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Care in the Community

  • Written by Anonymous
  • February 19th, 2014
  • 4 min read


I was watching the BAFTAs (UK Oscars) on TV last Sunday and was disappointed that the best adapted story or screenplay award gave no mention to the recent submission Basic Thai Bargirl Economics… Unless they changed the title to 12
Years A Slave, in which case, very well done.

The piece was almost a PG rating with a large cast of banged up survivors, train wrecks of the emotional variety, roasted divorced males (don't ever tell a Premier League footballer you've been "roasted" – he will
get completely the wrong idea) and don't forget severe loneliness.

Lets not forget the villain of the piece (every fairy tale needs a villain), a back-stabbing advocate over-armed and protected with many years experience of living the dream and sometimes the nightmare of being a Bangkok resident. Also,
let's not forget he is unfairly advantaged by having the audacity to learn and speak the local language. (A villain of 007 proportion, bet he has a testicle dissecting laser beam.)

I found myself to have minor part as one of the nameless co-conspirators who would stump up more money for the touch and validation of a fellow human, to be saved from suicide and alcoholism. My actions reducing or removing the opportunity
of other less fortunate travellers to receive the "extraordinary therapy "

How could I do such a thing … Racked by my selfish outlook I took the only action available to me …… I re-joined the world of REALITY….

butterflies bangkok

After 21 visits in the last 11 years I have seen the decline in standards of service in the bars and go-gos, the fun time attitude from both girls and customer replaced by the desire to get full value for their hard earned cash or the
sexual services they provide.

Most customers want sex, some have travelled half way around the world with that one thought taking up all the space in many a tiny mind.. (the touch of another human is not a consideration.) Sticking their love cannon into a young female
with an attraction level they have never had any contact with previously and having the best F%^k of HIS (just his) life.

Maybe she will let me do things I've only had wet dreams about, or seen on the internet.

Maybe photos to flash around back home, to show those guys at work he's still got it! Hopefully the previous woman / slag / tart he had a relationship with will find out, and regret separating from him. (Some men never leave the
schoolyard, school bully!
something you never see on a CV.)


How much would you want to be paid to have sex with an un-attractive 40 plus female with mild to severe emotional problems, remember in this scenario you are the provider not the recipient and you can't just stop when you want! The
fact she is un-attractive means there is no enjoyment for you, a mild erection at best, but if you don't give the customer what they want, why should they pay! A not uncommon attitude in the lower social end of Thai sex tourist. So I
ask again, how much would you want?

I have spoken to girls who I have spent some time in what is a mutually beneficial partnership. I pay them over the odds for them to act as if sex with me is enjoyable. I think my personal modus operandi works because on all my visits
to Thailand I have never succumbed to alcoholism or suicidal thoughts. Some girls have told me of their worst experiences (yes, I considered some would be sensationalised to gain sympathy and more remuneration). Put in collars and leads and
pulled around like dogs, restrained and spanked with various objects, and lots of incredible personal hygiene issues. All this for 3,000 baht.

The idea that lonely, emotionally wounded, confused but not really bad guys come to Thailand to heal a broken heart is a nice but unrealistic ideal, some small group may find solace and salvation between the beer and breasts of a past
it bar girl and never return, but most just get angry for not fulfilling their unrealistic dream and sadly and inevitably it's never their fault.

The glaringly obvious to me is that some travel to Thailand with a head full off lies…. A mate down the pub / factory canteen tells Big Malc about what he did or didn't do to loads of sexy Asian birds in Pattaya (and the streets
are paved with gold, Dick). Malc thinks I'm going to go and do the same it will solve all my personality disorders, build me confidence with women, and have all the sex I want… They don't realise that their problems don't
stay at home when they leave, they come with them. Other than changing climate and clothes they remain what they are, a young Thai maiden's dream.

The sun in Thailand will warm you up and dependant on your skin type turn you red or brown. It will not wipe away the memories of failed or unfulfilled relationships. It won't make you extremely desirable to all Thai females between
16 – 40. Your desirability will increase incrementally on the amount your willing to pay to the appropriate women. It won't stop Thais and other Farang looking down their nose at you if you become a drunken loud moron. Father Xmas, the
tooth fairy and a beautiful faithful teerak working on Walking Street and can't wait until you return are all fantasies. Engaging the services of a Thai sex worker has no remedial effects and will not cure baldness or acne. If you need
therapy stay at home, it's free on the UK national health.

Can anybody loan me 124 baht I want to throw myself under that bus.

You know who you are…

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