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When Would You?

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I don't know about you, but I try to support Stick's web site however I can. The weekly reports, the sometimes informative articles, the photos, it's all very interesting to me. To keep it going, I assume Stick's business
model includes the number of clicks his advertisements get from readers. So, as I am reading his weekly, I will click on as many as I have time for. Mostly they are not that interesting to me who needs neither a hotel or an escort. But this
week I clicked on a new ladyboy site and noticed that a couple of the “girls” were quite fetching. It got me to thinking about my first ladyboy experience when I first started coming to Thailand.

It was over ten years ago and I was still a newbie to the gogo bars of Bangkok, when I wandered into the KC3 in Patpong. I was having a good time with a very sexy girl doing a good job of raising my spirits through a concerted effort
of her ass against my manhood. It wasn't until my hands became more inquisitive that I discovered I had been grossly mislead. I promptly paid my bill and left. Some time later, my Thai girlfriend invited her ladyboy friend to stay with
us. “She” was very exotic and friendly. We used to talk at length about her boyfriends, one of which wanted her to have the “cut” and marry him in Sweden. She was hesitant to do this because if that went bad, she
would lose some of her customers who valued her “special” feature very much.

At the time, I didn't think too much about these events as I was mostly in absorption mode while living in Asia. After I returned to America, I met a guy in San Francisco who I became buddies with based on our travels to Thailand.
He later confessed to me he had “thing” about ladyboys. At first I thought he was gay but he assured me he was “straight”. He told me he had always enjoyed oral and anal sex with a woman more than anything else.
Then on a business trip to Thailand, he was with a ladyboy for a night and in his own words, “changed his life”. He said they had the same sexual energy he did and that they excelled at his favorite activities. It made me think
about the Swedish boyfriend and wondered if he felt the same. Are there “straight” and “gay” lovers of ladyboys, the same as there many “flavors” of heterosexuality? For example, a bar girl once told
me she had a regular customer who could only “finish” if she inserted a plastic toy into his very dark place. So, some like being a “guy” with guy and some like being a “girl” with a girl. This can
be very confusing.

For those of you wondering, I am hopelessly and heterosexually in love with my Thai wife. But I also have a mind that wonders about human experience beyond my own. So now, looking at the fetching laldyboy photos on my screen, I wonder
whether I would ever be tempted to be with a ladyboy. In what circumstance would that be possible? Certainly, it would be a “straight” experience or “tops” as it is called, as the other seems beyond comprehension
to me. So assuming it would be a “straight” encounter, when would I, a meat-and-potatoes heterosexual, choose a ladyboy over a woman?

So let's play a little mind game. Let's assume you have been celibate for 6 months and have just arrived on a late flight to Bangkok. You tell the taxi driver to take you to the nearest whorehouse before you burst. Inside, the
proprietor explains there are only two choices: an exotic ladyboy rated at 10, like the one in in the photos. The other would be a female rated between:

10 – Stunner, to

01 – Old fat hag, where finding her sweet spot would be a National Geographic adventure.

As I consider my wife a 9, the choice is always an easy one for me. It would still be easy all the way to 6 but at that point I begin to falter. A 5 to me is a somewhat overweight and fairly old female. Looking at both of them in bikinis,
I would really be stumped. But I could probably get past 5 but at 4, I am really standing on the edge of the cliff. Would I actually jump? What's your number before you jump off?

Yes, I know what most of you are thinking. I'm in Bangkok so there is probably better choices next door to the place I am in. So, granted, it is a false choice. But I wonder how many have been tempted to try something new when given
the right opportunity. If it was a pleasant experience, would you do it again? Or are these things “one-off's”? There have been a few authors on this site who have jumped but not been able, or willing, to claw back to the
cliff of heterosexuality.

Now you see why I find the human experience so interesting. Especially in Thailand, where the spectrum of choices (without the guilt) is so varied. Not just with sexuality but in so many other areas. But for others with not so mediocre
sexual habits, are ladyboys a real option for heterosexual men? Are most women too lackadaisical to satisfy men with truly gourmet sexual tastes? I really don't know but it certainly does make life in Thailand a great experience for people
like me.

Can't wait for my next trip.

Stickman's thoughts:

I reckon there are more than a few people who might get fooled if they were drunk and certainly there are some who have got the stage that they were so excited that that just went through with it anyway. Personally, I find ladyboys a laugh, but the thought of anything sexual with a ladyboy I find scary.