Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2014

Once Arab, Never Other

I’ve been reading Stickman now for a long time, longer than I should maybe. I’m an Arabic person who visits the land of smiles at least once a year for a long time too.

I’ve been always a reader, this time the amount of stereotyping made me use my hand for something more than moving and clicking on my mouse. Before I start I should mention to you that I’m still in my 20s and I generally try to avoid the Arab areas and bars, similar to what many of you do, it seems.

He Clinic Bangkok

Yes, maybe the amount of restrictions and oppression we are forced to live with makes some of us crazy with the amount of freedom we receive in Thailand but that in no possible way means that Arabs are just like this. Shit happening within the Arab quarter in Bangkok and the Arab area near Walking Street in Pattaya are actually done by the worst type of Arabs who visit Thailand.

Now after starting to write this “article”, I can see the point of many people within this site stereotyping Arabs as ugly, fat, dirty, careless and closed minded mongers! I actually try to change my answer to “where you from?” hello question which you will be asked just 1 minute after ordering the first Chang, thank Buddha for the Latino look I have.

Now after the top 4 non-sense paragraphs, I’m starting my main topic I wanted to write about; which is that some / many girls, bargirls are actually in to Arab mongers. I don’t know why, but it’s true, a big percentage of the girls search for Arabs! Even though it’s not a bad thing to have some admirers just because of your race (never happens to you when you are an Arab, as the majority hate us), but the whole thing is so weird for me and makes me usually paranoid!

CBD bangkok

I’m not imagining or dreaming as some would think, I just came back from Thailand a week ago after spending 4 weeks in the top 3 (buy her a drink) areas; Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong, and from this trip I concluded the previous paragraph.

The first girl I met was in Bangkok. I was sitting on the furthest table I could find in a club sipping on my first drink after a long flight with a longer transit, in other words, I was so tired and looking like shit, shittier than the way I usually look, jet-lagged and red-eyed but didn’t want to lose the first night with no taste of Chang beer in a loud atmosphere. I wasn’t looking for action due to tiredness when two girls full of makeup (the Arab way) made their way to my table and rested their drinks on it! Cheers to me and directly asked me: “you arab?”,

“Emmmm, NO!”,

“You arab?!”

wonderland clinic

“Noooh, no arab”

“Where you from?”

“Where you from!?”

“Isaan, you?!”


“Ohh Brazil!”

“Yes, Sao Paolo, you know?”

“I don’t know, I think Arab! But no problem, you look Arab, I like”

I left cuz my curiosity was beaten with my tiredness.

The second girl I met in a beer bar in north Pattaya, winning the bet of connect-four game and having my free drink from an obvious newbie girl who kept asking me “where you from” and I answer “you tell me”, I left to the toilet and a girl from the bar next to the bar I was sitting in walked behind me, held my hand just before entering the 5 baht toilet, “I like you” she said. I smiled and touched my penis pointing my index finger to the toilet, when I left the toilet, I found her waiting outside, I felt like “that is weird!” when she told me “come sit my bar”, I told her I already ordered a beer in a bar, she said “I know but I see you I like you”, why with a surprised face I replied, “very handsome”, she was cute with a nice bottom, so I said ok, I will finish my drink and come. I went there, she came and sat next to me and told me “Chang?”, yes I replied, “a drink for me too??”, no with a smile was my reply. Fast forward, I “slept” with her in 2 different occasions while staying in Pattaya and found out that most of the pictures she have on her smartphone are pictures of her Arab boyfriends!

The 3rd girl I also met in Pattaya, she was so Arabic-looking with Arabic dress and also Arabic style make up, I said hi while she was blowing her shisha, she answered “Hala, kaifa alhal” hi, how are you in Arabic. I asked her few questions and left quickly because I hate the Arabic bars. Yes, she only goes with Arabs and her reasons were that she was learning Arabic and that they are good in bed.

The 4th girl was from Patong, met her in Tiger Club which I discovered that currently counted as the Arab hub and therefore the Arab-loving hub! I stayed with the girl 2 days, the 2nd day was with a boat trip, she was good, fun, pretty and Arab culture enthusiast, she had a baby from an Iranian monger and it took me ages to explain to her that even though we almost look the same, have the same religion, Arabs and Persian have different languages and culture and we usually don’t get along.

Even though many don’t like Arabs, Arabs established places in Thailand since long time, and those places made big influence on Thai tourism, and you can know that easily by counting the number of girl smoking shisha in bars! And now I discovered that a growing percentage of girls prefer Arabs on other nationalities to go with, actually the last girl while showing me her Arabic looking son’s picture told me “once you go Arab, can’t go someone else”.

I hope my next vacation don’t take long, but sooner or later when I go back, I will run away from all Arabic scene, I travel to Thailand to meet, eat, learn and enjoy Thai-land.

The Arab Monger

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