Stickman Readers' Submissions January 6th, 2014

Thai Bargirl Advice

3 years ago I meet this 19-year-old Thai girl at a bar in Bangkok. I called her over, started talking with her, bought her some lady drinks and behaved like a gentleman. Taking her home to my hotel and having some fun. She was actually
really fun and nice to be with. Next day I had to leave and go home. Over the next few weeks we chatted a little on Facebook, but eventually it faded out because I thought the long distance was gonna be a problem, so I kinda stopped talking
to her.

Now 3 years later I came to the same bar on vacation. She was in the bar and smiled at me. I didn't think she remember me, or my name, but eventually I made the sign for her to come over, and she came over right away and sad hallo
Dennis, how are you?

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I was stunned that she could remember my name at all. It has been 3 years since we last saw each other and spoke together. And I guess she has been with like 1,500 guys since she last saw me. How could she remember me? We went to a disco,
had fun and went back to my hotel.

The next day she left and told me to come and barfine her early so we could go out and have fun. And so I did, I barfined her the next night and we went out for dinner and had fun, back to my hotel and she left the next day around 2 PM when I had to leave
for the airport and go home once again.

She kinda made a really good impression on me. Remembering my name and the fun we had 3 years ago. It made me kinda fall more in love with her than 3 years ago.

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Now we are chatting and face chatting, and she sounds really nice, saying she loves me, wants me to come back, and tells me I can stay in her room, live with her and stuff like that.

So I do a search on her. Find out she has 3 Facebook accounts. 1 that I'm allowed to be friended. A second one where she has blocked me. And a third one where she is engaged to some other foreign guy.

I of course ask her why she wants to be with me and telling me she loves me when she has a boyfriend. She tells me that he is just some guy she spent 6 months with and the guy is taking care of her by sending her money. I pull back a
little, but she is still telling me she wants me and she has fallen in love with me over 3 years ago when we first met.

I really don't know what to believe. She is being really kind to me and saying sweet things. The second thing is I can still see her Facebook where I'm blocked that she writes that she misses her engaged boyfriend and him replying
back that he loves her. And these messages are from after I confronted her. She doesn't know or think I can see that Facebook account.

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I don't know if she is playing me to be a future 2nd boyfriend sending her money, or she is playing the other guy until I come around and want to be with her. Am I the white foreign stupid guy here, or is she just a money loving

I have asked her some little background questions like:

What do your parents do?
– retired from small business and now she is supporting them.

Where are you originally from?
– A little town from outside of Bangkok.

How big is your family?
– Sister1 13 years old. Sister2 16 years old, both in high school and an older brother who died.

Do you study?
– 1 year in university, has 4 more years left of studying business management.

How much do you work in the bar?
– 1 month work and then 1 month off. She doesn't like her work.

How much do you earn and what are you spending your money on?
– 100,000 bath per working month. Sending 30.000 bath to her family every month and saving the rest for when she is not working.

What do you wanna do in life, what is your life plan?
Starting small business or be my housewife and take care of me. She likes just to be at home a read a book.

What does all this tell you? What do you think she is up to, Am I getting played by this girl? Should I try to pursue the sweet girl I'm falling in love with? She has never asked me for money yet… Give me the brutal truth :). I
don't know if it's relevant, but I'm 27 years old, a little above average looking and not an overweight fat guy.

Do you have any other kind of advice for me?

Stickman's thoughts:

You have spent just a few days with a girl who is engaged, has multiple Facebook accounts, one of which she has blocked you from accessing. The question that comes to mind is just why you'd consider marrying this girl? Is it because you had a few days fun and good sex with her? That is absolutely no reason to get married! Think of her as a bit of holiday fun you had and that's all. She is not long-term relationship material!

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