Readers' Submissions

How Much Is My Teerak / Garee Really Worth?

Let me start by making a few observations, or perhaps more accurately expressing some viewpoints and opinions. You may agree or disagree with some or all of the points I make. Your perception and / or life experiences may be at variance
with mine. I make these points simply to place into context my subsequent answer to the exam question. Again you may agree or disagree with what I write. It really doesn’t matter. I will have met my objectives in drafting this piece
if it leads you to consider or re-consider your own beliefs and opinions as to her value.

In terms of a man’s sexual and emotional needs, what is normal? The answer is – normality lies within a very broad spectrum. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. One man’s norm is another man’s
perversion – an interest in ladyboys perhaps being a good example. Factors may include, although are not limited to age, sex drive, sexual preferences, personality, relationship histories, cultural background, lifestyle choices, current
situation, personal values, financial position, aspirations etc. Surveys of such matters may not always yield reliable results, given that a balanced cross-section of opinion can be difficult to obtain. Many of those questioned may decline
to respond on the basis that it is a private and personal matter, or they are uncomfortable in divulging certain aspects of their sexual behaviour and interests. Others will simply lie; hence an over-representation of individuals with a 9+
inch phallus, the ability to climax more than 7 times a night and a sexual history of 200+ women. For the purposes of this submission I am focusing on those men with an interest in Thai prostitutes. Although a small sub-set of the total male
population, this still represents a significant but divergent group of individuals. The group includes those seeking sex only – probably with a large number of different women, those looking for sex and temporary emotional attachment
– the so called 'girlfriend experience', and those prepared to countenance a longer term relationship – perhaps even marriage to a prostitute.

Turning now to the Thai prostitute who services Caucasians within the main tourist areas. Does she really dislike her work? Stickman and Korski will tell you she does and can provide anecdotal evidence to support their viewpoint. In the
most part they are probably correct! You only need to spend a short time (play on words intended) observing Europe and America’s finest out on manoeuvres to appreciate it is an unpleasant and potentially dangerous role these girls undertake.
They also live apart from their families – including perhaps one or two their own children. Family ties are very important in Thailand. Coupled with this is the loss of face to contend with – these girls are looked down upon becoming
virtual outcasts in their own society. Taking all of this into account it is hardly surprising that almost every girl will tell you that she doesn’t enjoy her work. Even assuming this were not the case, would she volunteer the fact
that she likes being a whore?

In the interests of balance, I do accept that there are counter arguments. Age difference between men and women in Asia is seen as less important than might be perceived in the West. I have observed many instances of Thai men with much
younger women. As in many Thai relationships, the ability of the older man to take care of his younger girlfriend is a key factor, albeit not the whole story. If you are clean and tidy, well dressed, kind, fun to be with and have good manners,
then you have every chance of attracting a younger woman. A Thai hooker in her 20s barfined for a night out by a middle-aged customer ticking all the above boxes might not view it as an unpleasant chore. Indeed, she may be more than happy
to provide a value added service to show her appreciation when they eventually end up back at his hotel room. His chances of a good outcome would be further enhanced if she were highly sexed, although it should be recognised that many prostitutes
do not really enjoy sex but nonetheless are good actresses. She will of course expect to be paid for her time and good service often leads to a generous tip.

Anyone choosing to use the services of a Thai prostitute should recognise that their career choice comes at a considerable personal cost. She may have the opportunity to earn significantly more than her contemporises outside the industry,
but there is a price to pay. She is associating with an underclass on a daily basis and will quickly become corrupted by their attitudes and behaviours. The good-natured, kind sweet, naïve girl fresh off the farm won’t stay that
way for long. She will also be exposed to alcohol abuse, drug taking, and excessive gambling that can quickly damage her physical and mental health as well as her financial well being. She will also be expected to send significant amounts
of cash back to her family in the provinces, with any residue perhaps being squandered by her lazy, parasitic and abusive Thai boyfriend. For every girl that leaves the sex industry with her health intact and a sizeable nest egg to secure
her future, there are many who do not.

There may also be a price to pay by the customer as well. The ’two week millionaire’ is best placed to weather the storm and should have wonderful time providing he avoids the usual pitfalls. These include failing to adjust
to his mundane existence when he returns home, falling in love and / or paying his teerak an allowance to leave the bar, catching an STD, or allowing the wrong people to find out exactly what he got up to – especially his employer,
his girlfriend or potential future girlfriends, and any wealthy maiden aunts who might otherwise have remembered him in their wills. Potential issues for anyone with a long term exposure to Thai prostitutes include adopting the same behaviours
and lifestyle as the girls and eventually living with or marrying one of them.

So, what’s the deal? Well it’s very simple. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. You agree a price, do the deed and pay your dues (bar fine, taxi money and gratuity). Your obligation to each other ends when
she leaves the room. There are no comebacks (i.e. blackmail, criminal charges, jealous boyfriends, maintenance payments or obligations for child support). Of course this may change if you are foolish enough to provide her with contact details.

What’s the availability? Well, less than it was in the Bangkok bars and gogos popular with foreign tourists – hence the increasing number of agency coyote dancers. This has pushed up prices in recent years as the laws of supply
and demand will dictate. Less well known venues may offer lower prices. Pattaya is cheaper, with plenty of girls still available and competing for your business. Pattaya is probably a better option for a naughty boy on a budget. That being
said, even the higher end Bangkok venues and escort agencies offer choice and good value when compared to what is available in Europe and the US. Unlike at home, in Thailand you can have a good night out; drinking, bar hopping, meeting the
girls and enjoying the shows. Although prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, you won’t end up being arrested as may well happen in the US and many European countries.

A word on condom resistance or avoidance! There has been much speculation by Stickman readers as to why some men don’t want to wear a party hat when partying with working girls. I believe it is related to memories of bad sex. Perhaps
the customer remembers being a sixteen year old with a six month old condom in his wallet. Eventually, he succeeds in securing his first sexual conquest only to end up shooting his load before he can get the wretched thing out of its packet.
He may also recall joyless encounters with street walkers in his home town – trying to make out with her in the front passenger seat of his compact car. Of course some veteran mongers’ may be concerned about losing their erections before
he or his girlfriend can roll the condom in to place.

So, how much is my teerak / garee really worth? The answer is – it all depends! Clearly market forces and availability have to be factored into the equation, but the key driver is in knowing exactly what you want to get out of
the transaction, and then determining the best place to source whatever it is you are looking for. For example, if you need to buy groceries, you can either purchase own label brands from a discount supermarket, or premium products from Harrods
in London. The price you pay at each of these stores is very different, but then again so is the quality and choice. You might therefore argue that both grocers offer good value for money, with the choice between stores being dictated by your
specific needs and requirements. If your requirement is for basic provisions then it does not make good financial to source these from Harrods.

So, Dana, how much is my teerak / garee really worth? “Never more than 500 Baht”, I hear him call from his literary grave. “Less, if you can get away with it. Stay away from Fa – but you knew that!” If you
are simply in the market for an ejaculation then perhaps this is good advice. Pulling a skank off Beach Road might be the way to go. Splash the cash, don’t use a condom – wear two, empty your scrotum and be on your way. Job done!
Another alternative would be to investigate the BJ bars on Soi 6. Assuming you place a low value on privacy, this might be for you. You get to sit on a comfortable stool and take the skin off your beer whilst waiting for the trap door to open.
You won’t even need a condom. Result!

For those seeking intimacy, which I would define as more than an ejaculation but less than an emotional connection, there are a number of factors to consider. Do you have a strong physical attraction to her? Can you communicate with her
verbally / non-verbally? Is she receptive to you in terms of indicating a willingness to fulfil your sexual needs? If you are fortunate to find a girl who is also sexually attracted to you, then that is a bonus. If you choose the right girl
then with luck she will deliver value for money. Get it wrong and you might be faced with a sullen bar girl sitting on the end of your bed glued to her mobile phone watching Thai drama on Channel 3. For the cost-conscious, there is no reason
to suppose that such a girl can only be found within the premium price establishments. By all means drop into Harrods (Rainbow 4) to peruse the scene on your way to Waitrose. Costco probably doesn’t stock what you are looking for!

Some may have non-mainstream tastes, which the average girl might not be comfortable in accommodating. If you want to put her over your knee and spank her, insert anything into her rear-end, take intimate pictures which may or may not
end up on the Internet, or require her to leave the bathroom door open when she would rather close it, then this should be agreed with her up front. Many would argue that such activities constitute a form of abuse and are potentially damaging
to her mental well-being. Certainly it is demeaning for her. You are not treating her with respect and dignity. Although common practise, those of you who refuse to use a condom are compromising her safety – and your own. If she agrees
to your request, then fine, but do be aware that she may be indignant about the humiliation and / or the risk you are imposing on her. This resentment may manifest itself in poor service. The promise of an additional payment to sweeten the
deal may, or may not mitigate this risk of poor service.

Finally, a number of you will be seeking an emotional connection commonly known as the ‘girlfriend experience’. This can be very rewarding, but also dangerous since falling in love with a prostitute is rarely a good idea.
We are now moving from garee to teerak territory, so you should modify your selection criteria accordingly. Stunning looks should not be a high priority. Girls selected solely on this basis may prove to be high maintenance Princesses, reluctant
to join you by the pool or on the beach because they don’t want to damage or darken their skin. Better by far if you can; to find a kind, good natured, relatively well behaved girl with a sense of fun (sanuk) who is prepared to take
care of you, rather than the other way round. Avoid alcoholics and drug users at all costs. Choose well, treat her kindly and bring a box of tissues for when it’s time to let her go.

Good luck, good hunting and take care – it’s a jungle out there, but the jungle is neutral.