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Great Expectations

  • Written by Starky
  • February 20th, 2014
  • 14 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

This is my view on Stick's excellent but polarising op-ed piece on bargirl economics. The professor's follow up piece was brilliant and really couldn't have explained the situation much better but some seem to be so stuck
in their ways that they will never change their mind. So, for the dim-witted, the tight-fisted and those who are still living in "the good old days" I am going to attempt to burst your bubble, clarify some things and drag you kicking
and screaming all the way into 2014. I hope you enjoy.

First off, I basically agree with Stick. The girls do deserve more money and the way things are at the moment there is a diseconomy of scale and as such the girls can afford (pardon the pun) to ask for better money. The only thing I would
say is you will never get a flat rate across the board. A younger, fitter, prettier girl will always make more than say an older, not so fit lady and will always demand a higher price. The majority of gogos now have a menu that the mamasan
will present, attempting to do that very thing, but I have found there is always a lot of wriggle room. It could be low season, the girl may need money that day, she may like you more than another customer or any of a multitude of reasons.
The point being in theory it would be nice if all the girls could make similar amounts of money I just don't think that will ever occur and by trying to impose a flat rate you aren't doing those with a lesser earning capacity any

Bangkok is no longer a haven for retirees, those trying to live off their superannuation or get by on their pension (they have all moved to Pattaya). For mine I don't think living in Bangkok is really that cheap at all anymore in
real terms. Unless you want to forgo a lot of luxuries, eat off the street all day every day and live down the arse end of Sukhumvit. Bangkok is now filled with people from all nations, living, working and holidaying who have a high disposable
income and are willing to spend it. Those guys that come here on their annual or bi-annual vacation psyche all year for it and by the time they get off the plane, chomping at the bit, at Suvarnabhumi they are ready to party. Good luck to them!
That's what it's all about. They don't care for someone that lives here and is trying to scrape together a few baht a day to buy themselves a draft Heineken and cries when he sees the beer prices outside of happy hour and why
should they? They are here for their few weeks to wring the life out of it and bugger the cost and cheers to that I say. It's great to see guys running amok in the bars having a good time, it's addictive and brings back the old energy.
Believe me, you can easily spot a disgruntled expat just by the look on his face. The agencies have made a big impact too. One bar I often frequent has coyotes and dancers and what have you. Nearly every single girl in there moonlights for
the same escort agency. The girl I see, her "menu" price is 4,000 baht (in her bar) and yet I have never paid her more than 3,000 for a long time. We have a lot of fun together and she is honestly a stunningly beautiful girl. Does
that mean she is the best shag I have ever had? No, but I will get on to the stupid concept of "service" later in my rant. I loved being with her though and 3,000 baht was and is a bargain. Her all night agency rate is 14,000 baht
and her friends that are coyotes can make upwards of 20,000. They may only get half of this once the agency takes their cut but it makes them very aware of what some are willing to pay, they understand that they can't earn like this every
day but it makes them realise it's possible occasionally. This is because there is a new breed of player that for any number of reasons I guess (work, social, religion, or just a general dislike) just don't want to be seen to be
associated with bars, gogos and the whole P4P scene. They are paying more for discretion and are happy to pay big for it. Again, are they paying for the service? Hell no, but more on that later. Also, as some have already pointed out there
are a lot more Japanese and Koreans playing now and they are used to paying phenomenal prices back home. Which brings me to my next point.

5,000 baht is ridiculously cheap for a long time in anybody's language, no two ways about it. 5,000 baht won't even get you half an hour anywhere, even in an ordinary brothel in the developed world and an hour will run you closer
to 10,000 baht. If you want to take her out of the brothel for the same amount of time you can double that. If you want her all night you are now running into the thousands of dollars (and it will be only 6 or 7 hours – you won't be waking
up with her for a morning tumble) and depending on the "status" of the escort agency it could easily be more than $5,000. As the Professor pointed out with the escort agency in New York with the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, perception
guides the price, if you think you are getting a "better" girl you will pay more. The same way if you had saved up to get the services of a Platinum instead of Silver. Different money. Same girl. SAME "service", it's
your perception that is different. Which is why some gogos have dancers, then coyotes, then showgirls then superstars. As I have stated, most times throw them in a line up and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference (admittedly coyotes
and showgirls are much better dancers but again absolutely NO reflection of "service") it is only your perception that has changed. Also in brothels anywhere else in the world the rulebook is long and comprehensive. Anything outside
of straight sex is going to cost you. Kissing? Extra! Oral? Extra! Anal? Extra, and on and on and on it goes. Thai girls are far more accommodating in that regard and are willing to do just about anything (if you find the right girl) for the
small amount of money you are paying her, and anyone with half a brain knows you work out with the girl exactly what you are expecting long before you even take her out of the bar. If she is willing fine, if not, time to go, sorry luv get
yourself a drink, check bin! If you still baulk at paying anywhere near 5,000 baht for a long time, maybe gogos are no longer for you. There are still a bevy of pretty girls in and around the beer bars of Bangkok that will never even
speak of money. Once you have paid her bar she will stay with you all night and you will still receive the old school "up to you" when it comes to payment in the morning. However, in my opinion, if you give her one satang less then
2,000 baht and in all honesty these days less than 3,000 baht then shame on you. That my friends is a shit go and taking advantage of someone unnecessarily.

Next they should rip that neon sign on the hill in Pattaya, and the one at the entrance to Nana Plaza down and replace it with a new shiny neon sign that clearly proclaims "YOU ARE A CUSTOMER, SHE IS A PROSTITUTE". I hate to
be crude but let's get down to brass tacks. I have no idea where Anonymous and many others think that a Thai is able or supposed to provide you with a "service" better than anywhere else in the world. Her "service"
to you, is that you ejaculate. What you get from that "service", is a young, pretty, sexy girl helping you to do just that. Bottom line. End of story. There is no onus on her to be great in bed or a sex machine and that isn't
what you are paying for. You are paying strictly for the company of the girl, no promises and no guarantees. You chose her – she didn't choose you! In my opinion, though, I believe Thai girls provide a much more realistic GFE if that
is what you are looking for and are also more tender, loving and intimate then the majority of "workers" you would find anywhere else in the world. It sounds to me that Anonymous prefers to have his ego stroked more than other parts
of his anatomy. Oh you so sexy, you big man, you number 1 in bed or some other Meg Ryan, faux porno like rubbish. You are, in fact, really just willing to pay more for a better actress and a fake smile and again not necessarily a better performance.
Sure a lot of girls are better at the game and play it well and in the long run this may provide them with more return customers but it is also true that some girls enjoy sex and the various acts much more than others and price has nothing
to do with it. It is purely luck of the draw. She may be shy, she may be scared, she in most cases definitely doesn't want to be working bar, and let's face it she probably would prefer to cut her hand off then jump into bed with
you. Having said that your verbal skills will help you get over the line every time. Buy her a couple of drinks, make her laugh if you can, most importantly make her comfortable and let her think (even if you're not) that you are fun
to be around. These are young bargirls and they want "sanook, sanook" "sabai, sabai" not some tight-fisted, grumpy prick with an arom sia head examining every bill with a microscope and bleating
and moaning about the prices of drinks and bars and girls. Jai dum mak farang, wake up! When you get her back to your room have a tub! Clean your teeth! And if you spend some time figuring out what she likes instead of just trying
to empty your bags you'll have a great night. I have had some epic, marathon sessions with Thai girls and the sex was unbelievable and far beyond what anyone could reasonably expect from a "worker". A lot of Thai girls if you
get them in the right mood are VERY VERY willing and great fun under the doona. A girl being good in bed comes from her views on sex, how much she enjoys the act, how attracted she is to the person she is with and how you make her feel. It
has absolutely nothing to do with her being a prostitute. You grab a top tier girl from Baccarra or Angelwitch or similar who is used to having 2 or 3 or more short times a day and I promise you that your "service" level will be
minimal. She will be showered and out the door before you even get the condom off. Time is money and money is never going to be indicative of "service" with a prostitute. Basically then whether the girl is no good in bed or an absolute
nymphomaniac has no bearing on the price you pay and that will never change. It's all a game.

If after all that you find that Bangkok is starting to stretch your meagre budget, boot off and go to Cambodia or the Philippines, I can assure you, you won't be missed here, by me or any of the girls. Maybe you could do as Stick
suggests and get that 124 baht bus to Pattaya. Then treat yourself to a fan room out the back of Soi Buakhao or 3rd Road for 500 baht a night. Then walk down to the beach (can't take a motorcycle taxi or a songtaew as it's far too
expensive) and sit at the coconut bar. Remember to stop at 7 Eleven on the way and buy yourself a couple of big bottles of Leo or Chang for 40 baht a piece and nurse them all day (don't want to drink in a beer bar or gogo where those
thieving, greedy bar owners are trying to do you out of your hard earned do you!). Next grab some poor unfortunate off the beach and get her for 500 baht, but why stop there? If you really lean on her you might get her down to 4 or even 300
baht. Better yet, why not take her back to your lovely room tell her that her "service" was shithouse and refuse to pay her at all you miserable bastard. Bloody disgraceful….

Finally to the title of my sub. Seriously, what is it with the great expectations guys seem to have now? I freely admit there did seem to be more fitter, attractive girls around when I first started mongering in the mid 90's, but
what's with the whingeing? She is too fat, too old, too hard, too greedy, too many tattoos (or not enough), has stretch marks, isn't tall enough, isn't white enough, she's no good in bed and blah blah blah all this coming
from people who want to complain about how much they are paying and I would imagine are no Brad Pitt themselves! If you don't like it, go somewhere else. Yes, the times have changed, the tables have turned and the girls have far more
options than before! The balance of power is firmly with them. Doesn't mean they run the show, you just have to look harder and play smarter, and there is, as I said, still plenty of wriggle room. In reality if prices don't go above
5,000 baht for a long time in the next few years I would state you are still doing remarkably well. Then there are some who write in declaring their love for the bargirl (I am one of them) and what a great GFE she was or how they haven't
experienced intimacy like that for years and how good it is to just leach off the youthful exuberance that being around a young woman provides. Well, stingy, isn't that an even better reason for throwing a few more baht her way? That
couple of thousand baht will make much more of a difference for her having received it than from you having spent it. I would go even further and state if you are in your 40's, 50's or 60's (young bucks need not apply as you
are going to get a more willing girl than us regardless, as we all did in our younger years) and look after yourself and you are a good style of a bloke 5,000 baht, or cheaper is still very reasonable for a night of passion. If you are in
your 40's, 50's or 60's and you have let yourself go, have a massive gut, are bald, not that attractive or any combination thereof, I would say you are getting a very good deal. If you are in your 40's, 50's or 60's
are any combination of the previous and are drunk, abusive, need drugs to gain and maintain "a fat" and are grumpy, mean and tight-fisted to boot, you should be thankful that any young girl would go with you at all regardless of
price or your over inflated views of what good "service" entails. So unless you look like a Thai movie, soap or pop star or she has fallen head over heels in love with you, I wouldn't be expecting her to bang like a shithouse
door in a gale straight off the bat, nor I believe is she required to. As I have stated repeatedly in many of my submissions, be a good bloke, enjoy yourself, be fun to be around and take a bit of time to get to know her. Take her for more
than a couple of days and you might be pleasantly surprised. I can almost guarantee she will get better (still probably won't be a porn star like performance if sex isn't her thing though) if you work at it. If on the other hand
you couldn't give a shit and are just looking for some girl to smash the back out of, there are still plenty of cheap options out there available to you. Soi 6 or Coconut bar anyone? Finally it has to be said, it is now and always has
been all about having fun and enjoying the company of a lady for the evening. If you are really so concerned about how much you are going to spend instead of having a great night out and ending up in the arms of a beautiful young girl, you
might just be better off staying home. Beers are in the fridge…..