Stickman Readers' Submissions January 29th, 2014

Flipside Frank and Annabelle

Now far be it from me to take on The Korski, because clearly he is a better read and far more polished and prolific a writer than myself. To be fair, Korski has made no judgement calls in his submission. However, my sympathy for Frank
who had to pay a 3500 peso barfine ($83 Australian) in real terms is -273 degrees celsius, Absolute ZERO.

A disclaimer as I am apt to do, and excuse my generalisations and assumptions as I am clearly no scholar nor pretend to be. What follows is only my, probably very biased, in some people's opinion conclusions. I lived in the Philippines
for 2 years in Subic Bay near Barretto. Now many Stickmanities declare the "Pines" to be better and though their oceans may be cleaner, it is also not Thailand. Now the girls may speak respectable English, but who would want to live
in Manilla? Beyond that Angeles "city", and I use the term loosely, may be the most boring place on earth. Make sure you have a good hotel because in the daytime there is absolutely NOTHING to do. Unless your idea of fun is wandering
around SM mall. There are no massages, saunas, decent gyms, cinemas, beaches, nor true short time joints and the food is terrible. Except for blow road just off Fields Avenue but it is, in real terms, no Pattaya soi 6. I think the Phillo's
have about 3 national dishes, 1 of which is pork adobo. If not that then you will be eating Jollibees, Kenny Rogers chicken roasters (which exists nowhere else in the known world), KFC, Macca's (or Mickey D's if you prefer) and all
the other sloppy greasy shit that the U S of A is famous for.

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Now back to poor hardly done by Frank who specifically came to Angeles to exploit bar girls. Besides the fact that at 56 Frank would be fairly young in Phillo's terms as, if you have ever been to Angeles, the average age of the punter
would be well into the 50's and due to their Catholic upbringing, it is clear that many of the girls clearly don't want to be there. Actually spending more than 3 days in bars in Angeles and looking at the sad faces on the stages
in gogos can be fairly depressing. In comparison to their Thai counterparts, who within their family group, their choice of profession is probably very much more accepting. In light of the fact HIV may be more rife in Thailand you would find
(in my experience) that the incidences of chlamydia, warts, crabs and the clap are far higher in the Phillo's due to the fact that most of the old guys there refuse to tarp up. What I have found of the Phillo's gang, again only in
my experience, is that they are there for the price difference and not really much to do with the country. I would say the top 10% of Phillo's girls are much more beautiful than their Thai counterparts, but pound for pound the Thais have
got the wood on them all day.

Sorry, I got distracted back to Frank, whose first 7 paragraphs sound very much like the same shit I hear from every bargirl I have ever met, but he may be naive or new to the scene. Now anyone who has played this game knows falling in
love with bargirls is very easy, but do you wish to be the "player" or the "played". Now all in all I truly can't be bothered doing all the maths but with all the food and family loving, airfares and barfines that
our poor misbegotten friend Frank may have spent, he might be out of pocket what was at the top end maybe 15000 peso ($370 Aussie dollars). That ain't even long time with a top coyote in Nana! As everyone that has played this game has
known, and as I have stated before, the easiest way to make a coyote girl to stop moving is to put her in your bed. There is no guarantee of performance with a bargirl! In fact probably the opposite. We have all had the "period"
excuse and the starfish and the dud roots and all the rest… so what? Uou pay you play! Sometimes you lose, occasionally you win, but not always… By the same token you take a Phillo girl or a Thai girl back to her home province, then Yes!
you will be paying for every chicken, pig, bag of rice and bottle of piss in the village, but som nam na to you for trying to bridge up and be a superhero. There is no saving money in the village…again pay or play, up to you but
don't blame the player, blame the game. The girl is only doing her best, and may every single bargirl fleece every punter for as much as she can get. The balance of power has shifted! Now the girls can pick and choose and good luck to
them. As I have stated, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Frank with his enormous heart was still happy to give 500 peso notes ($11 dollars Australian) to poor Annabelle in all his generosity. What surprises me is that Frank wanted some
special show of affection or interest in some girl he had only known in real terms for less than a week. In truth, as well, I find it hard to believe that 56 year old Frank had taken all the time an initiative to give a 27 year old girl what
she really wanted, perhaps Frank couldn't cut the mustard? Who truly knows.

As I said this submission is in no way a dig at Kosrski, but for all you 50, 60 & 70 plus men expecting something from a 27-year old or younger, wake up and smell the roses. At best it is a financial transaction. At worst you are
very, very delusional. Take it for what it is and enjoy every blow job and empty shag for what it is worth, but don't start to believe the publicity. You ain't a "sexy man" and never will be in local terms. She probably
has a boyfriend and a swathe of sponsors but that isn't her fault. Never forget she is employed in the sex industry whether it as a coyote, bargirl, cashier, attendent or whatever line of bullshit it is you choose to believe, she is there
primarily for the money. Do as you will, play as you will, do whatever it is you feel and live your life to the full, but be aware of your own personal reality. Have fun, but take a good look in that mirror in the morning and believe what
you will, but the only person you are deluding is yourself. Thanks for your time.


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