Stickman Readers' Submissions February 8th, 2014

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Sawadee Krup, Gentleman

I trust this finds you all well & enjoying your time in our lovely tropical paradise.

He Clinic Bangkok

The following writing is to disclose some of my personal experiences at this enchanted land called the “Land of Smiles” & what I have learnt so far.

As a quick background, I work as cruise ship officer sailing international itineraries around the world.

I am in my mid 40s, I have been married three times in different western countries but currently I am single with no kids. As most of you, I also felt in love with this place within hours of my first arrival for unplanned vacations some 5 years ago. Since then I come regularly during the breaks between my onboard assignments.

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I've traveled all around the country visiting major cities and attractions and yes, I also did sleep with plenty of the girls from all of those places! I then decided on Phuket as my personal port of call!

Before I get to the deep stuff, I would like to make a few considerations about Phuket.

I often read on this website and others that many of the fellow readers don't like it. The reasons are various but the most frequent ones fall into these lines:

1- It does not have a regular transport system & taxi drivers charge you a fortune.

2- It does not have red / green lights to aid people crossing roads.

3- There are no properly regulated parking spaces on the beach road (or anywhere else – I would add).

4- There are not enough lifeguards on the beaches & they don't place the flags so people know where they can swim safely and “only between the flags”.

5- There are not many safe encapsulated gogo bars for me to choose from.

6- The 9s & 10s have a bad attitude & the 5s & 6s charges too much.

7- The city is expensive.

wonderland clinic

From my point of view, Phuket and the whole region that includes Krabi and all islands in between holds at least 3 of the TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL beaches & sceneries around the whole world. For me this alone would be more than enough reason to choose it as my personal final destination.

In Phuket you will always find 9s & 10s in abundance. During the mid & high season if you take into account also the Russians, Europeans & Chinese women that come in massive numbers for holidays here Phuket will score easily among the TOP 5 BEST CITIES in the world to meet beautiful women. And yes, they are also in need & you CAN BED THEM TOO!!

Another interesting trait of Phuket is the unspoken “WIBE” of the place. In other words the “liberty” people have to approach people here.

On my very first visit (To Phuket & Thailand) I was hit on by the tour lady guide, then the hotel receptionist, then by the waiter of the hotel cocktail bar and so on…. All within the first 24 hours of my arrival! It was OBVIOULSLY all about MONEY but I was glad to see how people THINK and ACT around & how easy things can “happen” here..

From them I have learned that this is an OPEN HUNTING territory where most are NOT locals and where keeping everyone's status “AVAILABLE” is a core thing.

In Phuket you CAN indeed place a sexual offer to pretty much anyone on the streets. This includes 7/11 & any other shop's staff, customers while shopping, women on motorbikes and even mom's strolling around with their babies…. It they appeal to you why not place an interesting offer…?? This is Phuket – a sexual touristic destination – for everybody!

Your offer may not always go through but many times it will! And for those that didn't they will not be offended, you will not be arrested and I have for me that many will take this as a compliment around here… So why bother with encapsulated GOGO or even the girly beer bars..??

For those who really are unable to rent a scooter priced at THB 3.000 PER MONTH, cannot afford paying US$ 50,00 to sleep with a stunner or are really concerned about the RED/GREEN lights to cross the road, regulated parking places or flags on the beach I think maybe would not be a complete bad idea to really forget this place. And for good!

As many would say: If you are not happy, just pack your stuff and leave! Personally I think these are not the type of visitors we need as we really DON'T WANT this place to become anything similar to Australia, NZ, Canada or even the worst of all the United States of America! I would suggest however these gentleman to stay at the safety of their own home towns and don't bring their deficiencies or comments here. I am completely sure also that MIAMI BEACH especially during the US winter season will be a FAR MORE suitable destination for many.

After my considerations about Phuket and back to the core of this submission I have to say that over the years I had my fair share of experiences in Thailand.

There was a time I decided to retire earlier. I refused my next assignment offer, rented a beautiful 120sqm apartment and spent almost six months going to the beach, doing boom-boom by the batch and sleeping completely drunk on a very DAILY BASIS! I then realized this was not the way to go and I changed.

There was the time I felt lonely even among 1000's of young wet pussies & I went in search of the “Long term relationship” with a Thai woman. Some of those “remarkable” experiences were published in past submissions in the lines of: The fake hotel receptionist, The Nurse, & My story with a 10+ freelancer among others..

I also went through the ONLINE DATING SCENE; I purchased my own FOREIGN FREEHOLD condo and had a good number of rewarding & professional relationships with “regular” Thai people.

For sure I don't regret anything but yes sometimes I still find myself wondering: What's the very best way to go in the “Land of Smiles”?

I then remember that the very BEST TIMES I ever had in Thailand were the first ones: 2-3 weeks short holidays with COMPATIBLE amount of disposable FUN, CASH & ENERGY!

By this I mean: Don't try to change Thailand. Take it as it is. Act as a newbie. This is a very fluid & ever changing place. Things here changes at a drop of a hat & most of the venues, bars and people you enjoyed so much during your last holidays likely will NOT be there anymore on your next visit.

Perhaps this is just part of the “magic” of this enchanted land. Perhaps it tells us much more: ENJOY TODAY THE BEST OF YOU CAN, BECAUSE THE FUTURE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

To conclude I also recall the FOREMOST IMPORTANT FACTOR the get the MOST OUT of Thailand:

Remember to ALWAYS wear a big SMILE on your face!



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