Stickman Readers' Submissions January 20th, 2014

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

I really debated for a while as to whether to write this submission or not as no-one will ever truly agree on this subject and why should we? Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs and to live as they see fit. If they
are good and caring people then everyone should be treated as equals, and in Thailand what better place to do it? For as we know here you can basically do whatever you want within reason. After reading Tomasso's recent submission I thought
I would throw in my 2 cents worth.

Now obviously as a heterosexual male I must be a macho, bully boy who hates ladyboys and really needs to liberate myself so as I can fully understand these poor misunderstood women. The problem I see though isn't from the so-called
"heterosexual" people in the p4p scene, to me it seems to stem from the ladyboy lovers who become soooo defensive and adamant about being declared hetero. Now I would say generally, as I have done no studies and can't quote
any anthropologists, but I think I could fairly say that those in the p4p community would be fairly broad-minded and extremely sexually liberated as by definition we are involved in the sex industry. By the same token I don't think many
Stickmanites have any ill feelings towards ladyboys – we don't dislike them, we do associate with them and nowadays there is at least a couple of ladyboys in what would have been called "straight" gogo bars before anyway. To
say we are homophobic because we don't sleep with ladyboys and can't possibly understand them if we haven't is ridiculous. Now without going all Oxford dictionary let's look at definitions. I don't like putting anyone
in a box but for the sake of clarity please bare with me.

He Clinic Bangkok

By my understanding "heterosexual" means someone who sleeps exclusively with someone of the opposite gender. Bisexual is someone who enjoys sleeping with people of both genders. Homosexual is someone who prefers to sleep with someone of the
same gender. Good luck and best wishes to everybody as I have stated before whatever floats your boat. Unfortunately for ladyboys, however they would like to present and be accepted as female, a set of silicone breasts and some good plastic
surgery does not a female make. Now I could go on here about the transgender debate and what it is to be biologically female but I don't have the time the space or the inclination. Suffice to say some people truly at a young age consider
themselves to be of a gender born in the wrong body. When I speak to ladyboys and read interviews with them where they say they don't wish to remove their cock as that is what most customers prefer however then I would state that perhaps
not all ladyboys truly embrace what it is too want to live as a female. What would I know though I am not truly liberated yet…

Now Tomasso's friend who wishes to be considered heterosexual because he likes men who are "feminine and with a cock" should realise that by sleeping with someone that is biologically and genetically male makes you by definition
at least bisexual, but as I said, I hate labels but it seems also that ladyboy lovers really want us to understand that they aren't bi or gay. Which is fine by me! Class yourself however you want to but save us all the technical details.
It is Thailand! Be what you want, screw who you want, live life to the full but embrace whoever or whatever you are and stop being so defensive. You also come across as incredibly condescending when you say "I also have no issues eating
out with, walking around with and drinking in regular bars with my LBs". I thought these beautiful "women" were to be treated as equals as we all should be, and that they are so stunning and much better than genetic females.

In conclusion I quote the bard again "the lady doth protest too much, methinks". If you are so confident with your sexuality why would you care what others think, say or do! I also think it is you who is being presumptuous when
you state "to assume people who like transsexuals are not homosexuals". I don't think anyone is saying that but if you sleep with someone who is genetically male then as I say you must be at the very least bi. Who cares though,
I know I don't! It is your submission that is defensive and talking about areas of sexuality comes across as childish. I truly believe not many in the p4p scene really gives a rat's arse about what you are doing. I think they would
just prefer to be left alone and get on with whatever it is that they want to do. In all my submissions I would just prefer to call a spade a spade but by the same token I think everybody regardless of race, colour or creed should be allowed
to do whatever makes them happy and their life as fulfilling as possible. Fortunately we are in a country that is tolerant in regards of that. So play safe, be well, and have fun out there because this isn't a dress rehearsal and happiness
is meant to be a voyage not the destination. Thanks for your time.

CBD bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

I've never seen the big deal with ladyboys. Live and let live. If they wish to live as transgendered, good on them. If men find them sexually attractive, good for all involved I say! Whenever I hear words of hate in the direction of ladyboys I get suspicious of the person spewing that hate of potentially trying to divert attention from themselves for secretly fancying ladyboys.

nana plaza