Stickman Readers' Submissions January 24th, 2014

Told You So: The Final Act?

My escapades with a Thai girlfriend and a Filipina ex-wife are documented here for all to read.

Just to drive the message home – there is NO DIVORCE in the Philippines. Your sweetheart may come up with all sorts of stuff, and it may sound good to you, but – trust me on this – there is no legal divorce.

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My divorce from my Filipina princess was a fairly straightforward process, but only after all details had been sent to HM Border Agency. They decided that they didn’t want to investigate (suited me).

Since then, as I understand it, she has married again (the boyfriend I have referred to her in previous submissions) and they are now in the process of making applications for visas, etc., to bring her back to the UK. Well, that’s
how it goes and in a way I wish them luck.

My divorce from my Filipina Princess bought a ‘closure’ for me and a point in my life – a realisation of ‘how could I have been so stupid?’ – which, I am sure, may have struck several readers
/ contributors here if they are prepared to admit it. (I was stupid in contributing to a Thai girlfriend some time ago, and while she may have been the most beautiful woman I have ever made love to – I’ll never forget that –
I suffered from the temporary insanity that affects so many of us from time to time).

I still see, of course, South-East Asian ladies even in my rural community, and my first thought is that they look eminently beddable. But my thoughts quickly turn to their situation here in the UK. Some have several children with them,
and some / most are accompanied by Western guys who, to be honest, would not be the pick of the bunch.

My thoughts turn, unsurprisingly, to Thai ladies – bargirls or not – and how they would feel if they were transplanted here to a small town where they might be financially better off than at home but in all other ways, this
is a backwater. I just cannot see that a Thai lady who is used to the nightlife of Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai or even the smallest fleshpots could happily transition to small-town Farangland.

Just my thoughts, of course, and I am happy to be corrected.

We have had many submissions about ‘Western Women’ – how bad they are, how money-grabbing they are, how difficult they can be to meet without being knocked back, and all this sort of stuff. (Phet has posted some good
stuff here about this). And, of course, we’ve had some posts from the ‘superheroes’ amongst us who are of the right age, are good-looking, have toned and tanned bodies, have bulging bank accounts, and so on.

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Well, I’m 58 and look it. Fairly fit but nothing to write home about. Comfortably off, but wouldn’t last a week in Pattaya (I’d fall in love in a flash and give it all away). And, to be honest, a good jump twice a
week or so would be more than enough for me, thanks very much.

Having had the good fortune to have had a Filipina fiancé (with whom I had an active sex life but very carefully because her number 1 aim in life was to have a child), a Thai girlfriend (‘you buy Momma a house?) and a Filipina
ex-wife (blow jobs in exchange for visa, I think) I have come to certain conclusions.

1. I am attracted to South-East Asian ladies.
2. They will bring me grief.
3. Resist at all costs.

I have learned some lessons. I am currently occupied with a Western lady. She is 60 (or so). She has a fine body, is extremely sensual, and is as keen on oral sex as I am. She is a university lecturer and our conversations range far,
deep and wide.

Would I swap her for a Bangkok bargirl 40 years her junior with smooth coffee-au-lait skin, limited English, and life-experience beyond her years?

No, of course not. I count myself lucky that I have had the experience I had, I escaped relatively unscathed, and that I am ‘normal’ enough to have a ‘normal’ love relationship with a ‘normal’

I wonder sometimes what would have become of me had I followed my instincts and moved to TL. I read the Stick articles about living in Thailand on 100k baht a month (about my level). I could have done it, for sure, but where would I have
been now? I am not the most self-disciplined sort of guy, and I can only guess that I would have come to major grief.

As it is, I am in love with a lady who is financially self-sufficient, with whom I can have meaningful conversation, with whom I share costs, and whose ‘Momma’ does not want me to buy her a house.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, the never ending story. It's great to hear you have overcome yellow fever and found a woman who sounds like she will be a decent bet for a long-term relationship.

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