Stickman Readers' Submissions January 11th, 2014

My Thai Girlfriend; Potential Problems?

I recently took a trip to Thailand from Los Angeles from November 24th to December 11. The first week I was down in Phuket. in Patong Beach. A friend I was traveling with was not feeling well so I decided to go out on the town on my own.

It was Tuesday, November 26. I walked down Bangle Road, and in no less than five minutes I met a beautiful Thai call girl who agreed to take me to her room for 1,000 baht. The sex was good, but short. I told her I would come back the next night. I gave
her a 500 baht tip.

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On the walk back to my hotel I was barraged by massage parlor girls trying to get me to come in for a massage. I was satisfied that night, so I said no, over and over again.

By now I am walking in the middle of the street to avoid them all. Just before I turned the corner to my hotel, a beautiful young girl yells at me “massage”. I look at her, and say “no thanks”. She puts on a sad face and says
‘only 200 baht? “ I say, “200 baht?” She shakes her head yes. I say, “What the heck.” She immediately smiles and grabs me by the hand, leading me up to the second floor. She confirms the 200 baht offer
for a Thai massage. I say I would prefer an oil massage. She said that would cost 250 baht. I shook my head, and we both started laughing! She gave me a beautiful massage, and towards the end I started to get aroused again. For 500 baht she
told me she would give me a happy ending. I obliged, and it was great. I was not done. I was so charmed with her I asked if we could do anything else. She said for 1,000 baht she would take me to the third floor. We went to the third floor
and had some of the most erotic sex I had ever imagined. I came again! She let me do 69! I had such a wonderful time. We stayed until they closed the shop at 1 AM. We both laughed! I went home very happy but honestly thought that was that.

The next night I went to see her again. She was busy they told me. Come back in an hour. I did so, and she was still busy, so I went home to my room. On Thursday I went back again. This time, one of the girls told me to wait; she was
going to tell my girl I was here. In ten minutes she came down stairs. She was beaming with a smile. She told me she was very upset that the girls did not let her know I came to visit the night before. She let them know that she was to be
told, mid massage if necessary, that if I came to see her again the next night!

I came to see her again on Friday and asked if she would go out with me on Saturday. She said I would have to pay her boss 500 baht, but yes, she wanted to come out with me. We had a wonderful time and I took her to the Blue Elephant
restaurant in Phuket Town. We really had a wonderful time and after she came back to my room. We enjoyed each other immensely, but she did not spend the night. I was leaving the next day for Pattaya and then Bangkok. I stopped by the massage
parlor the next day and said goodbye. Then I left, thinking what a wonderful time I had.

While in Pattaya, I could not stop thinking of her. So much so that I did next to nothing there except a g-rated massage. I phoned her a few times and we spoke for hours! While in Bangkok, I did some tourist things but could not stop
thinking about her! I decided I wanted to go back to Phuket to see her again! On Sunday, December 8, I flew back down. She met me at the hotel and stayed with me the three nights. It was wonderful, and I was totally falling for this girl!
She told me her folks lived up north about five hours north of Bangkok by bus. She said she did not want to do massage anymore. She said she wanted to go home. She said she had a two year old son! She jokingly called me her future husband,
and I responded with future wife! Tearfully she took me to the airport on Wednesday evening December 10, We had our goodbyes, and I really thought that was that! I flew home to LA the next day.

Since I have been home, I have talked to her at least twice a day for hours at a time. Thank God for Vonage. We started using FaceTime. By December 20 she had quit her job and went up north to her parents. We are actually talking about
marriage! She says she loves me, and I am crazy in love with her. We are exploring the possibility of getting a fiancée visa and having her come to the US. This is like a storybook! I am so fxxxking happy and not afraid at all to step
up to the plate to even raise her son as my own! She wants to have a baby girl with me! I am planning to go back in May, after documenting our correspondence to start the visa process. I already have an attorney! Then she told me that she
would be very busy around New Years when all her family would journey up to her village for a big party. She told me not to worry but she probably would not be able to talk much during that time. I did not think much of what she said, and
thought yeah, sure, I could understand.

Well, we went from real time, to FaceTime, to phone time (no internet up north), to NO TIME! Since December 30 she has barely sent me a text… nothing! She assures me nothing is wrong; she is just busy, and that she still wants to marry
me, move to the US and have my baby! But I can’t get a grip on the total blackout. Is this the way Thai families get together, and just spend time together? I am thinking all sorts of crazy things! I am afraid I am going to blow this
by being too clingy and bothering her too much! But I am beside myself in love! I want this to work out so badly! So here I am on New Year's Eve alone and making myself sick thinking about her. Just wanting to talk to her, yet she does
not answer the phone! Am I making too much of this? In the few texts I receive she tells me she still loves me, needs me and still wants to be my wife. Why do I feel so sick? I can’t wait for New Year's to be over, and pray that
our phone relationship returns to normal. I would hate to think she is leading me down the rosy path to disappointment. I would be devastated! But in reality I know nothing about her. She says her son’s father is totally out of the
picture, having never even seen his son! He apparently got a new girlfriend when she was pregnant! She does not like Thai men! It actually feels good to write this; as if I am actually talking to some one about it. I guess time will tell,
but right now my stomach is in knots. I keep thinking that if she was in love with me as much as she said, why couldn’t she call or text? Why the black out. I want to believe she is just busy with family and friends, but I am having
a hard time make sense of it all! I am very heavy hearted right now, and pray that all my fears are unfounded! She really did steel my heart!

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's thoughts:

She would never be so busy that she would be unable to speak with you for a few minutes on the phone. Thai family get-togethers are often just spent sitting around together, chatting and eating. A lot of the time the women prepare food and the men sit around, often drinking. There is no pressing urgency and everyone will be taking calls at one time or another, especially at New Year when well wishes are being sent by all. If she is not in contact with you, there is a reason for it – and the odds are she is with someone else. Busy, I would say she is not.

But this is the least of your worries. Honestly, you hardly know this girl and you're thinking of marrying her? That's way, way too fast! Take a step back. This was a holiday girlfriend, a bit of fun…not someone you know well at all, and certainly not well enough to be contemplating something long-term. Marriage is (supposed to be) forever.

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