escort" services where the lady is more than a sex worker and could accompany you to dinner or functions. And then there are the "agencies" which are nothing more than one person with a phone who has not even met some or even most of the girls they are pimping out, a fly by night who are in it to make quick cash. The girls may be freelancers at the Biergarten, Thermae or other freelancing venues who gets a call from the agent when a booking is made and then goes to see the customer, splitting the fee paid with the agent. For users of escort agencies it's not clear which is which so you need to check online reviews and with those who have used escort services to find out which agencies are good and which aren't. To really complicate it is that a lot of the escorts are in fact simply gogo girls made available via a website!