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In response to “My Take On Bargirl Economics”

  • Written by John
  • February 22nd, 2014
  • 8 min read

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Ok, here is my straight forward, short and to the point thoughts on Bargirl Economics, no doubt once again it will divide readers…like my first submission.

Firstly, the value of sex is different to every person, regardless of gender, age, culture, income, values etc. etc. I have no problem in a person becoming a bargirl or using the services of one. However, do not get that confused with,
I give you permission to blame others for your problems or issues. You made the choices in your life, you deal with it, and I am talking about both as a customer and as a service provider.

Secondly, the world operates with supply and demand, the fundamentals of economics. See generic Supply vs. Demand Graph (

It seems that a lot of farangs don't understand the concept of raising prices in a tough time or down turn. Until I studied economics at university I would have agreed with most and said it was the most ridiculous concept on earth.
Anyway, in times of down turn, i.e. too many service providers (bargirl) AND / OR too little customers (farangs), common sense to most people would mean you have to lower your prices, throw in a freebie, give extra services in order to gain
that customer that is now far harder to get. Well that's how most companies in the western world would operate. Think Mercedes offering low finance, no finance, free services, free sports packs, free fuel, gift cards, etc. etc. when no
one is buying, and it works for them. The majority of bar girls seem to think that in times of tough, the ideal is to raise prices. Well as previously mentioned, if you customer numbers drops to half then one of the options that are available
is to double prices. Alternatively, you could just do a better job or offer a better product, or work harder or longer. Whether lowering prices is a loss of face or they aren't smart / educated enough I am not 100% sure. Now we all know
that Thai bar ladies are on average also as lazy as they can get, so why would they drop their prices and work twice as hard, the easy way out would be to double prices. Now this also ties in with whether Thai people in general think more
then 1 day in advance about their financial security. Do they simply raise the price and think everything will be ok, I am also not 100% sure.

Take a look at the hotels, in a time where the occupancy rate has dropped, even they have for the most not dropped their prices or done anything noticeable. Once again, is this a cultural, social, intelligence or face issue, I am not
100% sure. But for the hotels, it must be working!

Thirdly, I do not for one second entertain the idea of "I had no choice but to become a bar girl" this is obviously excluding child prostitution, people smuggling etc. etc. where they truly have no choice. Life comes with choices,
any choices you make are your responsibility. No one put a gun to your head, so don't give me the sob story of "I have no choice" BULL SHIT!

Obviously being a hooker or a bargirl in any country is not going to give you much credit in the honor board or reputation stakes. In the US you hear the often "sex workers are human beings too", which I agree with, but don't
expect me to be sending you a Christmas card or nominating you for mother of the year.

Why am I so unsympathetic towards people of the sex industry, male or female? In my eyes, a woman has a choice to go work for 300 baht per day at 7-11 or 9,000 baht per month in an office. For the majority, they work damn hard and deserve
every bit of it. Why does a doctor or a lawyer get paid 10 times as much? Well, because of intelligence, persistence, education, qualifications, experience, hard work and a lot of time invested! It is well deserved.

Back to bargirls, most people will say they earn every cent that they charge. And yes I agree, their job may not be the most pleasant, in fact many could say it's disgusting, which is understandable. Now this is where my view might
not be taken well amongst readers. To become a bargirl, you do not need an education, you don't need any skills, you don't even need to speak English, you don't even need to be able to put make up better then a 9 year old! And
what skills are required to become a bar girl. It's not very hard to sit around a bar all night, push customers into buying lady drinks, and flirting with customers in the hope they will short / long time you. Sure the better flirters,
the better talkers, will do better in their monthly income, but that's also a skill that is acquired. As for flirting and getting their own way, most women around the world, probably less in Thailand, but far more in Farangland, the girls
are used to getting their own way because of their gender from a very young age. Take my nephew and niece for an example. The younger niece knows how to twist her dad into getting what she wants, while he remains strict and normal towards
the older nephew.

Now for whether 5,000 baht for short time is worth it or not! Many people are comparing what 5000 baht would get back for you at home. And yes the $1 to quality received in LOS is far better then in Farangland. Who cares?! What you get
back home shouldn't be a way to value 5,000 baht. I go by the previous reader who says, they compare what 5,000 baht means to them from a local perspective. If 5,000 baht which is 2 weeks wages at a 7-11, then this is what I compare value
to. The work required for a shift of 300 baht in 7-11 will be far more taxing then a 1 hour short time for a bargirl. I mean all she has to do is to sit around, get free drinks that she most likely does, not say a word, go to a hotel, act
as a starfish, and she gets 2 weeks wages equivalent at 7-11.

That being said, if she gets one customer per day, that's 100,000 baht per month based on a 5 day week, which is probably what a doctor / lawyer earns. Now you tell me whether this profession is overpaid or not?!?!?

Now back to taking responsibilities for your actions, you become a bar girl, you get an easy job which you are far over paid for. You have no qualifications, no education, your job is fairly easy most of the time, and you get paid a crap
load of money. Hence why I believe the image and reputation given to sex workers in any country is well deserved. And to the farang women sex workers, don't give me this "I'm no longer a sex worker, I deserve to get the same
job as the corporate lady next door who is now a manager of her own division" rubbish. You chose your career path, you deal with the consequences!

Now to farang men asking / demanding / requesting a discount. I say good for them. Give it a shot, if they give you a discount then congratulations, but if they don't its your choice to accept it or not since you are the paying customer.
You get to choose whether you accept their offer. For those that say "oh farangs, stop being so tight, since 5,000 baht back home might get you 20 minutes to talk to a girl in a bar or a club", who cares what it gets you back home!?
Some people, actually most people in life, want to get the best deal possible. How would you feel if you went into a bar that said all beers were a ridiculous 50 baht each, and at the end of the night they charged you double the number of
drinks which ended up being the same as every other bar of 100 baht per beer?

I certainly wouldn't, even though it's a matter of a few dollars. I don't like getting ripped off nor do I like having to check my bill for a few beers every time. I also remember one reader / bargirl saying that any man
that disallows their bar girl back in their hotel room to take a coke from the minibar is a tight ass and not worth it! Or the customer who doesn't give at least 1,000 baht for the 100 baht taxi ride home in the morning, is also no good.
I also strongly disagree with that, yes, it's only a few dollars, but maybe he is down to his last dollar, maybe he feels that the price paid to the girl is more then enough to cover anything, so why should he fork out any extra!

In summary, I think bargirls do quite an unpleasant job, but it's easy to do, easy to get into, no qualifications required, ridiculously good money. In my view, jobs like this deserve no extra commendations whatsoever. Does that
mean I deliberately disrespect them and spit on them walking down the street? Absolutely not! but I have very little respect for them, but I will never be rude, aggressive towards them unless it is warranted, as my upbringing has been good.
I give far more respect for the 7-11 girl or the normal or good girls who didn't take the easy way out, and did the honorable thing by working for a respectful job, with or without an education. Think Anna Nicole Smith who was worth $1b
vs. some slum raised trouble maker, who got themselves out of trouble, went to uni, and became a school teacher, and you tell me who she be respected more!