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Big Guys And Small Gals

  • Written by Anonymous
  • March 11th, 2014
  • 6 min read

I was motivated to write a submission about this topic after repeated references out there to bigger guys taking smaller gals, often with pedo type undertones. As someone who has lived in Thailand, and mongered in it before somewhat settling
down, I really have stopped caring what others think about the gals I might choose. That said, I’d invite them to think about the subject a little more before short cutting their own ability to think something through.

I am 6’2 (that’s about 188 cm, I think) and weigh about 265 pounds (120 kilos). Everyone in my family is big, much like Samoans or Fijians seem to be naturally big. I’m neither of those, just using it as an example.
We’re big folks. My “little” brother is 6’4, 400 pounds and built like a US Football lineman…huge shoulders and chest, large gut and immensely strong. He was benching 275 pounds at 16 years old. My father and
mother are similarly big people, even now in their twilight years. In short, this is an inherited trait that I didn’t have much choice about. The one thing I have done is to put years into the gym so that I have a balance of muscle
to my frame to go along with my size. I had no choice over my genetics, but I spent years as a gym rat to make sure I wasn’t built like a 6’2 pile of bubble gum. The comments I usually get is that I look like a biker or perhaps
an ex-wrestler. Just trying to paint the picture as I am sure I am exactly the kind of guy that people would make comments about if I took a smaller gal from a bar or gogo.

My first defense of this would be to say that the only kind of women in Thailand that are built anywhere close to being similar to me, aren’t really women at all. To each their own, but I am just not into the whole ladyboy thing.
I have often met attractive looking, tall ladyboys and secretly wished they’d been born women. I really do genuinely like a taller gal.

Secondly, according to a quick look on Google (and my own years of experience verify this), the average gal in Thailand is less than 5’2. My guess is the average gal working in ‘the industry’ probably weighs about
100 pounds or so. Yes, this is changing due to western food chains and a few other factors, but I’m pretty sure that most would agree that the gals are generally quite diminutive.

The third thing I’d like to say on the matter is, cute is cute. Whether a gal is tall or short, a pretty face or a nice rack or adorable feet or whatever it is that you might like about a particular gal’s features…
when something just clicks for you, it clicks. You really don’t sit back thinking “well, maybe I am too tall for her”… you just smile and invite her over and see if a connection can be made.

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Lastly, I have one final point. Personality is the ultimate trump card. I grew tired of the kid in the candy store routine over 3 visits and then a 6 month stay. After that, more often than not when I went home at the end of a night,
I did so alone. There was a short gal with oodles of personality and a silly streak a mile wide, that I eventually grew close with. We’ve been living together for over 2 years now, though I did recently have to end my Thailand time
and headed back to work in the middle east. By and large there’s been no drama, no requests for money and it’s the easiest r/ship I’ve ever known. She is just 5ft tall and weighs the average 44 kilos. When we ride together
on a motorcycle or motorbike, my friends joke that she looks like one of those delightful little animal backpacks that kids wear to school. In the end though, we’re comfortable with ourselves and we’re both used to the occasional
odd looks we get. We’re happy and that’s what matters.

To the other guys out there built like me, I want to say that being the big, strong type might get you interest from girls in the west, but it will more often than not work against you in the LOS. Thais are small by pretty much any standard
you can come up with. And you will look like a big, scary farang to them until you learn to smile more and put more out more of a jai dee vibe than a tough guy vibe. It may take some practice, but I promise you it’s in your own best
interest. I have been knocked back plenty of times, then saw the same gal leave an hour later with someone much uglier, but much smaller than me. It may mostly be about money, but these gals do have preferences and fears as well. Don’t
drink too heavily, pay extra attention to your hygiene, be kind, smile, relax and go with the flow, and you’ll be able to enjoy the company of the vast majority of gals out there… but it may take a little convincing first.

In the end, I guess I am hoping to convince a reader or two that the next time they see a big guy (whether built like me, or really tall or even just obese) with a smaller gal, maybe they shouldn’t snap to judgment and mentally
label the guy a pedo. If she really does look under-age, then perhaps the shoe fits. So be it. I’m not talking about those cases. I am just hoping to point out that as a bigger guy who lived in Thailand for over 2 years, your options
are going to be severely limited if you only go with someone who matches you physically. Personally, I don’t think limited options is really what I go to Thailand for… quite the opposite, in fact.

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Stickman's thoughts:


I imagine it could be tough for a guy who is really big to find a lady in Thailand where the pair look like they match physically. I personally don't see anything wrong with a physical mismatch, although it's inevitable that in extreme cases it will generate comments. These comments aren't necessarily negative.

I think where it gets creepy is when you have a guy who has let himself go physically and could reasonably be described as grotesque, who is with a tiny lady who might be less than 1/3 of his weight. When I see a guy who has let himself go physically I just cannot help but feel sorry for the girl. I'd feel sorry for the man if it was the other way around, but how often do you see that in Thailand?