Stickman Readers' Submissions March 18th, 2014

Does She Love Him?

So a little story written in a language that is not my mother language and so I apologize by advance…

Everything started in February, 2013. I went for 3 weeks and for the first time in Thailand (I was a free man of 64…) Hum.. More frankly, freshly divorced and for the second time but with no resentment. Like the first time, a good consensus with clever
women and no rip-off (yes it’s possible with farang women, don’t despair). Like a big boy I was coming alone and certainly not to find a new spouse. I had already the mixed feeling that if even a donkey don’t kick two
times on the same stone why I … So no need for me to search the heartbreak hotel … Ok you follow, I see that…

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Diving was the very “main…” occupation for me in Patong (no laugh, no joke guys). I had just brushed 20 years of dust off my license diving card. I remember the boss of my hotel, a nice Thai woman, asked me from time to
time, “Michael, I don’t understand really what your project is here…”

My answer invariably was “Nuk, as newbie in Thailand I am forcibly stupid, so I simply hope to be a little less when I jump back on the plane…).

Now my second stay is finished (March, 2014), 3 months this time with diving still the very main occupation but, evidently, more knowledge on different aspects of this country, like the type of massage on offer, bars, and even my first GF experience (but
I put immediately GF between solid brackets… you will be surprised but she told me “chan rak khun maak maak.” Am I the first here?). So Thailand is a country, regarding my feeble experience, where is mandatory
to acquire a steep learning curve regarding.. Well you know the dangers … so my little true story after this little introduction of myself.

I am in my little bar, 3 to 4 bargirls as usual and 2 to 3 farangs as usual too, Micky’s bar “the best head in town” is written on the wall (do I need to suspect a double meaning? I will ask my mother…). Ok I concede
I like to chat and put humor when possible, sometimes exercising my Thai language with a bargirl, sometimes chatting with farangs, Dutch, French, and English every language is ok I am fluent (If you like a not fluent guy, I have also German,
Italian and Spanish on the shelf but you are warned, don’t complain on headache…). So for the second time I chat with a Scot, he had told me the previous encounter that he is 60, married with a Thai girl (why do I write of course…)
she is younger, 36 (re-of course…) she now goes to school to be a hair-dresser. What job did she do before? Head controller of the Bangkok stock exchange? I really don’t know. But the more the guy speaks, the more there are little
red lights popping in my head… His physical aspect is “middle”, I mean he is not a drinker, not a smoker, way far of a wreck, clean, more like an honest bookkeeper, so obviously for his lady the reasons of his attractiveness
must be elsewhere… but he is certainly not a Sean Connery look-a-like (I reckon that 60+ man, like myself, fantasy sometime on the possible existence of old handsome men capable to still charm young women, when lucidity comes back I directly
open 2 Changs, it works very well on me…)

So he married the girl because, after a while, she told him that her grandmother could not accept a free relation like that… so they went and married in the back country with all the family-in-law present, nice and serious ceremony
and with a very special moment, he told me, when an egg cooked in a ball of rice given to each of the lovers, finally sliced in two and, believe or not, the yellow part of his egg showed the shape of a heart, so if this is not the sign that…all
the family went to contemplate the sign of good destiny… Hum, hum… it’s not finished but I need to say that during the chat the guy didn’t, at any moment, went skeptical, he is a true believer, he is married, period. In fact
it was me who was more and more skeptical…

So the girl had already visited Scotland with him, 2 or 3 times in the past but now the best part comes… at a moment, the guy finally came back from Scotland with all the papers ready for the marriage (Scotland part and I suppose Thai
official part too) and surprise surprise, his wife told him that the papers were not needed, no need to use them in fact, the proof of his good intentions was there on the table, he is an honest man for sure.

So this married man was there in front of me, annoyed by the fact that his woman was away at the school each day, he had nothing to do. He is not a drinker, being naughty is certainly not on his agenda (I heard guys from here saying why
not?) and was asking himself if he will depart for Scotland end this month or the next one (alone of course because his woman continues to follows her course here…)

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Did I tell him how I was puzzling? No of course, it’s not a friend of mine and secondly he had certainly run to his wife, searching comfort and reinsurance.

By the way, I don’t know really the true story, it’s only my feeling. What is the agenda of the girl, is she not already married by the way?

Ok no big deal here, I am not a great thinker, it was just a little story, I would just appreciate the opinion of an experience man, Stickman for example…

Stickman's thoughts:

There's not enough info here to know for sure but it might be that the lady is just not really that in to him, but like I say, there really is not enough info to know.

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