Stickman Readers' Submissions March 10th, 2014

I Don’t Get It

A lot has been said on this site about relationships between farangs & prostitutes or bargirls & between farangs & “good girls” & the morality of the sex industry in Thailand. Also talk of farangs taken for
a ride (no pun) by their non-prostitute or prostitute girlfriends & talk of both prostitutes and non-prostitutes being dodgy but not heeding their own advice and still marrying them. You have this whole prossie / non-prossie dilemma, the
whole moral dilemma. And then the holier than thou expat telling you to get a real girlfriend. Well, I don’t get it!

Surely it all boils down 1 thing and that is if you are both getting what you want you are both happy. Simple. It’s when the scale starts tipping that the problems occur…

When you feel she’s ripping you off and you are not getting enough sex or intimacy, or that farm you bought her wasn’t really what you wanted to do…get my drift!

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And WHY can’t you see that essentially “ALL women are prostitutes”. This was said to me by a woman – straight from the horse’s mouth. Take heed, gentleman!

Let me elaborate… If she is a bar girl, she is in for the short con. If she is a “good girl”, like your wife / girlfriend perhaps, she is in for the long con.

There is a very good saying that the only difference between a prostitute & your wife, like cellphones, is that one is ‘pay as you go’ and the other ‘contract’. The “good girl” or wife / girlfriend is a ‘contract’.
Don’t fool yourself. The very dangerous part of having a ‘contract’ is having children with her. Children are the collateral damage in most marriages…this is the most devastating trap of the 3rd world women mentality that
1st world men fall into …having children …but I am steering off course…

The long con

Are you men going to tell me that you were first attracted to your “good girl” or wife / girlfriend because of her amazing intellect (she went to school, got a degree wow!) & her cooking & her blah blah. Bullshit, man,
you wanted to jump her. End of story. The concept of “love”, family, house, car, dog, cat, buffalo, farm is a women’s construct, man. Wake up, please! All men want to do is have a cool life, no fuss, travel where ever you
want to. Women will come in and change all that and, by the end of it, convince you that those things don’t matter. Well, mate, those things DO matter.

…and she will tell you that building a future & house & kids and the whole 9 yards is what really matters & your career etc…ya matters…to HER it matters JA…

‘Contracts’ all have a 5-year & 10-year plan ALWAYS. One day you wake up and the ‘contract’ will have had you neutered like a stray cat (cut your balls off). Not literally but…

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The short con

‘Pay as you go’ is in it for the now, like gogo girl mechanics. Changing men’s oil 4x a night. Gets you hot for her. Pussy extortionists get all the money in the shortest possible time & move on to the next sucker.
This is called “hit & run”. Sometimes instead of this she can have many “short term contracts”…if she has a sponsor this is more like ‘medium term’…

Come on man …what’s the difference!

Are you all convinced that there is a difference? It’s simple – all women – if you don’t give them what they want, their legs don’t open or don’t massage your back or don’t tell you sweet little nothings or don’t boost
your ego or…I reiterate… It’s all about the balance, you getting what you want. She getting what she wants…

Women in Thailand like the whole 9 yards. Man, I can’t get these Thai girls. Bang out babies at a young age, often encouraged by their culture & family which has no concept of the benefits of small families & birth control
THEN they discover there is no money…or a girl has no notion about education & wonders WHY she ends up in a dead end.

For good-looking girls the option for selling your body seems like a fallback option in Thailand (ah, if things don’t work out I can always.) Why ugly or fat girls think this an option totally eludes me…

…with logic like this no wonder, when they find a farang in shining armour, they bleed him for all he has. I’ve seen it… Happens to me …it’s like a switch …they go into a socio-pathical materialistic binge mode…it
sees no end… Another fallacy of Thai girls is that they see money as an end in itself…man, the lure of money and what it buys is a bottomless pit …

Also…to some Thai girls…generosity / kindness is considered a weakness to be exploited to the full…man, for me this is very disturbing…

I saw this Thai stunner at mike centre in Pattaya…she was 30/40’s but what a stunner & she was with this farang …she had this look in her I still laugh …it said ‘I’m going to buy every damn thing in this whole shopping
centre ‘…

I tell Thai girls straight now…’I like you Thai women but I also like to surf & I like to travel to Indonesia & I got no money’…true colours !

There is talk of treating bar girls with dignity & respect…the big 1…this is the common theme …ok ja …but why? To make it moral? Are you punters feeling guilty? Morality is relative surely…it’s also often a 2 way
street not so…is that cute Asian concubine got you on a guilt trip…your conscience got you bust…you shouldn’t be doing those naughty things hey? Are we talking of finer feelings here…emotions …love …respect…dignity…do
these finer things count in Pattaya or Bangkok in the areas where naughty expats or visitors go …I think these feelings, & I have them too, will be the very same feelings that will get your bank balance reduced to 0…

Ps – the rolling stone gathers no moss

Stickman’s thoughts:

I am glad I don’t have your level of cynicism – and that is saying something because I’ve been accused of being cynical many times! Take the time to choose the one is as close
to Miss Right as you can find – most guys don’t seem to do that – and you greatly increase the chances of making it work

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