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The Bargirl Price Issue

  • Written by Anonymous
  • February 18th, 2014
  • 5 min read

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It really is not so much a matter of price with the bargirls, rather it is the expected / anticipated service actually becoming a reality.

If there is one thing for certain I have noticed over the years, it is how the girls seem to be somewhat clueless as to what is expected of them relative to what they are paid for, or they deliberately make like they do not know what
to do in a manner that ends up with them doing very little for the money they are paid and often demanding.

In your article on Thai bargirl economics you imply, in an indirect way, that the man, who is paying
for her services, should simply comply with the price and therefore her needs and wants while understanding what she is all about and her position in the scheme of things and therefore be generous with her and just pay the price and in the
end more or less accept what ever develops between the 2 people while the prostitute more or less controls the situation right from the beginning by asking for way more money than she is worth…relative to the service she will provide.

Most guys would tell you the experience is rather disappointing for the money spent…but they did obtain what they wanted in several aspects (but most importantly a sexual experience and finally an orgasm with the girl they decidedly choose), however
hindsight says the price is way out of line for what you received…when they come to really think about it.

You and so many others repeatedly point out and or remind the punters many, many times how it is a business transaction in her mind and the punter should recognise that fact and understand it.

Meantime the small-minded prostitute has her self serving mentality that says, "Let me see just how much I can get out of this man or that man and do as little as possible for the money while her services and performance is not of
any importance at all to her."

That would be the majority of them and it suits them of course because they learn really fast they can still get a wack of money and do as little as possible while the concept of good service is not what is on her mind at all while encouraged
by just how little she has to do and do as little as possible for as much money as she can get from the foreigner who can not speak Thai and often at a significant disadvantage in several ways…while he is learning that the service sucks
really…all too often.

The concept of service really does not register with the majority of the girls..ever.

Meantime, the punter is thinking: O.K. this is a business transaction…so in the end what are you going to do to earn your money as what you are about to do for your money is far from rocket science and there is nothing at all difficult
about the act of sex..nothing at all…so service me and show me you're worth the 5,000 baht you are demanding for your services…seeing as you are the one making a business out of it and I am the one paying for your services.

Very few punters ever really get the service they were expecting other than they get to spend some time with a girl that they want to be with and or have sex with…while they are fully aware they are required to pay for it while having
no problem with that fact…but… what are they getting for 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 baht other than an orgasm in the end and not really what they had in mind and often enough far from it.

Would you defend the bars raising the prices on drinks and then give the customers attitude and poor service and or ignore the customers and call them cheap Charlie because the bar drinks are too high to begin with so they do not leave
a generous tip.

It has so much to do with attitude first and then the practiced service that backs up and compliments the right attitude. <Agreed, yet you complain of bad service which seems to point the finger back at yourself!Stick>

Myself, back in the day, I used to explain to the girls that attitude is everything and that has to be followed up by service and they will make more money that way with less problems. Some of them practised what I explained to them and
later they told he just how surprised they were to learn the formula works and "Yes, you were right"…"not difficult at all to master the art of attitude and then complimented by memorable service for the customer"…"and
many come back for more of the same", they told me.

All in all the prices will go up, as expected, but meantime the attitude grows nastier and the service quality goes down while they are actually being encouraged to be like that in a number of direct and indirect ways.

The value is not there all too often unless you come across a girl with the correct attitude who willingly services her clients with a smile and a practiced sexual graciousness.

If that is the case and you meet some of them like that then maybe they met me before they met you…yuk, yuk

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Stickman's thoughts:

I think we have to acknowledge that we're talking about prostitution here and with that comes a number of provisos. First and foremost, almost all of the girls do NOT want to be doing this! They are doing it for the money only. Secondly, prostitutes the world over are known for giving as little as they can while trying to make as much money as they can. False promises and cold service are common and to argue against it is futile. I bet that even an average performing Thai bargirl generally delivers better service than a working girl in the west. So while they may not give you the full girlfriend experience, you're probably still going to get reasonable service. Surely that's worth 5,000 baht which, as best I can work out, is no more expensive and probably still cheaper than similar in the West?

I have never advocated the girls doing the minimum amount for the maximum return. At the same time, anyone who knows how it works has to admit that this is the norm with some of these girls. In an ideal world they would perform as best they could and ask for a price commensurate with the service provided. This is not an ideal world we live in!

Finally, the main point of the article was that basic economic pressures is what is driving prices up. Fewer girls working in the industry and more guys visiting can only mean prices are going one way – and it's not down!